Reinventing me, myself and I

23 Apr

The training with TNT is coming to a close. The 1/2 marathon is in 9 days! It has been an emotional roller coaster for me and hope to finish it off with a good race. Now, however, is the time for me to think about going forward. What will happen after the 1/2 marathon is done?

I am going to take a week off from running. No running what so ever. I’ll be dealing with a medical issue during that week and it seems to me like the best time to take a break.

After that I plan on resuming my running on May 9th. From there on out my plan is for the next 5 months (and beyond) to reinvent myself as/into a runner. Of course I don’t have the 9th set as a date to start changing but rather I am going at it slowly already. Otherwise, that’s just like saying “On this day I am going to quit smoking.” Why not quit now? (No I am not a smoker, this is just an example) Now is a good time. So now it is the time to change into a healthier person!

I have informed my husband that I want to be in the best physical condition of my life when I participate in the Columbus Marathon in October and PR. My gameplan is to train for the 1/2 and forgo the full until 2010. With school and everything, it just doesn’t seem right to do both things half heartedly.

I started watching what I am eating these last few days and been shoving a lot less crap in my mouth (it is a hard not to eat the unhealthy stuff, but I will be successful). My wellness mission statement is:

  • I WILL loose between 15 and 20 lbs between now and then and shave at least a minute off per mile.
  • I WILL listen to my body and work on treating it like a temple. It’s the only one I got.
  • I WILL start the One Hundred Pushup program again and this time I WILL finish it.

Training with MiT should start some time the end of May and even though I really enjoyed training with TNT, I am looking forward to running and meeting up with old friends.

We received our purple running shirts. I ran 4 with it last night (and new shoes), it felt really good. My old shoes are now officially retired (400 + miles). I think I actually wore them too long and agitated my calfs a bit. The 3 miler on Monday was really painfull.

All we have left is just easy runs now, with the longest being 6 on Saturday. I am starting to get excited!

Cap City Half Marathon 9 Days To Go


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2 responses to “Reinventing me, myself and I

  1. kspin

    April 24, 2009 at 4:04 pm

    I love your gameplan and enthusiasm. I’m sure you will indeed reach all of your goals. Good luck with the race!

  2. crankygirl

    April 28, 2009 at 5:29 pm

    I look forward to reading about the half. I miss my training and am jealous of all your great efforts!

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