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The result is in

I have piriformis syndrome. I pulled the piriformis (a butt) muscle which argited my sciatic nerve (going down my leg). Physical therapy (PT) and some ART (Active Relase Technique) are in order. “My” doctor hopes to have me back running in about 2 weeks. My first ART appointment is the 16th, being that my first PT (initial evaluation) isn’t until the 23rd I’ll have the ART treatment first.

Because it hurts on the elliptical rider I’ll be peddeling my butt of so I don’t loose any of the muscles strength I have gained. He also showed me a specific stretch I should do and told me how many times to ice it per day.

I’ll be on the bike tonight after work before class! I figure I can do that for an hour and then do my stretching.

I am now on the road to recovery *meep!* *meep!*

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