7/27 – 8/2 & July Recap

03 Aug

7/27 – Ran 4 miles at home, elliptical rider and bike at work (20 min each)

7/28 – 4 miles at home (good run)

7/29 – Weights and bike (20 min) @ work, strong 5 miler at home

7/30 – 5 miles with Angi on the Lancaster Bike path

7/31 – Rest

8/01 – 12 miles at home, crappy run, stomach cramps at mil 8.5 for 2 miles; ran out of water (ran 2 hours later than usual), hot & dehydrated even though the weather wasn’t too hot.

8/02 – Rest

Notes: This week I ran 30 miles, which I am hoping will become an average; however, I am noticing that I am more aggitated and I am worried that it has to do with the increased mileage. I will monitor that. There is a lot on my plate next week and I am not sure if I’ll be able to get my mileage in.


7/26 – 177 lbs

8/2 – 174 lbs

I can’t complain about my weightloss. I need to concentrate on optimizing my protein & fruit intake and stepp away just a little bit from carbohydrates that come from things like bars. If I step up my weightlifting program a bit and actually lift strong twice a week I could get my body fat down a lot more. Currently I hover just under 30%!!! It would be great if I could get it down to 25% (it would be awesome to get it down to 20%, but I’d be happy with 25)

13 lbs down 14 to go!

July breakdown:

Running: 104 miles – Elliptical: 19.8 miles – Biking: 14.8 – Overall: 138.6 miles

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