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Still kickin’, more fierce than before…

It’s been over a year! Wow!

Let’s see what I have been able to accomplish in that time:


March – Became a RRCA Certified Running Coach

April – Became a Team Orgeon Certified Long Distance Running Coach

April – Athens Half Marathon – Athens, OH

May – Flying Pig (Half) Marathon – Cincinnati, OH

June – Hatfield McCoy (Half) Marathon – South Wilimington, KY

October – Columbus (Half) Marathon – Columbus, OH

I haven’t done too much in 2014 yet. 🙂

In the meantime I have been volunteering my time as Membership Director for the non-profit running club I run with (150 members). In addition to that, I have also become one of their coaches. This, plus actual paid work has kept me pretty busy.

But don’t stop there! The husband and I joined a gym and over the last three months have successfully lost 6% of our body fat so far. I am hoping that I’ll be in better shape in a few months than I was when I ran Disney.

Inspired by one of my fellow runners, I am currently studying to become a NASM Certified Persal Trainer. This is more for personal knowledge gain than anything. The ideal end result for me would be to take what I learn and apply it towards running.

My goal for this year is to run a few more half marathons and then prepare for the full in the fall, but going into it already being in really good shape. I am really looking forward to training for and running my 4th full marathon.

Stay tuned!

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American Heart Association 5k Walk

Walked a 5k to benefit the American Heart Association with the hubby and a large number of co-workers (and many other people). According to the announcer 15k people registered to walk and over $800k was raised.

The walk was fun and it took us just over 52 minutes to complete.

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Jingle Bell Run

I signed up for the Jingle Bell run/walk (Dec 1st), which benefits the Arthritis Foundation.

If you would like to make a donation: my “personalized” website!



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