Sharing the road…

01 Dec

Over the last week I had the pleasure to run twice with my oldest daughter Michaela (14). She’s been running at school, but only short distances. Next year she wants to run track again, the 2 miler.

One morning told her I was going out for 5 (run/walk) and asked if she wanted to go. Yes, was the answer. It was nice having her there. We didn’t talk much, being that we both had head phones on and listening to music. At mile 2.5 (which is my turn around) she said she would would run the next two miles without walking and off she went. I made sure, because I am a protective mom, that I kept her in my sight, but she managed to get about a 1/4 mile ahead of me. At mile 4.5, after running two miles straight, she had stopped to rest (and wait for me). According to her, her legs were very wobbly. We ran/walked the rest home.

About 3 days later, we set out again for another 5 miler. I believe that the previous run and the wobble legs taught her something. She did not run nearly as fast that time than the first time. I was able to keep up with her for the most part.

It was great sharing the road with her. I know I’ll miss her during my next run and look forward to the next one she can run with me. (She lives with her dad)

My workouts have been pretty consistant throughout the week; a little bit of treadmill, elliptical rider and even some weight lifting. It is a good start.

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