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The trick of running right & failing miserably

A new training season has begun! My goals are a half marathon for fun in Missoula, Montana in July and a race half marathon in the fall. With a new season comes the hopes and dreams of nailed tempo runs, flawless intervals, effortless long runs, and of course, the best race ever!

I have learned A LOT about running efficiency and economy over the last year; I can write training programs and associated speed workouts. But, there is still one thing that I struggle with…I KNOW the times I need to run to get the most of out my individual training sessions. I just need to LEARN the feel of the exact pace.

Why is that so important? Because each workout is designed to make me a more efficient runner. One helps with getting my body used to the distance, another helps push my lactate threshold out, another is to get me used to running faster paces, and so on, all helping my body adapt and become a better runner. If you don’t run them at the right pace, it’s like trying to loose weight, eating too much of the right food. The result is not what you are looking for.

Tonight the goal was to run my long-run-pace as a warm up, then hit my half marathon pace for 2 miles, and then again my long run for a cool down. The ideal paces would have been 11:26, 10:00, 10:00, and again 11:26. I brought music with me, because it helped me get through my last half marathon. Duh!

I won’t be bringing it to my speed workouts anymore! I need to learn to listen to my body and my breathing, I can’t do that with music in my ears. I knew this, but thought “I need the mental support.” The music was turned off after about mile 1.5. Yes, I am a slow learner. *sigh*

Another thing is I need to learn how my new Garmin 620 can help me the best. Since the run I have changed some of the fields. For instance, average pace does not do me any good when I need lap pace instead…the reason for mile 2 and 3 being so fast.

Yes, I still have a lot to learn. But I am OK with that, I have plenty of time this season.


I have also started back up with my abs program. 4 days a week at least. It’s an oldie, but goody!

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Why run when you can cheer?

Today was the goal race of many runners in the club in which I help pace and coach. So, instead of lacing up the shoes (still recovering from last week’s 1/2 marathon race), I donned on some pom-poms, a sign and a cow bell. Together with friends from the running club, we recreated last week’s scene when we cheered for three of our runners trying to qualify for Boston (which they did, in case you missed my previous post).

The Cap City Half marathon consists of a 5k, quarter marathon, and half marathon, all run at the same time. We stationed ourselves at mile 1, and then again at mile 4ish for the quarter/mile 7ish for the half.

Cap City Cheering Crew

Cap City Cheering Crew

We cheered for over three and a half hours! It was a lot of fun and we got a lot of smiles, waves, and thumbs up. All our runners made it, all had a good race, but I think we had the most fun out on the course!

Hours later, I have a very sore wrist (from the cow bell) and a sore throat from yelling, but would I do it again? You bet ya! It’s nice to see the other side of the race, it gives you some appreciation for those waiting for you when you are the one running.


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