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6/22 – 6/28 Recap

6/22 – Ran 3.1 miles @ work, walked 2.5 miles @ home, lunges

6/23 – Elliptical 3.3 miles (30 min) @ work, upper body workout

6/24 – Ran 4 miles @ home

6/25 – Elliptical 3.55 miles (30 min) @ work, upper body workout

6/26 – Rest

6/27 – Ran 10 miles @ home

6/28 – Rest

Notes: Had a good week, workout wise and food wise, even though the runs all were a bit slow. Lost 5 pounds by not eating crap that my body doesn’t need. I am hoping to reach my goal weight in December of this year and in turn my workouts will get faster. 22 lbs to go!

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What ya up to?

I am still running (3 times a week, plus 2 cardio/weight days), but don’t have the time right now to post every day, or every other day for that matter, but I do almost faithfully update my running log every day.

My foot feels much better, the little thingy in my shoe seemed to have done the trick. The Drs still don’t know why I have stomach pains, and we have moved from checking out the colon to seeing what the gallbladder is doing…to be continued…

If you want to know how my running is coming, click HERE.

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Day 15 – Day 17

I did not do much in those three days. I wore tennis shoes to work and that little thing under my foot. I seemed to help. I had no pain the second day and it stayed that way. In some strange way, I did not miss running. I think I go in cycles like that.

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Day 14 – Ouchie

My foot hurt pretty bad all day long and I was glad to get to the doctor. It took a bit of poking and prodding but he found the boo-boo in my foot and diagnosed me with “Morton’s Neuroma“.  A nerve between my bones in my foot is inflamed, causing the pain. So the doctor game me a little rubber thing to put in my shoe to prevent the two bones from rubbing together and further aggitating the nerve. If that doesn’t help I’ll have to get a cortazone shot in my foot…yikes!

The doctor said I can continue to run, but I think I’ll stick with non-weightbearing exercises for now! lol Worst case cenario I’ll be needing surgery, I don’t want that.

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Day 13 – Columbus 10k

Comments: Even in the morning I still wasn’t sure if I was going to run the 10k or not. It was not about foot pain. No, because my foot felt fine. It was about the fact that I would spend 2 hours driving; time that I could use at home, working around the house. However, I knew that I would feel better about myself if I ran the 10k.

The starting and finish line where set up right in front of COSI, unlike last year. That was really neat and a great staging area. The race was well managed, plenty of police officers in all the intersections, and the course was well laid out; parts through the Columbus neighborhood, and the last 2 miles on a bike path. The finish line was right on the Scioto River. My only complaint would be the water stations, the first one was at mile one, and none until mile 3. I would have preferred one at mile two instead.

I had a good race. I PRed by 4 minutes. I didn’t expect that, but last years weather was much hotter. I had to force myself to not walk during the last two miles. Usually that’s when my body wins over my mind, and it starts walking without even asking.  My foot hurt on and off, but it wasn’t too bad.

Time: 9:00am

Weather: Not sure, around 70

Shoes: Saucony Progrid Guide 2

Distance: 6.2 miles

Time: 1:08:12

Split: 11:00

Course: Columbus 10k

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Day 6 through Day 11

Day 6: Took the day off after the 6 mile group run.

Day 7: Ran on the treadmill for 3.5 miles. Left foot in the ball area started hurting but ran through it.

Day 8 – Day 11: Rested the foot, which is hard to do because one HAS to walk on it, specially if one is interested in staying employed. Called the doctor and set up an appointment for Day 14, figuring if the pain gets better, then I could always cancel.

Day 12: Ran 3 miles at home at a slow pace (not intentionally), but the foot didn’t hurt too bad afterwards, which made me decide to run the Columbus 10k on day 13.

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