The shoes gotta go

09 May

The four miles I ran today started to get painful after mile two. I am not sure why I even tried, that was rather silly. The run otherwise was good. Even though the feet hurt, it felt good to be running again.  I ordered shoes last Wednesday. Hopefully they come in soon.

The colonoscopy did not show anything wrong with me and now it’s on to checking my small intestines. I have never gone without eating for a whole day and I now look at people that go on a hunger strike from a totally different perspective. I was allowed to drink water, Sprite and eat jello, and at the end of the day I was sick of that. lol The whole ordeal made me loose 5 lbs. The goal is to keep it off and loose some more along the way.

The family bought the Wii Fit. Our youngest is working her little heart out on that right now. I plan on using it as part of my cardio workout, just to make it a little fun.

We are going on vacation next Saturday. I am looking forward to that. After we get back I plan on getting onto the bandwagon for the 1/2 in October, training for the Spirit of Columbus 1/2 marathon (August) along the way.

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