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1,000 + miles & looking back at 2011

As of today I have managed to run over 1,000 miles this year! That is about 300 miles more than I have ever run before (2009). I am very happy with that accomplishment. It rounds out a very great year for me:

* Bachelors degree * New job * Ran/finished a marathon * Lost 40 lbs * Ran over 1k miles *

Not bad for a year’s worth of work. But, there is no rest for the wicket, is there? I have set my sights on a few goals, including running a marathon PR in the fall. Hopefully the heart rate training will help with that. It is going well, and I see some improvements in my speed and endurance.

Next week the hubby and I will travel to Jackson, Mississippi, so I can run in the Mississippi Blues Marathon, but I will only run the 1/2. We are going to visit with friends and I want to have enough energy to celebrate my husband’s birthday with them (same day as race day).

Should be a lot of fun. Until then!

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