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Still kickin’, more fierce than before…

It’s been over a year! Wow!

Let’s see what I have been able to accomplish in that time:


March – Became a RRCA Certified Running Coach

April – Became a Team Orgeon Certified Long Distance Running Coach

April – Athens Half Marathon – Athens, OH

May – Flying Pig (Half) Marathon – Cincinnati, OH

June – Hatfield McCoy (Half) Marathon – South Wilimington, KY

October – Columbus (Half) Marathon – Columbus, OH

I haven’t done too much in 2014 yet. 🙂

In the meantime I have been volunteering my time as Membership Director for the non-profit running club I run with (150 members). In addition to that, I have also become one of their coaches. This, plus actual paid work has kept me pretty busy.

But don’t stop there! The husband and I joined a gym and over the last three months have successfully lost 6% of our body fat so far. I am hoping that I’ll be in better shape in a few months than I was when I ran Disney.

Inspired by one of my fellow runners, I am currently studying to become a NASM Certified Persal Trainer. This is more for personal knowledge gain than anything. The ideal end result for me would be to take what I learn and apply it towards running.

My goal for this year is to run a few more half marathons and then prepare for the full in the fall, but going into it already being in really good shape. I am really looking forward to training for and running my 4th full marathon.

Stay tuned!

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Can you feel it?

So, I have been resting my ankle for the last few, what feels like 10,000, days and I THINK it’s better. I am able to go up and down the stairs without pain. I have been on the stationary bike and elliptical rider more than I care for over the last week. I did pull out the sport doctor’s number this morning, Just.In.Case! It’s like I feel something is there, but then I don’t (phantom pains?). I don’t plan on running until tomorrow and then will decide what to do…gosh I miss running!

We (the hubmeister and I) are currently signed up for the Arnold’s Classic Pump and Run. It will be held in about 5 weeks. Over the course of the last 3 months, we have steadily -with some ups and downs- worked towards our goals. The hubmeister, who over the last 2 years has suffered from adult onset asthma, is working on being able to run 3 miles again without keeling over; he’s got the pump (bench press) part down. I on the other hand need to work on it. If I am able to maintain my current weight, I will have to bench press 100 lbs. As of today I can do 4 reps but would like to get to 15 (30 is the max allowed).

Today we spoke with someone who has been lifting weights for years and he gave us some tips, form wise and what to lift to get to where we want to go. I am looking forward to our weight lifting workout Thursday to incorporate his suggestions.

Signed up for the RunCbus 10 miler, April 15th.

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After the marathon & heart rate training

Since the marathon two and a half weeks ago, I have run approximately 45 miles. I started with speed and hill training in the hopes that it will make me faster for my next 1/2 marathon. I am hoping to run the Mississippi Blues Marathon (half) in January.

I have also decided to try to do some heart rate training under the guidance of our running coach. She, 5 others, and I are her guinea pigs to see if this is something that really works. My max heart rate is 189, my minimum 57. I obtained the max HR by running 3 miles easy, doing two wind sprints, and then running a hill 5 times, each time (trying) to increase the intensity of the effort. Tomorrow I’ll be running my first run at a 65-70% effort. When I get the chance, I’ll report how it went.

We are going camping and quadding this upcoming weekend. We won’t be far from home though and I’ll run 11 miles on my own turf on Saturday. At least that’s my game plan for now.

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Don’t forget to honors those that gave all. How to Observe Memorial Day

This weeks was my best running week in quite a while. I covered over 18 miles; eventually I hope to be up to about 25 miles per week. I wanted to run more than 3 miles on the 26th, but thunderstorms put a halt to that, and then the hubby had dinner done after 3 miles…and of course I can’t let him down. 😉

On Saturday I ran with a the Columbus Eastside Running Club. I will run one more time with them to see if I really like it. If so, then I’ll join them and train with them for my full marathon. I was able to run 45 seconds per mile faster with the group than on my own. I take walk breaks on my own and that was not the case with the group. I am a much stronger runner than I give myself credit for, but can’t do it on my own. The only drawback is that the group meets about 50 minutes from my house, but I get to car pool with some running pees, so it might not be so bad.

I wanted to run 9 miles today, but I did not know the area we were running in and so I resigned myself to run whatever the pace group was running and will run my long run on Monday (Memorial Day).

Running since last post:

May 23rd: 5 miles outside (walked 1 mile at work on treadmill prior to weight lifting session with hubby)

May 25th: 4 miles outside

May 26th: 3 miles on treadmill (walked 1 mile at work on treadmill then stretched for 20 minutes)

May 28th: 5.56 miles with running club in Columbus

Overall mileage last week (May 23rd – May 28th): 18.56 (not including elliptical and walking)

May running mileage: 61.56 miles

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Tired body, but a good long run

Last week had its ups and downs. My treadmill mileage wasn’t what I hoped it would be. On the 19th my body told me it didn’t want to run on the treadmill further than 2 miles. The 8 miler on Saturday went really well though, perhaps because I took Friday off, so to speak. My sister ran with me and it was great having her there.

I need to increase my speed and will have to designate one day a week to do speed work. The way I have written my schedule, it will be Thursdays (now I just need to make sure my mind agrees with doing speed work! :))

Running since last post:

May 16th: 3 miles on the elliptical rider & weight lifting

May 17th: 4 miles – treadmill

May 18th: 2.05 on the elliptical rider & weight lifting

May 19th: 2 miles running, then 1 mile walking – treadmill

May 21st: 8 miles outside

Overall mileage last week (May 16th – May 22nd): 14 (not including elliptical and walking)

May running mileage: 44 miles


Graduation and a fresh start to running

FINALLY – Graduation is behind me! I now FINALLY have my 4 year degree in management. (little happy dance) Not sure where this will take me professionally, but getting my diploma felt just like crossing the finish line of a marathon (my feet weren’t quite as sore though!). With school (for now) behind me, I am going to FINALLY concentrate back on what I love to do and that is running.

Bachelors of Science in Management from Franklin University

From left to right back row: My father in-law Roger, my husband Brian, me, my youngest son Brandon, my sister Angi

From left to right front row: My oldest daughter Micha, my youngest daughter Tori, my mother in-law Carol

Running since last post:

May 5th: 4 miles

May 9th: 4 miles

May 10th: 4 miles

May 11th: 4 miles

May 12th: 6 miles (fast pace walking)

May 15th: 6 miles

Overall mileage last week (May 9th – May 15th): 18 (not including the 6 mile walk)

Currently  I am not fast enough for me to track my speed. I run between a 12 to 13 min/mile. I am hoping that with speed training and strengths exercises I can get that back to 10:30 min miles. At least that’s my goal.

I was on vacation the last week, enjoying my sister’s stay, who came to see me graduate. Even though she’s not going home to Germany for another week, I’ll be going back to work. This means I can start working on strength training again. 🙂

Bought new running shoes (Saucony – ProGrid Guide 4), my last pair was the Guide 2. Apparently it’s been a while since I upgraded my shoes! 😀 I also have purchased the Garmin Forerunner 405 (without H/R monitor). I wish it could be a bit smaller and track actually running speed instead of overall lap speed. I might do a product review on the 405 later on down the road. It replaced the Garmin Forerunner 205, which I still have.

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More time, more me, more running

Once again it’s been a couple of months since I posted last. The good news is, I am DONE with school. I’ll be receiving my bachelors degree in management, WITH honors, this Sunday. Yes, I am very excited!

With that out of the way, I now plan on getting back into running more heavily. I have been running on a pretty consistant basis over the last three months, averaging about 45 miles per month, including two 8-mile and one 10-mile runs. Not the best, but it beats zero by a long shot.

My weight, which has shot up to 200 lbs over the last two years is starting to come down, and I am only 12 lbs away from my desired goal. It seems like everything is coming together. Of course I am not nearly as fast I would like to be, but I am hoping that will come over time.

My goal, because it’s all about setting goals, is to run at least the half marathon in the Columbus Marathon in October. My desired goal is the full marathon, but I will not be dissapointed if I can only run the half.

The promise I made myself is to be more consistant in updating this blog.

Franklin University 2011

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Sharing the road…

Over the last week I had the pleasure to run twice with my oldest daughter Michaela (14). She’s been running at school, but only short distances. Next year she wants to run track again, the 2 miler.

One morning told her I was going out for 5 (run/walk) and asked if she wanted to go. Yes, was the answer. It was nice having her there. We didn’t talk much, being that we both had head phones on and listening to music. At mile 2.5 (which is my turn around) she said she would would run the next two miles without walking and off she went. I made sure, because I am a protective mom, that I kept her in my sight, but she managed to get about a 1/4 mile ahead of me. At mile 4.5, after running two miles straight, she had stopped to rest (and wait for me). According to her, her legs were very wobbly. We ran/walked the rest home.

About 3 days later, we set out again for another 5 miler. I believe that the previous run and the wobble legs taught her something. She did not run nearly as fast that time than the first time. I was able to keep up with her for the most part.

It was great sharing the road with her. I know I’ll miss her during my next run and look forward to the next one she can run with me. (She lives with her dad)

My workouts have been pretty consistant throughout the week; a little bit of treadmill, elliptical rider and even some weight lifting. It is a good start.

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How long it’s been…

…a very long time. Over a year! Wow!

I pretty much stopped running for quite a while, concentrated on finishing up my 2-year degree and now I am just 1 1/4 semester away from getting my bachelors; only 166 dyas to go! In the mean time I have almost gained 30 lbs and my goal over the next 166 days is to loose some most of it.

I am not sure how heavy I’ll get back into running, but my goal is to be fit enough to jump into training for a full marathon (Columbus Marathon – October 2011). I’d like to be able to run 8 to 10 miles on a consistant basis before starting to train for the full.

HOWEVER, right now my body is physically not even close to that. I ran/walked 5 miles on Saturday (outside) and walked 3 on Monday (treadmill). I am mentally a step ahead from a beginner, I KNOW my body can do the distance, and I am not intimidated by a 5 miles. That should be a plus, right?

My gameplan, if it all works out with my class schedule is to exercise 3 times a week, including one ‘long run’ on the weekend. In addition to that, I am going to eat a little healtier than in the past. 🙂

All roads are paved with good intentions. Lets see where this journey leads us!

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8/31 – 9/6 & August Recap

8/31 – Recovery from 1/2 marathon. Legs are pretty sore. Biked 10.2 (easy) miles on stationary bike at home for 30 minutes

9/01 – Leg still sore….rest

9/02 – 5 miles at home in the AM (no walking), 4 miles at home in the PM.

9/03 – Ran/walked 2.8 miles at work with the hubby. It was fun. Ran 5 at home in the PM, negative split time!

9/04 – Rest…sore right calf

9/05 – Ran 5 at home, negative split time. Last mile was at a 9:37 min/mile pace! No walking.

9/06 – Ran a total of 9 in the early AM. 8 miles at a 10:45 pace, then walked 1/2 mile. Ran last mile at 10:19 pace. Calf still sore.


I had a good week even though I developed a sore calf muscle.


172, which is up 2.5 from two weeks ago. Not bad. Hoping that with increased afternoon/evening running I’ll be able to drive that down further. Ran 34.8 miles this week.

August breakdown:

Highest mileage ever in a month! Low elliptical though.

Running: 136.7 miles – Elliptical: 2.2 miles – Biking: 31.8 – Overall: 170.7 miles

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