18 miles

20 Aug

The training for the Columbus Marathon is continuing to go well. I ran my 18 mile run today and it went surprisingly well. The 16 miler I had done 2 weeks before was a terrible one. I blame that on not hydrating enough the days before, not eating right the night before, and not having enough sleep.

This week’s run was planned much better and my time per mile was faster than that of the 16 mile run. 🙂

Brian, my husband, rode his bike while I was running and provided me with water the second half of the run. It is as always great to have him with me. He rode his bike for 33 miles, which is a first (distance wise) for him. I am very proud of him.

I ran a half marathon last week and finished it in my 3rd fastest time. I was thrilled and happy to have had such a great run.

With today’s run, it looks like I am ready to tackle the full marathon. I just hope that the rest of the runs continue to be this successful.

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