Blessing in disguise? Just maybe!

10 Feb

The last week and a half have felt like three months! Not having to run at lunch time or try to get on the treadmill in the evenings has left a gaping hole in my life – I am not much of a TV watcher. Not running 30 to 40 miles per week also left me worried that the gaping hole would be filled with body fat/weight. To avoid that, I have been keeping an eye on what goes into my body and make sure that it is as healthy as can be. Beforehand, I pretty much shoved things into me thinking “I’ll just run that off later.”

The result of the reevaluation of my eating habits: lost 5 lbs and 1% of my body fat! I have adopted a pretty good stationary bike routine and also added a workout video to my daily grind. I am actually able to see my external abdominal oblique muscles pretty well when I tighten that tummy! The next goal is to see what kind of pack (hopefully a 6-pack) I have lined up between those oblique muscles. My bench press also has increased; I am able to press 100 lbs 5 times now.

Physical therapy is going well. It brought to light that my left leg is shorter than the right. I always kinda knew it, but never had been officially told. The therapist also mentioned that my hip is pulling to the left, shortening the leg even more. With some exercises, he was able to put the hip back (manipulated muscles to pull it back into place – temporarily), and then fitted me with a 1/8-inch heel lift. I was walking pretty straight (instead of like a line backer). Hopefully with the exercise he gave me for home, I’ll be able to keep it that way. My achilles is still sore on and off; the pain inside my ankle has subsided though. My knee only gives me fits when I hyperextend it, so I am watching how I am walking.

I go back to the doctor next week. Cross my fingers that she gives me the OK to start running again!

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