8/24 – 8/30 Recap

31 Aug

8/24 – Had a very good 5 mile run on the treadmill at home.

8/25 – Ran 4 miles at work and then another 4 miles (wanted to run 5, but ran out of steam) at home on the treadmill.

8/26 – Biked 9 miles at work and then lifted weights.

8/27 – Ran 4 miles at work. It was very humid out.

8/28 – Slow run at work. 3 miles.

8/29 – Resting for the ‘race’.

8/30 – 13.1 mile – Spirit of Columbus 1/2 marathon. Overall good run. Second fasted 1/2. I am pleased.


I had not gone on the treadmill in ages and was very surprised I was able to hold a contant pace of 5.2 on it. In the past I’d die at 4.5. During the week I wasn’t as dilligent about what I ate as I had been in the past.

Training for the Columbus (1/2) marathon starts Monday! I have some major school stuff (finals) I need to get out of the way and then I’ll be breathing easier!


I did not step on the scale most of the week. I did some “carbing” in the later part of the week for the 1/2 marathon and didn’t want to step on the scale.

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