More time, more me, more running

05 May

Once again it’s been a couple of months since I posted last. The good news is, I am DONE with school. I’ll be receiving my bachelors degree in management, WITH honors, this Sunday. Yes, I am very excited!

With that out of the way, I now plan on getting back into running more heavily. I have been running on a pretty consistant basis over the last three months, averaging about 45 miles per month, including two 8-mile and one 10-mile runs. Not the best, but it beats zero by a long shot.

My weight, which has shot up to 200 lbs over the last two years is starting to come down, and I am only 12 lbs away from my desired goal. It seems like everything is coming together. Of course I am not nearly as fast I would like to be, but I am hoping that will come over time.

My goal, because it’s all about setting goals, is to run at least the half marathon in the Columbus Marathon in October. My desired goal is the full marathon, but I will not be dissapointed if I can only run the half.

The promise I made myself is to be more consistant in updating this blog.

Franklin University 2011

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