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1/2 Marathon #17 – PR

Ran the Columbus Marathon & 1/2 Marathon yesterday, participating in the 1/2 marathon race. Here is my race report:

The weather conditions were perfect, low 40’s at the start with just a 4 mile per hour wind. The first 4 miles I had the company of a CERC runner and we ticked those miles off easily trying to hold the pace at a 10:15. I had brought my own water to get passed the first water stop without stopping. I ditched that bottle at mile 2ish and the “throw away” long sleeve shirt at mile 3. At mile four I picked up the pace to 10:00. My CERC partner was running the full and did not increase her speed.

Mile 5, 6 and 7 were uneventful. I just tried to keep my pace at 10:00, usually coming in just a few seconds under. Mile 6.5 to 7.5 were a little tougher, because they represented the first uphill (not a major incline, but a steady one).

At mile 10, going by my running plan, I needed to pick it up a little more, leaving behind a nice couple that I had been following the last 4 miles. During a brief conversation it turned out they used me to pace themselves while I used them to keep on pace!

I took advantage of every water stop along the way, and there were plenty, but only slowing down long enough to get those couple zips in me. GUing was not a problem, until I realized at mile 11 that my gas tank was low and I needed to take some in me. The only thing was, I had just passed a water stop. I felt like I was faltering a little bit and was worried about my stomach taking in GU without chasing it with water. But, I did it anyway. Shortly after mile marker 12 there was a water stop and I was back on track.

The last 2 miles of the race are a steady incline, but because of my training (running 16 mile long runs every Saturday, with a shorter long run – 8 to 10 miles – on Sunday), I was able to kick it in a bit, passed quite a few runners. That felt so good, because usually at that point, I am holding on tooth and nail, trying to get to the finish without having to crawl!

I PRed by over 6 minutes, blowing my April PR out of the water! My goal of a 10 min/mile pace was realized, coming in at a 9:59 min/mile pace! Call me a happy camper!


  • My husband and daughter both made it out to watch me race. It was great to see them at mile 9 and 12, it gave me something to look forward to.
  • Jim Miller, who is one of my running idols (in his 60 and fast as a horse), jumped in at mile 10ish to run with me for just a few minutes.
  • Passed and said “hi” to Jim Tucker around mile 5, who is the greatest TNT running coach ever.
  • Having Lisa run with/near me for the first 4 miles made that part of the course much easier.
  • Seeing a Nationwide Children’s Hospital Champion every mile was very moving.
  • My father in law, who passed away earlier this year, was with me in spirit the whole way.
  • Spending time before and after the race with our new CERC runners, running their first half or full marathon was very inspiring.

I am looking forward to running Marshall (Healthy Huntington Marathon) in three weeks. My goal is to come in under 2:10, but if I don’t, that is OK.

Until then – may the wind be in your back!

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