8/10 – 8/16 Recap

17 Aug

8/10 – 5 miler at home

8/11 – Work/No running

8/12 – Work/No running

8/13 – 4 miler at home

8/14 – Rest

8/15 – 12 miler at home. Good run.

8/16 – 5 miler at home

Notes: What a long week! Worked at a forum two days for my employer; it was fun, but I was on my feet all day. My right knee did not like that, so I didn’t run those two days. Did go camping Saturday to Sunday, that was fun!

Had a very solid 12 miler on Saturday and another strong 5 miler on Sunday. Two more weeks to go until the Spirit of Columbus 1/2 Marathon. I think I am ready.


8/9 – 175.5 lbs

8/15 – 174.5 lbs  (didn’t have a scale available on the 16th)

Stressful week. Working outside the office is not good on the weighloss program. But I managed to shake one pound.

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