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11 @ home (11:31)

Comments: Got up at 5am to get out the door by 6. I am overall satisfied with the run and time. I started off slow on purpose and that took some effort not going out hard. But I think it paid off in the end, because I was not dead or walked when I should be running.

Around mile 6 my book on CD (iPod) had some issues, but thank goodness I had brought my Sansa mp3 player with me, switched over to that, and listened to fast paced music. (That was my goal all along, but not until mile 8 lol)

At mile 8 my left leg was getting really tight and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to finish, but told myself to work through it, and it ended up getting better around mile 9. Afterwards though, during my cool off walk, my left calf muscle, and the muscle above the ankle (outside) were hurting pretty good. I think my leg is still sore from ‘rolling’ off the berm on Thursday evening.

I am glad I got out of bed that early to run, because later on in the day the outside temperature gauge in our car read 94! Yikes! 

Time: 6:00am

Weather: 65 – 70, nice

Clothes:MiT Shirt, NB shorts, fuel belt

Shoes:Saucony ProGrid (203.1 miles)

Distance: 11

Time: 2:06:32

Split: 11:31

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11 @ home (11:51)

Comments: I didn’t have to deal with any unchained dogs on this run, but I did have some close encounters of the metal kind…with cars (and I am not one of those runners that takes up the road, I stay on the median when I hear a car). The jury is still out about what I like more, dogs or cars!

It was a good run! I ran 3 seconds faster per mile than I did last week on my 10 miler. The weather was great, a bit too warm maybe, but nice none the less. GUed at mile 4 and 8. The GU game plan next week is: 4, 8, 12. I drank both my water/gatorade, but should be ok next week, with water stations and all.

The Gastroenterologist said, given by my description of the pain, that is was my colon that gave me all that trouble. He said it appears to be healing so we’ll monitor it and see how it progresses. I did notice that my diet has a lot to do with the pain. If I eat junk food and drink pop my stomach is much more agitated then if I drink water and eat healthier food (of course!). Just another reason to eat healthier.

Time: 10 am

Weather: 50ish

ClothesMiT shirt, Adidas shorts, BB Hat

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid 

Distance: 11

Time: 2:10:18

Split: 11:51

Course: Past Lake Road and back.


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