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The shoes gotta go

The four miles I ran today started to get painful after mile two. I am not sure why I even tried, that was rather silly. The run otherwise was good. Even though the feet hurt, it felt good to be running again.  I ordered shoes last Wednesday. Hopefully they come in soon.

The colonoscopy did not show anything wrong with me and now it’s on to checking my small intestines. I have never gone without eating for a whole day and I now look at people that go on a hunger strike from a totally different perspective. I was allowed to drink water, Sprite and eat jello, and at the end of the day I was sick of that. lol The whole ordeal made me loose 5 lbs. The goal is to keep it off and loose some more along the way.

The family bought the Wii Fit. Our youngest is working her little heart out on that right now. I plan on using it as part of my cardio workout, just to make it a little fun.

We are going on vacation next Saturday. I am looking forward to that. After we get back I plan on getting onto the bandwagon for the 1/2 in October, training for the Spirit of Columbus 1/2 marathon (August) along the way.

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Cap City 1/2

Ok, so it seems (at least to me) that writing a race report about your 9th ½ marathon is like taking pictures of your 4th child. It is something that’s just not high on the priority list. 😉 But here it is:

The alarm didn’t go off. The husband told me that he set it the night before to go off at a certain time, but we forgot that it only goes off during the week. Luckily my internal alarm clock works just fine and we got out of the house with plenty of time to spare.

We picked up my parents-n-law on the way to Columbus. Roger was in a good mood and feeling well. They dropped me off at work and I walked to the Hyatt Regency where the Team was meeting up. The hubby and Co. went to Tim Hortons to get something to eat before standing outside for several hours.

We all (the Team) met up before the race in a conference room, had some refreshments, a team picture, and then walked together to the starting area. I stood in line for the port-a potty and then worked my way towards the starting corral part that matched my projected finish time. The weather was great! After about ten minutes of people watching the gun went off and the ‘race’ was on.

The first 2 miles flew by. I ‘ran into’ a co-worker and we silently ran next to each other for half a mile or so until we got to the first water stop. He was on a mission so away he went. He ended up finishing 9 minutes ahead of me, which was a great accomplishment on his part.

Around mile 3 my left food started to hurt; on the bottom, right below the toes. Damn shoes, I knew they wouldn’t hold up! That’s why I switched away from Asics in the first place; they don’t have the front cushion support that I need. I should have known better than to switch back to them. Around mile 5 the other foot started to hurt too. *sigh*

But, I kept on trekking. The race actually didn’t become hard until about mile 9. I saw the father-in-law just shortly before that. He had made a sign for me. (I was running in his honor). At mile 10 I saw some friends from MiT that cheered me on and then a co-worker and his wife at mile 11. That was such a nice surprise and really lifted my spirits.

Shortly after that one of the TNT coaches ran with me for about a ½ mile. While we were running a couple came up behind us and the guy said, “Give my best to Roger.” He had read the sign on the back of my shirt “Running 4 Roger”. I told him that I would do that for sure and thanked him. The coach knew I would have no problems finishing the race so he turned back to help some other TNT members.

The last mile was tough, but it helped that I saw the family again about a ½ mile before the finish. I was not able to kick it in, but I knew that I would not be completely dead afterwards.

I finished in 2:29:05 (my goal was 2:30) and received my medal. I walked to the TNT tent and received my 13.1 TNT pin from a Leukemia survivor, which was really touching. I then went to find my family and gave my father-in-law my medal for him to keep. I had been debating on giving it to him then or to wait until his chemo therapy was done. But, I thought that it would mean more to him getting it now. He was very touched and I was glad he was able to watch me run.

Overall it was an emotional experience, from raising the money to running the race. I ended up raising over $3100 and received a plaque from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society honoring my efforts. I am glad it is over, even though my worrying about Roger will continue for months. However, just like in the race, you charge forward one step at a time.

I have already decided which race is next on my agenda; the Spirit of Columbus ½ marathon August 30th. This will be my 10th ½ marathon!!! The schedule is written and training will officially start after we come back from vacation. I am looking forward to our yearly trip of a week of quadding at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes.

There will be no running for me this week. I did get on the bike today and everything felt fine. My left foot is still sore underneath and I will get me a new pair of Saucony’s before I go back out again on Saturday. My legs just have a trace of soreness, but that should be gone by the time I go out and run.


Last “long run”

The last long run went so so. It was hotter than usual, I had not eaten well the night before, and because it was only 6 miles I chose not to bring anything with me. Of course I felt all of that during the run.  The new shoes, are not the greatest invention on earth and they don’t cure my feet from aching. But they have a bigger shoe box, that should help (some). So now, here I am, 2 weeks after a solid 12 miler, wondering because I didn’t have a good 6 miler, if I am going to be able to run a good half marathon. *sigh*

Tomorrow I plan on looking at my schedule to see what I did the week before the 12 miler and plan on repeating that this coming week. I also need to get my music in order. More than once did I skip a song because I just didn’t want to hear it while I was running.

100 Push-up Challenge: I did do my push-ups last night. I got to a total of 53; two days before that I managed 49.

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Thank you!

THANK YOU! With your help I was able to raise over $3000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society over the last 5 months. It’s been a humbling experience and I am glad I had the chance to participate in it. The race is May 2nd and I am ready. It won’t be my fastest, but it will be my most meaningful one.

My Team In Training Link

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Reinventing me, myself and I

The training with TNT is coming to a close. The 1/2 marathon is in 9 days! It has been an emotional roller coaster for me and hope to finish it off with a good race. Now, however, is the time for me to think about going forward. What will happen after the 1/2 marathon is done?

I am going to take a week off from running. No running what so ever. I’ll be dealing with a medical issue during that week and it seems to me like the best time to take a break.

After that I plan on resuming my running on May 9th. From there on out my plan is for the next 5 months (and beyond) to reinvent myself as/into a runner. Of course I don’t have the 9th set as a date to start changing but rather I am going at it slowly already. Otherwise, that’s just like saying “On this day I am going to quit smoking.” Why not quit now? (No I am not a smoker, this is just an example) Now is a good time. So now it is the time to change into a healthier person!

I have informed my husband that I want to be in the best physical condition of my life when I participate in the Columbus Marathon in October and PR. My gameplan is to train for the 1/2 and forgo the full until 2010. With school and everything, it just doesn’t seem right to do both things half heartedly.

I started watching what I am eating these last few days and been shoving a lot less crap in my mouth (it is a hard not to eat the unhealthy stuff, but I will be successful). My wellness mission statement is:

  • I WILL loose between 15 and 20 lbs between now and then and shave at least a minute off per mile.
  • I WILL listen to my body and work on treating it like a temple. It’s the only one I got.
  • I WILL start the One Hundred Pushup program again and this time I WILL finish it.

Training with MiT should start some time the end of May and even though I really enjoyed training with TNT, I am looking forward to running and meeting up with old friends.

We received our purple running shirts. I ran 4 with it last night (and new shoes), it felt really good. My old shoes are now officially retired (400 + miles). I think I actually wore them too long and agitated my calfs a bit. The 3 miler on Monday was really painfull.

All we have left is just easy runs now, with the longest being 6 on Saturday. I am starting to get excited!

Cap City Half Marathon 9 Days To Go


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3 miles – intervals

My intervals are for the birds right now, at least that’s what I have come to realize today. SLOW! It will get better, I know it. Or so I tell myself.

It was a great day out to run and I enjoyed the sunshine and cooler air. Shorts weather…yay! (I did wear gloves; I have such sentative hands)

I need to get new running shoes and that will require me to look on the calendar to figure out when I have time to do that. Hopefully sometime next week. During my run I am starting to get shin splints, I blame that on the worn out shoes (over 300 miles).

Tomorrow I am going to try to run 6, but it will have to be on the treadmill. We (The AEP Team in Training group) are going at lunch to Children’s Hospital to drop off bears that have been donated to the children by co-workers during our fundraising event. I am sure it will be educating, but also heart wrenching.

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3.1 and a long 8

I don’t remember much of the 3.1, because it’s been a few days, but the 8 is still fresh.

The first half mile as good, which surprised me, because usually I am struggling until I get warm. The next 2 miles where not fun. First I started with shin splint pain in my right leg. Well…that’s something new.

That started to go away after mile one, but in the mean time I developed side stiches.  At mile 1.5 I was having a not so nice conversation with the powers that be, but something told me to just shut up and suck up.

After all, I am able to go out there and run. I should be able to handle some discomfort. That’s nothing compared to what some people have to go through. So I grit my teeth and continued, and eventually the run did become more fun.

I loved mile 3 to 4 and 5 to 6. They are both downhill, and I feel very strong during those miles.

I ran a negative split. I am not sure by how much, but I am pretty sure by a minute at least. That’s always good.

Overall it was a slow run, but I am sure that next week I’ll be faster and stronger. 🙂

I want to take the time and thank everyone for their donations. Some of the notes I have gotten with the donations have touched mine and Roger’s heart. Thank you sooo much!

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Pretty Duck

Following is a conversation the hubby and I had after seeing a runner moving gracefully down the road.

Hubby: Look, there goes a runner.
Me: I wish I was that graceful.
Hubby: What do you mean?
Me: I don’t run like that. I run like a duck out of water.
Hubby: Yeah, but you are a pretty duck!
Me: Quack!

Awww! Suportive, isn’t he!


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4 plus 7

I ran 4 on Thursday (3/5/09) on the treadmill.

The 7 miler long run I planned on doing outside. But it appears that I am no longer immune to rain (haha) 😉 and decided that I should run the 7 on the treadmill instead of taking the chance to melt in the intermittened rain we had going on outside. I popped in “The Transformer” DVD and off I went. The mileage went surprisingly fast.

I am working on increasing my incline (because the world is not flat), eventually I would like to run consistently at 3% at least. The 7 miler was run at a 2% incline, which is up .5 from my previous runs. It didn’t seem to bother me too bad.

Update on my FIL: He had a setback two weeks ago. He was loosing weight and simply not feeling well for a week and a half straight. So the doctor decided to do a CAT scan to see if the treatment was working. If that was the case he would lessen the aggressiveness of the treatment and move the chemo from every two weeks to every three.

The treatment is working so far!!!! The doctor was pleased and now Roger goes every three weeks, to give his body time to recover between each chemo treatment. Right now however he’s suffering from a cold, which he thinks turned into a sinus infections. 😦

Correction: My FIL is still receiving chemo every two weeks.

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Still not well

The 3 mile run didn’t happen. I have been draggin’ myself around since Tuesday now. Yesterday, at the car dealership (we bought the hubby a newer truck) he said “boy, you really don’t look like you are feeling good”. Yep, the semi that hit me came back for 2nds. If this throat and overall tiredness situation is not any better by Monday I am going to call the doctor and see what he says.

None the less I am hoping that I can my 7 miler in tomorrow.

We didn’t just buy the hubby a truck yesterday, but also bought a treadmill and stationary bike. Yep, we did our share to help out get the economy going! The hubby was excited to be carrying something in his new truck. 🙂

Our His new toy:

2006 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport

2006 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport

Our My new toys: (we’ll have to do some moving around of equipment so it’s less crowed.)

His and hers?

His and hers?

Our 16 year old cat, Susie had to check out the new treamill!

"Yep, looks good!"

"Yep, looks good!"


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