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After the marathon & heart rate training

Since the marathon two and a half weeks ago, I have run approximately 45 miles. I started with speed and hill training in the hopes that it will make me faster for my next 1/2 marathon. I am hoping to run the Mississippi Blues Marathon (half) in January.

I have also decided to try to do some heart rate training under the guidance of our running coach. She, 5 others, and I are her guinea pigs to see if this is something that really works. My max heart rate is 189, my minimum 57. I obtained the max HR by running 3 miles easy, doing two wind sprints, and then running a hill 5 times, each time (trying) to increase the intensity of the effort. Tomorrow I’ll be running my first run at a 65-70% effort. When I get the chance, I’ll report how it went.

We are going camping and quadding this upcoming weekend. We won’t be far from home though and I’ll run 11 miles on my own turf on Saturday. At least that’s my game plan for now.

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