4 days to go! I am ready!

13 Oct
4 more days until the marathon, 3 more nights of rest, 2 more short runs, 1 stop at the expo…I am ready! On Sunday, we will see if I am able. 
Thanks to some willing friends and family members, I will have someone cheering for me just about every two miles starting around mile 9!!! I could not ask for any better support than that.
The weather is suppose to be great temperature wise. I just hope that the 30% chance of rain, is just that; a chance. I have no control over that one, so I’ll just leave it at that.
It has been a long journey, that included some really great runs and some really bad ones. I have made new running friends and reconnected with some others. Overall this has been my best season training wise. If you are in the Columbus area and are looking for a group to train with, I’d recommend looking into the Columbus Eastside Running Club. They are a great bunch of people to run and train with.
Thank you’s:
I want to take this opportunity to thank my husband Brian for being there during most of my long runs. I know at one point he wanted to throw in the towel, because it was really cold (and when you are moving on a bike you are colder than when you are running), but he stuck it out. I love the fact that he’s so supportive of my running and I am truly appreciative of everything he does for me. Without his help I would never have quit smoking and become the runner that I am today. I love you!
I am also thankful for my parents in law, who would occasionally watch our youngest daughter so I could run or would make us breakfast when my long run took us to their house. It is a great feeling when you are surrounded by people that are glad to help out without asking or expecting anything in return.
Another ‘thank you’ goes out to my son Brandon, who would ‘watch’ our youngest whenever I needed him to, so I could get my short, medium, or long runs in. It is great to have him in our lives, even though we sometime butt head (ever so gently).
Get read, get set, go!
Once I cross the starting line, I’ll just have to hope that all the training over the last 18 weeks is going to pay off. I am certain my body is ready, I have never been fitter (I have been thinner, but never fitter) and mentally stronger. All I can say is: “BRING IT ON!”
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