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Running group forming in Baltimore,OH!

I’m excited to formally announce that the group I currently run with, Columbus Eastside Running Club (CERC), is going to offer a Fairfield County branch starting this summer! We will be meeting in Baltimore and can look forward to some great rural runs.

Regardless of what your running goals are, CERC can work with you to help you meet them. We are in the process of getting organized, so more details will follow, including a Facebook page. However, if you are at all interested or simply have any questions, please send an mail to, so that we can answer them and add you to our contact list.

Four great things about this group:

(1) CERC offers a free two-week period where you can come out and run with the group to try it out with no obligation.

(2) Membership in CERC’s Balitmore branch gives you access to runs with both the Baltimore and Bexley groups. Bored with your long run in Baltimore one Saturday? Mix it up and take a 30 min. drive further up 33 for a change of scenery and people!

(3) Schedules tailored to your training needs and access to our coach, who is Road Runners Club of America certified (and just pretty darn amazing!).

(4) We are a NON PROFIT! All proceeds from the group, after expenses, will stay local with Baltimore/Fairfield County charities.

Looking forward to sharing my experience with anyone who might be interested!

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Shhhh…can you keep a secret?

Come closer, I got something to tell you…Closer than that…..wooo-aah! Not THAT close! OK, OK…ready?

I RAN/WALKED THREE MILES TODAY and it was a pain free run!!!

It was slow, with some walking the first mile to warm up and test the leg, but overall it was great to know that I can still run 2 miles without walking. I was worried that I had lost ‘my base’ in the last month. All is well though.

On Friday I spent 40 minutes on the elliptical rider and experienced no pain. On Saturday the hubby and I donated our time (6 hours) and helped build walls for a Habitat for Humanities project. At the end of the day, the leg felt good. We were tired and sore, but I wasn’t hurting.

It took 39 minutes to cover the three miles, but it gives me confidence that I can do the Pump and Run (next Sunday) without them ushering me to the sidewalk before I cross the finish line.

My world is getting back in order!

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After three weeks of faithful physical therapy, I schlepped to the sports doctor today to hear that because of my setback, it will be another three to four weeks before I can go running again…what? wait a minute…what setback???

This is where I tell you that I pulled (partial tore) my left calf muscle pretty bad last Friday evening, while trying to stretch my quad muscle. Yep, while trying to stretch! Gotta love the irony in that! I didn’t realize what I had done to myself until a day later. At first I thought it was just a muscle ache from a hard workout during physical therapy, because other than the cramp like feeling I felt, there was no pain until the next morning. But when things didn’t improve Saturday evening, I started to realize it might be something else.

A trip to the urgent care Sunday, painkiller prescription, and a set of crutches later, my fears became reality. My sports doctor confirmed it today, but was suprised to see me getting along without the crutches…perhaps it’s not as bad as originally thought. No Pump and Run for me though, which is in less than two weeks. Perhaps now would be a good time to start training for next years, at least with the weights. :/ She is optimistic that I’ll be able to do the 10 mile race on April 15th, and should be good to go for the May 5th and May 20th half marathons.

So, no biking for at least a week and continued physical therapy are on the calendar for me for now. I am hoping that next Tuesday I can take a stab at the stationary bike again. Until then!


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Blessing in disguise? Just maybe!

The last week and a half have felt like three months! Not having to run at lunch time or try to get on the treadmill in the evenings has left a gaping hole in my life – I am not much of a TV watcher. Not running 30 to 40 miles per week also left me worried that the gaping hole would be filled with body fat/weight. To avoid that, I have been keeping an eye on what goes into my body and make sure that it is as healthy as can be. Beforehand, I pretty much shoved things into me thinking “I’ll just run that off later.”

The result of the reevaluation of my eating habits: lost 5 lbs and 1% of my body fat! I have adopted a pretty good stationary bike routine and also added a workout video to my daily grind. I am actually able to see my external abdominal oblique muscles pretty well when I tighten that tummy! The next goal is to see what kind of pack (hopefully a 6-pack) I have lined up between those oblique muscles. My bench press also has increased; I am able to press 100 lbs 5 times now.

Physical therapy is going well. It brought to light that my left leg is shorter than the right. I always kinda knew it, but never had been officially told. The therapist also mentioned that my hip is pulling to the left, shortening the leg even more. With some exercises, he was able to put the hip back (manipulated muscles to pull it back into place – temporarily), and then fitted me with a 1/8-inch heel lift. I was walking pretty straight (instead of like a line backer). Hopefully with the exercise he gave me for home, I’ll be able to keep it that way. My achilles is still sore on and off; the pain inside my ankle has subsided though. My knee only gives me fits when I hyperextend it, so I am watching how I am walking.

I go back to the doctor next week. Cross my fingers that she gives me the OK to start running again!

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Picture this…

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

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