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7/20 – 7/26 Recap

7/20 – Ran 4 miles @ home. Upper body @ work

7/21 – 5 miles on Lancaster Bike trail with Angi. Good run.

7/22 – Rest. My body is tired after working out/running 5 days straight. It deserves some rest.

7/23 – 5 miles at home. 46 seconds faster than Sunday…Rain on and off

7/24 – 30 min elliptical rider & Upper Body weights @ work

7/25 – Went out for 15, had to call it quits after 12 due to a thunderstorm

7/26 – Rest (went quadding for 3 hours)

Notes: I can’t remember when I worked my body this hard. I covered 26 miles this week! My right knee was sore after Saturday’s long run, but I RICEd it and it’s no longer hurting. My Mortons Neuroma is making a comeback though and I am trying to kick that in the butt. Perhaps it’s time for new shoes (again)? I’ll have to check into that.


7/19 – 179 lbs

7/26 – 177 lbs

I had made it down to 175.5 in the middle of the week, but got a bit carried away with my eating (grilling out and eating late) and it went back up to 177. Nonetheless, I am happy with that and hope I can continue with the weightloss. It is still a lot of work and sometimes not much fun to eat healthy, but it’s all for a good cause: me!

10 lbs down 17 to go!

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7/13 – 7/19 Recap

7/13 – Ran 4 miles @ work. Ran all 4 miles!

7/14 – 1.15 elliptical @ work and upper body workout

7/15 – Intervals 3 miles @ work…10:09 min/miles

7/16 – 5 miles @ home in the evening, had my daughter ride her bike while I ran…strong upper body workout @ work

7/17 – Rest

7/18 – 8 miler group run, new trail, ran with a friend

7/19 – 5 milers @ home, kids followed me on their bikes…that was fun. 2 minutes faster than 7/16!

Notes: I had a good running week. 25 miles all together and the need to go out and run is still there! I did upper body workout twice. Hopefully I’ll be able to do that next week again. I would like to run 15 miles next Saturday, but the hubby wants to go quadding, so we’ll see how that works out.


7/12 – 180.5 lbs

7/19 – 179 lbs

Lost 1.5 lbs…back on track! Had my scheduled “pig out day” for the month on the 18th. I had Peanut M&Ms, some chips, 1/2 donut, and a small french vanilla cappuccino. I enjoyed everything, but felt sluggish after the M&Ms. Now I am back on track and eating healthy. Overall weight loss since 6/22, 8 lbs and 19 to go.


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7/6 – 7/12 Recap

7/06 – Ran 4 miles @ home

7/07 – Elliptical 5.16 miles (45 min) @ work, upper body workout

7/08 – Intervals 3 miles @ work

7/09 – 5 miles @ home in the evening

7/10 – Elliptical 2.10 miles (20 min) @ work, short upper body, stretching

7/11 – 12 mile run at home

7/12 – Rest

Notes: 24 miles of running this week. That hasn’t happened in a long time. I’ll have to make sure I give my body time to rest next week.  My long run was very slow almost 12 min/mile, but I enjoyed it. The 5 miler on Thursday evening was an inpromptu run and I enjoyed it also. I stopped pushing myself too hard during those runs. I am learning to only push myself during interval runs and on the elliptical rider. It is helping me enjoy the long miles.

Father in-law update: The husband, mother in-law and I accompanied Roger to his last chemotherapy on Monday. He’s endured 12 of them. The 11th one hit him very hard and he was dreading the last one. I am glad that this is over and we can only hope that it killed all of his cancer. He will have a PET scan next month which will let him know if the chemo did what it was supposed do. I am running around with my fingers crossed.


7/06 – 179.5 lbs

7/12 – 180.5 lbs

I gained one pound!!! I am not sure how that is possible with all the working out I did. My calorie intake is set just under 1800 cal/day and if I work out then I can add those to my intake and still should loose about a pound per week. I consumed almost 4000 calories less than I was allotted. Practially I should have lost 2 lbs this week. This is very dissapointing. My clothes are looser than they were when I started three weekes ago, but I don’t think it changed any over the last week. I am going to blame it on the time of the month and move on. I will do less cardio on Tuesdays and Thursdays and work more with weights to stimulate my metabalism. Wish me luck!


6/29 – 7/5 & June Recap

6/29 – Ran 3.1 miles @ work

6/30 – Elliptical 4.25 miles (45 min) @ work, upper body workout

7/01 – Intervals 3 miles, lunges @ work

7/02 – Elliptical 3.44 miles (30 min) @ work, new upper body workout

7/03 – Rest

7/04 – 8 miles group run

7/05 – Rest

Notes: The group run was nice and I did the 8 at a nice pace. Still going strong with my eating and working out. The 15th is designated at my “pig out day”. I am looking forward to chocolate! 😉


6/29 – 182lbs

7/5 – 179.5 lbs

7.5 lbs down and 19.5 lbs to go!

I bought the app ‘iFitness’ to help me choose from a wider variety of workouts. I used in on 7/2 and was sore for two days!

June breakdown:

Running: 61 miles – Elliptical: 15 miles – Biking: 10 – Overall: 86 miles

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