8/3 – 8/9 Recap

09 Aug
Charging towards the finish line!

Charging towards the finish line!

This is at the finish of the Baltimore Festival 5k. All those peeps in the above picture are from my running club (who are much faster than I am) and they cheered me on. It was great having them there.

Done like dinner!

Done like dinner!

8/3 – Ran 4 miles at home, elliptical rider (20 min), bike (15 min), and weight lifting at work

8/4 – 5 miles at home (very good, strong, fast run)

8/5 – 4 miles @ home….horrible run…stomach cramps!!!

8/6 – 4 miles with Angi on the Lancaster Bike path. Slow run. She was sore from speedwork the day before

8/7 – Rest

8/8 – Slow 5 miler at 6 am, then at 8:30 ran the Baltimore Festival 5 miler in 30:32 (short course 3.03, equals 10:04 min/mile) I am very happy with that.

8/9 – Was gonna take the day off, but I have been eating really bad so I went out to run 5 miles. 85 degrees at 7pm *yuck*

Notes: Had a good week running wise. was able to get 30 miles in even though I had my doubts that I would. Had a good 5k race and plan on a major PR for that next year. I have a busy work schedule next week and I am not sure what I will be able to get done.


8/2 – 174 lbs

8/9 – 175.5 lbs

I ate crappy. Got too relaxed about what I ate. Need to pull the reins back in and get back on the wagon. Of course it didn’t help that it was that dreaded time of the month. I’ll put that behind me and look for another week like the previous week.

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