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Bike & Strength

Comments: My arms are still sore from Tuesday’s lifting. This time I did not work out with the hubby even though he was in the gym at the same time.

Time: 11:00 am

Workout: Stationary Bike

Level: 3

Time: 20 minutes

Miles: 7.2

Calories: 93

Strength Training:

  • Push ups:
    • 1 x 20
  • Hanging Stomach Crunches: 
    •  2 x 20
  • Chest Press:
    • 2 x 20 x #3
  • Stomach Crunches:
    •  2 x 20
  • Tricep Pull Downs:
    • 2 x 20 x #5
  • Rows:
    •  2 x 20 x 60 lbs 
  • Hyperextensions:
    • 2 x 20
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Bench Pressing & Biking

Comments: With running yesterday I decided to do the bike as warmup today and I enjoy reading the gossip magazines while my legs to all the work. The machine turned off before I got a chance to look at the stats.

Time: 10:00 am

Workout: Stationary Bike

Level: 3

Time: 20 minutes

Miles: (about) 7 miles

Calories: ??

Strength Training:

  • Bench Press:
    • 1 x 12 x 65 lbs
    • 1 x 10 x 75 lbs
    • 1 x 8 x 85 lbs
    • 1 x 4 x 95 lbs (missed the last two)
    • 1 x 0 x 115 lbs (bar plus 35 lbssers, got talked into that one by the hubby & friend, but it wasn’t meant to happen today)
    • 1 x 0 x 100 lbs (my arms were tired)
  • Hyperextentions 1 x 20
  • Tricep Pull Downs 2 x 20 x 5 blocks

Right now, in order to participate in the Arnold Classic Pump and Run I need to be able to lift 135 lbs (70% of my body weight). I seriously need to loose some weight to lower that. I’ll see were things are come the end of this month and might just sign up. The competition is not until April I believe.

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Stationary nerves

Comments: I am getting nervous, but I am not willing to show it, so don’t tell anyone. 😉

Today was my last official workout before the 1/2 marathon. Was it enough? Have I trained hard enough for it? Have I put enough miles in? Will my weight loss give me the PR I am so desperately seeking? The numbers seem to indicate it: I have lost 15 lbs since May…my shorter distance time is a minute per mile faster…I am not completely dead after my long runs…oy! Stop it already!

Tonight will be the night I’ll try to get some good sleep. I have been working on it this whole week, some nights are better than others. It seems like when my head hits the pillow early I am wide awake come 2 or 3 A.M. *sigh* Can’t win for loosing. Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to get some decent zzz’s.

I am picking my race packet up tomorrow at lunch and will have a nice pasta dinner in the evening (I don’t like to eat too heavy the night before). Food, that always gives me something to look forward too! 🙂

Good luck to everyone that is running this weekend! Remember: “Nothing is Impossible”

Distance: 16.2 miles

Time: 45 minutes

Course: Stationary Bike @ work


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Bike & Strength Training

Comments: Rode the stationary bike at work and then lifted weights with the hubby. Did the pyramid on the bench. Was trying to figure out how much I can lift these days. I stopped at 95 (bar + 25 lbs on each side), which I did two times. I would like to get back to 115, and with my current weight need to get to 125 in order to participate in the Arnold’s Classic Pump and Run next year. We’ll see.

Distance: 7.2 miles

Time: 30 minutes

Course: Stationary Bike @ work

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Comments: The house addition got to my knee once again! This time I was priming the walls in the basement and I guess my knee did not like me doing that (crawling on the floor to paint the bottom of the walls, and the ups and downs). My right one hurts. But, it only hurts when I put weight on it though and it is not bad today. The decision had to be made as to whether I should run or not. Reluctantly I am gave my knee another day to re-cooperate and hope I will be able to participate in the 1 mile virtual race tomorrow or Thursday. So, I got on the stationary bike instead.

Distance: 16.2 miles

Time: 45:00

Course: Stationary bike @ work


2 x 20 Bench Tricep Dips

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Biking & Strength Training

Comments: I’d rather be running. 🙂 Knee hurts.

Distance: 6.2 miles

Time: 30:00

Course: Stationary bike @ home


Comments: None


Set Rep Description Weight Comments
2 20 Hanging Stomach Crunches At Home
2 20 Chest Press 1 block After 30 min bike
2 20 Military Press 1 block  
2 20 Bicep Curl   Stretch Rope
2 20 Stomach Crunches   Yoga Mat
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Biking & Strength Training

Comments: I was going to work out at work, but was really hungry and felt like it would not be a good workout, so I decided to wait until I got home.

Distance: 6.3 miles

Time: 30 minutes

Course: Stationary Bike


Comments: I have not used the weights we have at home, more specifically the weight machine(s). We still need to dig out the big hand weights, etc out of the barn. I got to work out with the husband, so that was a big plus. We had a good time.


Date  Set Rep Description Weight Comments
8/18/2008 2 12 Hanging Stomach Crunches At Home
  2 40 Bicep Curls 5 lbs  
  2 20 Chest Press    
  2 12 Military Press    
  2 12 Ball – Stomach Crunch    
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Bike 12 @ home

Comments: No pain 🙂

Distance: 12 miles

Time: 1 hour

Course: Stationary Bike

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Biking & Push Ups

Comments: Watched “The Pelican Brief” while peddleing, which took my mind of the workout. I am a single mom this week so I didn’t want to push my luck with riding in the basement for too long and come back upstairs to WW III. Also with my calf still being a bit sore I didn’t want to over do it.

Time: 6:30pm

Distance: 8 miles

Time: 45 min

Course: Stationary Bike



Week 3 – Day 3: 20 x 15 x 15 x 12 x 19

My gosh, what great improvement. I am moving into week 4 and I am looking forward to it. I’ll have to really concentrate on using less time between each set after week 4

Check out how I was doing back on June 23rd: Week 2 – Day 1: 4 x 4 x 3 x 3 x 6 (I felt weak today)

It’s been slow progress, but I feel so much stronger in my upper body and all around!


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Bike @ home 12 miles

Comments: I was listening to the book “The Broken Window” by Jeffrey Deaver and playing Solitare on my Palm Pilot, trying to remind myself to peddle harder lol.

Time: 7:30pm

Distance: 12 miles

Time: 1 hour

Course: Stationary Bike



Week 2 – Day 1: 4 x 4 x 3 x 3 x 6 (I felt weak today)

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