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Strong 14 miler

Comments: What a difference a week makes. OMG. Last week I was almost ready to give up running and this week I had a GREAT run. This was the best run, time wise and feeling wise, I have ever had. 🙂
I drank every 2.5 miles and GUed every 5. This is a switch from my previous long runs where I drank every 2, GUed every 4. It worked out REALLY well.

My 1/2 marathon time was…2:23:49!!! I already broke my October 1/2 marathon goal of running under 2:25:00! The hubby said “change it to 2:20:00 then. Uhm, no. I will do what I will do come October! 🙂 I am psyched though!

If you every are looking for a great book to listen to, get “World Without End“. It had my attention throughout the whole run.

29 days to go until the Columbus Marathon & 1/2 Marathon

Time: 7 am

Weather: 60’s, nice!

Clothes: Old MiT shirt, NB Shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide (4 miles)

Distance: 14 miles

Time: 2:33:31

Split: 10:58

Course: Over Old Millersport Rd and back.

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