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Usually I am very apprehensive about registering early for any type of race, but the fee is going up by $10 next week, and I am cheaper than I am apprehensive… And now I AM registered for the Columbus Marathon in October. The other good news is that for a small fee of $10 I can switch to the half marathon, if need be. 🙂

I am SUPER excited. I feel that with my previous experience and wisdom I have gained, it will be a much better marathon for me. My overall game plan is to run it slower than last year, but actually end up running it faster.  If that makes any sense.

Last week was a crappy running week. I had an ocular migraine (migraine in the eyes), which then turned into a regular migraine. Even though I was not out for the count, I was not able to run for 3 days. Overall, I only logged 14 miles last week. But, I had a pretty good 10 mile run on Saturday.

Running since last post:

June 13th: 4 miles at work

June 15th: 10 in Bexley

Overall mileage last week (June 20th – June 26th): 14 (not including elliptical and walking)

June’s Mileage: 85.5 miles

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Solid running week

I had a great running week!

Monday was tempo day. I was able to run the loop in the fastest time. On Wednesday my goal was to run the whole way without stopping. I did that! Woot! My goal was to run at marathon pace, but was a little faster than that. The weather was nice, that helped. On Thursday, I ran at lunch time. The game plan was to have a group workout in the evening, so I ran at lunch. The evening training fell through because of strong storms.



On Saturday I ran with CERC (Columbus Eastside Running Club). The long run didn’t feel that long and I learned some things on how to straighten out my running posture. I had such a great run on Saturday, that on Sunday I felt the need to go out again and put three miles under my belt.

For some reason, sweating feels so good. When the body moves like it is suppose to and the thoughts are running free, that’s what I love about running.

I run….therefore I am!

Running since last post:

June 13th: 5.5 miles at home

June 15th: 5.5 miles at home

June 16th: 4 miles at work

June 18th: 9 miles in Bexley

June 19th: 3 miles at home

Overall mileage last week (June 13th – June 19th): 27 (not including elliptical and walking)

June’s Mileage: 71.5 miles

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Hot, hot, hot

Had a great week mileage wise…covered 7 on Sunday, 16.5 during the week and then 10 on Sunday. It was really hot during the week, in the high 80’s and low 90’s….ick!

I was a bit worried about the 10 miler. I was going to run a new route, but then decided to do an ‘out and back’ instead. Thunderstorms rolled through as I was ready to head out the door; I then decided to run the 10 miler on the treadmill. But as I started to run on it, I got off it, disgusted because that’s not how I enjoy to run. I wanted to run outside, even contemplated running on Sunday; however, I really didn’t want to get up early again. So I waited another 45 min and the storm passed, even though it was still slightly raining. You can only get so wet, and in turn I headed outside.

Running since last post:

June 6th: 5.5 miles at home

June 8th: 5.5 miles at home

June 9th: 5.5 miles at home

June 11th: 10 miles

Overall mileage last week (June 5th – June 11th): 33 (not including elliptical and walking)

June’s Mileage: 44.5 miles

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20 miles this week! I hope I can keep that up.

Good week last week. Ran 20 miles total, which I haven’t done in a while. Found a new route to run. The route is not new, just new to me. It is pretty hilly, but in the end it will make me a stronger runner.

The achilles tendon in my left heel is aching quite a bit. It is bearable, I can only hope it doesn’t get too be too bad.

Running since last post:

May 30th: 9 miles at home

June 1st: 5.5 miles at home

June 2nd: 5.5 miles at home

June 5th: 7 miles

Overall mileage last week (May 30th – June 4th): 20 (not including elliptical and walking)

May’s Mileage: 70.56 miles

June’s Mileage so far: 18 miles

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