27 Jun

Usually I am very apprehensive about registering early for any type of race, but the fee is going up by $10 next week, and I am cheaper than I am apprehensive… And now I AM registered for the Columbus Marathon in October. The other good news is that for a small fee of $10 I can switch to the half marathon, if need be. 🙂

I am SUPER excited. I feel that with my previous experience and wisdom I have gained, it will be a much better marathon for me. My overall game plan is to run it slower than last year, but actually end up running it faster.  If that makes any sense.

Last week was a crappy running week. I had an ocular migraine (migraine in the eyes), which then turned into a regular migraine. Even though I was not out for the count, I was not able to run for 3 days. Overall, I only logged 14 miles last week. But, I had a pretty good 10 mile run on Saturday.

Running since last post:

June 13th: 4 miles at work

June 15th: 10 in Bexley

Overall mileage last week (June 20th – June 26th): 14 (not including elliptical and walking)

June’s Mileage: 85.5 miles

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