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The Stick


I stopped at the Columbus Running Co. store this evening and picked me up “The Stick”. My sister in-law has one and has been raving about it for months. After going to the massage therapist yesterday I thought that I should get one to continue massaging my muscles.

The sales guy asked me if I have ever used one. When I told him no, he said “Just wait, you’ll get addicted. I usually have one behind the counter.”

So I tried it. It didn’t hurt, so that’s good. It did feel good going over the quads and hamstrings. I did notice that I have to watch how I use it otherwise the rollers end up pinching my skin. I’ll have to see how it goes over the next few weeks with it.

Do you have one? If so, how often do you use it and when do you find it most beneficial to use it?

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Road ID

If you are a runner, cycler, sports fanatic, or just think that you might get hit by a bus and no one will know who you are, you should get one:

A Road ID!

I have been sporting the wrist band for a good few years now, but finally got the one for the shoe. This way I can attach it and never have to worry about forgetting it or getting a tan line!

Attach and go! You don’t even know it’s there!

I ordered a shoe ID for myself after I found out that my boss didn’t have any kind of identification on him when he runs. When I ordered his (his b-day is coming up) I ordered one for myself *snicker*. The wrist ID is going on the “Wall of Fame”.

The boss had a friend who was running, had a heart attack, and passed on. According to him it took the police 2 days to locate his family, who had been looking for him. The road ID would have sped up the process.

(I have my blood type and alergies listed on the band.) I know thought that having the RoadID might not save my life, but it won’t leave my loved ones in the dark should something happen.

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New toy

Last Monday I bought a new toy, a Sansa e250R ($99). The R stands for Rhapsody, which is a membership-based music service (provided by Best Buy) that gives you unlimited access to a catalog of millions of full length, CD-quality tracks. Listen whenever you want, get personalized music suggestions tailored to your musical tastes, and take your music with you wherever you go. You can either download specific music, and/or you can select a ‘channel’, which is genres/taste based and just update that channel on your Sansa.   

I like the channel option, because this way I don’t have to sit there and change the music on my mp3 player when I get sick of what’s on there, the software does that for me. Granted I might end up with a few songs I don’t care for, but I enjoy running not knowing what kind of music/song is coming next. I do still have my “playlists” and occasionally listen to them.  

My stepdaughter has a Sansa 240 without the Rhapsody service, but we are still able to download songs, she just doesn’t have the channel option.  

If you want to buy music that is from another country (say Herbert Groenemeyer) on iTunes you have to belong to that countries iTunes service, with Rhapsody I was able to download Herbert’s newest CD without any problems.   

The full service per month cost $14.99, but with the purchase of the mp3 player I got 2 months for free. $14.99 is the cost of a CD per month, and well worth the money. The only downfall is that once you cancel the service you loose access to all those songs, unless you purchased them.  

I bought a cover for it for protection (I am good with dropping things! 😉 ), which has a belt loop in the back. My fuel belt fits through that loop just right. I haven’t bought the arm band for it yet, when I don’t run with the fuel belt I hold it (carefully) in my hand.  

The only thing I don’t like about it so far is that you can’t just plug it into your computer to charge it, it requires a cord. And when you plug it in to charge it up you can’t listen to the music, which sucks when you are on a computer at work that doesn’t have the software on it. Also it is not compatible with the iPod. So now I have two music programs on my PC lol  

Overall I am very happy with it and the hubby is happy because he gets my iPod!:)

Edit: After about a month of use I still like it. However while running it is a bit hard to change the song to something else. Say a song comes on that I don’t want to listen to at that moment the small buttons are hard to hit while running, specially when the mp3 is attached to a running belt. But I do have a leatherslip cover over it, that might contribute to the difficulty.

Turning the volume up or down is very easy with the wheel, but I have had the wheel get stuck before. Overall I still like it, but I wish the button where a bit easier to push.

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