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Spirit of Columbus 1/2 marathon


The night before the race was a restless one. You know, where you toss and turn and look at the clock to see how many more hours you get to sleep. The night didn’t start with many hours to go to begin with. I believe when I headed to bed I had 5 hours and 44 minutes before getting up at 4:15 a.m. At some point in the night I turned the clock away from me!

At 4:15, when the alarm went off, I was in a dead sleep, of course! lol So, I just rolled out of bed. Got dressed, ate, and headed to a A’s house to head up together with her and T.

We got to Cbus in plenty of time and cought an early bus to the starting line. (Straight course, so you had the option to bus to the starting line before or after the race, depending on where parked your car). On the way up we saw the course being set up for the race.

Once we got to the starting area the waiting began. We met up with other MiTers and hung out, after the tratitional potty stop, until the race started. We watched the elite runners ditch the line and just take a potty where the door just opened up, leaving the poor person that was waiting in line to have to take the next one. Not very sportsman like I must say!

It’s a go: A and I headed towards the starting line and I was still on the fence on how to run this race. I decided to hang with A for a while. She was running a relay and her partner (another) T was jumping in at mile 3.We chatted and had fun and T jumped in just before mile 3. After mile 4 I left them. I felt good and their pace was a bit to slow for me. Their race wasn’t until next weekend, so they were running comfortably.

Waterstops: The course layout showed water stops at every mile between mile 2 and 12. The first water stop, after mile three was poorly set up, it was almost like a “serve yourself station”. At mile four they had run out of water completely and the same held true for mile 5. I was bumming. I didn’t get much water at the first stop.

I didn’t plan on GU-ing at all, planned to rely on Gatorade instead, but did GU at mile 5 for fear of bonking further down the line. Went through the relay exchange area and thought too myself “hopefully they will have water on the second part of the course”. I managed to get a drink out of a water fountain and then saw an impromptu water stop shortly thereafter. “Two cups please!”

To the rescue: The other T’s husband cought me (via car) around mile 7 or 8 and gave me a bottle of gatorade. Yes! I didn’t have to rely on waterstops and their HEED (there wasn’t any Gatorade along the course), but the bottle was a bit heavy in the beginning.

In the past during mile 9 through 13.1 I end up walking more and more, but this time around I talked myself into running a mile at a time and just taking a short walk break when getting to the mile marker. What really helped was that the course is slightly down hill after mile 9 and we had a slight tailwind.

The Finish: The last half mile I ‘clamped’ myself behind a MiT runner (she didn’t know I was there) that had helped me in my 2007 marathon race and I let her pull me down the road (so to speak).

I finished increasing my pace the last 100 yards and not feeling completely dead. My run time was 2 hours 19 minutes and 36 seconds. My second fastest half marathon. 🙂

After: I had to stand in line to get my medal, hat, and towel. That is not fun after you have run for 2 plus hours. Everything hurts and you don’t just want to be standing in line. But, about 10 minutes I got my stuff and headed back to the MiT tent. Then we headed to lunch….yummy.

The next day: I am sore today (Monday), but I am also feeling good about my accomplishment. I am looking forward to running the Columbus Marathon (half) in October to see if I can get a PR.

Overall: The weather was great. One could not ask for a better day to run. The course was great, mostly down hill. The water stops need to be changed, but at least all the kids where cheering the runners on. I am sure that next year the race will be handled better, after all this is just their second year doing this.

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8/24 – 8/30 Recap

8/24 – Had a very good 5 mile run on the treadmill at home.

8/25 – Ran 4 miles at work and then another 4 miles (wanted to run 5, but ran out of steam) at home on the treadmill.

8/26 – Biked 9 miles at work and then lifted weights.

8/27 – Ran 4 miles at work. It was very humid out.

8/28 – Slow run at work. 3 miles.

8/29 – Resting for the ‘race’.

8/30 – 13.1 mile – Spirit of Columbus 1/2 marathon. Overall good run. Second fasted 1/2. I am pleased.


I had not gone on the treadmill in ages and was very surprised I was able to hold a contant pace of 5.2 on it. In the past I’d die at 4.5. During the week I wasn’t as dilligent about what I ate as I had been in the past.

Training for the Columbus (1/2) marathon starts Monday! I have some major school stuff (finals) I need to get out of the way and then I’ll be breathing easier!


I did not step on the scale most of the week. I did some “carbing” in the later part of the week for the 1/2 marathon and didn’t want to step on the scale.

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8/17 – 8/23 Recap

8/17 – 7.2 miles on the bike @ work and weights

8/18 – Horrible 4 miler @ home. Very humid and I had too much sodium during the day, making may calves swollen. That made running very tough.

8/19 – Ran 4 miles at work without my Garmin (forgot it at home). Not a bad run, but humid and raining at the end.

8/20 – Ran 4 miles at work and then 4 miles at home. The run at home was a minute faster than at work, but it was also a little cooler.

8/21 – 3.1 miles at work. Horrible run. Had donut and cappucino beforehand and ‘crashed’ during the run. After mile 1 I was done.  Ran 4 miles at home in the PM and had a much better time. I felt strong.

8/22 – Walked three miles with the husband for the American Heart Association (Heart Walk). Ran a total of 9.5 miles in the PM. Ran with the intention to run 8, which I did and then tagged another 1.5 on there (in order to get home). Ran the 8 miles in my 2nd fastest time ever. Weather was great, that helped! Ran the 1.5 slowly.

8/23 – I should take a rest day today. I have been exercising the last 8 days in a row. We’ll see if the running bug hits me tonight! 🙂

Notes: I ran 32.6 miles this week, plus fast walked three. That’s my highest weekly mileage in a very long time. My body is ready for the Spirit of Columbus 1/2 marathon next Sunday. I am running that one not to PR, but just to learn what I can do better for the Columbus Marathon (Half) in October.

I looked at last year’s numbers, I am a little ahead of my training from last year and should do well in October. I would like to get one 15 miler in there somewhere. It would give me a peace of mind.


8/15 – 174.5 lbs

8/23 – 169.5 lbs

I worked hard on my weight loss this week and all the extra PM running has paid off. However I noticed that my fat percentage is not going down quite as fast. So next week I will HAVE to hit the weights at least twice!

Weightloss since 6/22: 17.5 lbs, 9.5 lbs to go!!!

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8/10 – 8/16 Recap

8/10 – 5 miler at home

8/11 – Work/No running

8/12 – Work/No running

8/13 – 4 miler at home

8/14 – Rest

8/15 – 12 miler at home. Good run.

8/16 – 5 miler at home

Notes: What a long week! Worked at a forum two days for my employer; it was fun, but I was on my feet all day. My right knee did not like that, so I didn’t run those two days. Did go camping Saturday to Sunday, that was fun!

Had a very solid 12 miler on Saturday and another strong 5 miler on Sunday. Two more weeks to go until the Spirit of Columbus 1/2 Marathon. I think I am ready.


8/9 – 175.5 lbs

8/15 – 174.5 lbs  (didn’t have a scale available on the 16th)

Stressful week. Working outside the office is not good on the weighloss program. But I managed to shake one pound.

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8/3 – 8/9 Recap

Charging towards the finish line!

Charging towards the finish line!

This is at the finish of the Baltimore Festival 5k. All those peeps in the above picture are from my running club (who are much faster than I am) and they cheered me on. It was great having them there.

Done like dinner!

Done like dinner!

8/3 – Ran 4 miles at home, elliptical rider (20 min), bike (15 min), and weight lifting at work

8/4 – 5 miles at home (very good, strong, fast run)

8/5 – 4 miles @ home….horrible run…stomach cramps!!!

8/6 – 4 miles with Angi on the Lancaster Bike path. Slow run. She was sore from speedwork the day before

8/7 – Rest

8/8 – Slow 5 miler at 6 am, then at 8:30 ran the Baltimore Festival 5 miler in 30:32 (short course 3.03, equals 10:04 min/mile) I am very happy with that.

8/9 – Was gonna take the day off, but I have been eating really bad so I went out to run 5 miles. 85 degrees at 7pm *yuck*

Notes: Had a good week running wise. was able to get 30 miles in even though I had my doubts that I would. Had a good 5k race and plan on a major PR for that next year. I have a busy work schedule next week and I am not sure what I will be able to get done.


8/2 – 174 lbs

8/9 – 175.5 lbs

I ate crappy. Got too relaxed about what I ate. Need to pull the reins back in and get back on the wagon. Of course it didn’t help that it was that dreaded time of the month. I’ll put that behind me and look for another week like the previous week.

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7/27 – 8/2 & July Recap

7/27 – Ran 4 miles at home, elliptical rider and bike at work (20 min each)

7/28 – 4 miles at home (good run)

7/29 – Weights and bike (20 min) @ work, strong 5 miler at home

7/30 – 5 miles with Angi on the Lancaster Bike path

7/31 – Rest

8/01 – 12 miles at home, crappy run, stomach cramps at mil 8.5 for 2 miles; ran out of water (ran 2 hours later than usual), hot & dehydrated even though the weather wasn’t too hot.

8/02 – Rest

Notes: This week I ran 30 miles, which I am hoping will become an average; however, I am noticing that I am more aggitated and I am worried that it has to do with the increased mileage. I will monitor that. There is a lot on my plate next week and I am not sure if I’ll be able to get my mileage in.


7/26 – 177 lbs

8/2 – 174 lbs

I can’t complain about my weightloss. I need to concentrate on optimizing my protein & fruit intake and stepp away just a little bit from carbohydrates that come from things like bars. If I step up my weightlifting program a bit and actually lift strong twice a week I could get my body fat down a lot more. Currently I hover just under 30%!!! It would be great if I could get it down to 25% (it would be awesome to get it down to 20%, but I’d be happy with 25)

13 lbs down 14 to go!

July breakdown:

Running: 104 miles – Elliptical: 19.8 miles – Biking: 14.8 – Overall: 138.6 miles

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