8/17 – 8/23 Recap

23 Aug

8/17 – 7.2 miles on the bike @ work and weights

8/18 – Horrible 4 miler @ home. Very humid and I had too much sodium during the day, making may calves swollen. That made running very tough.

8/19 – Ran 4 miles at work without my Garmin (forgot it at home). Not a bad run, but humid and raining at the end.

8/20 – Ran 4 miles at work and then 4 miles at home. The run at home was a minute faster than at work, but it was also a little cooler.

8/21 – 3.1 miles at work. Horrible run. Had donut and cappucino beforehand and ‘crashed’ during the run. After mile 1 I was done.  Ran 4 miles at home in the PM and had a much better time. I felt strong.

8/22 – Walked three miles with the husband for the American Heart Association (Heart Walk). Ran a total of 9.5 miles in the PM. Ran with the intention to run 8, which I did and then tagged another 1.5 on there (in order to get home). Ran the 8 miles in my 2nd fastest time ever. Weather was great, that helped! Ran the 1.5 slowly.

8/23 – I should take a rest day today. I have been exercising the last 8 days in a row. We’ll see if the running bug hits me tonight! 🙂

Notes: I ran 32.6 miles this week, plus fast walked three. That’s my highest weekly mileage in a very long time. My body is ready for the Spirit of Columbus 1/2 marathon next Sunday. I am running that one not to PR, but just to learn what I can do better for the Columbus Marathon (Half) in October.

I looked at last year’s numbers, I am a little ahead of my training from last year and should do well in October. I would like to get one 15 miler in there somewhere. It would give me a peace of mind.


8/15 – 174.5 lbs

8/23 – 169.5 lbs

I worked hard on my weight loss this week and all the extra PM running has paid off. However I noticed that my fat percentage is not going down quite as fast. So next week I will HAVE to hit the weights at least twice!

Weightloss since 6/22: 17.5 lbs, 9.5 lbs to go!!!

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