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3, 3, 5, and 4

Comments: With the craziness of Christmas and shuffling kids from here to there I have been too busy to post. I have however done as much running as I could. Since the 20th I have run 4 times: 3.1, 3.1, 5, and today I did 4.


My running is not what it was a few months ago, but I am happy that I am out there getting a few miles in here and there. The mileage will be picking up shortly once the training programs gets into the thick of things.


My new found running buddy is having issues with her knee and after resting it for over a week she’s giving in and calling the doctor to get it looked at.


My father in-law is in the hospital again. We still don’t have the results of what kind of Lymphoma his has (the Dr. thinks the tests results are delayed because of the holidays), but while he’s in the hospital (his calcium level is really high) the doctor is putting a port in. This way the FIL is ready to receive the treatment once they know the specifics.


It breaks my heart to hear our 8 year old saying “I worry about Grandma and Grandpa, but I worry about Grandpa more” (the MIL pulled a hamstring yesterday after miss-stepping on some stairs!). I try to be as honest as I can with our daughter, and it really helps to know that the odds of beating Lymphoma are pretty high.


My Running Goal for 2009:


I ran 749 miles in 08. That is quite an improvement over the 500ish miles I ran in ’07, which included my marathon training. I am going to break the 1,000 miles in 2009 and train for a full marathon.


To improve my training and running I plan on eating better starting after New Year. I have been dipping into the cholocate (I just love Dove milk chocolate!!!) and potato chips again and the weight is starting to go back up.


The limiting myself on junk food will be harder for me than running over 1000 miles in ’09.


As they say in Germany “Ich wuensche Euch allen einen guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr!”


I wish you all a good slide into the New Year!


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A great E-mail

I just got this e-mail from a running buddy from my running group. He almost brought me to tears (marathon blues perhaps?):

Hey Penny, I realized last night that I forgot to mention about your 5 hour marathon idea for next year.  Do you remember back to this time last year?  Think about what your thoughts were about whether or not you felt you should run a half marathon in the spring.  Think about how you felt about running a marathon.  If you’re anything like me you probably thought…I don’t know if I can do that!  

But now you are a marathon FINISHER and you ran a 5:37.  So you’re thinking…I wonder if I could run a 5:00 marathon?  Well, if the last year has taught you anything, it should be:   *anything* is possible!  It might seem intimidating to try to drop your PR by 37 minutes, but is it more intimidating than running a marathon to begin with?  Teri dropped her PR by 25 minutes twice, so her 3rd marathon was 50! minutes faster than her 1st.  This year I dropped my PR from last year by nearly 32 minutes.  

So if you ask me, you 100% can run a 5 hour marathon!!!!!  Will it take work?  Yes.  Will it be easy?  Nope.  But can you do it?  Absolutely! 

Good luck!


What the future holds

Thank you everyone for the pats on the back and words of wisdom. They are greatly appreciated! 


I was able to wear my regular shoes to work today and didn’t hobble quite as bad as the day before…yay, a step towards recovery (yesterday I had to wear sandals!).

Some guy in the office congratulated me on running a 5 mile race this weekend.

I was like, I ran a marathon!“.

How many miles is that?

“26!, I said.

He was all embarrassed and said, Oh, I shorted you 20 miles!and walked off…haha…silly people!

Today the hubby said “I think I want to start training for the Arnold’s Classic Pump and Run.” He is worried about his knees, so we’ll have to work the milage up slowly. I am very excited for him, he’s been pretty lazy (for a lack of a better word) lately. The Pump and Run is in March ’08. I should be able to work that into my schedule for the Indi 500 in May ’08.

I have a co-worker who might be interested in walking (Hal Hidgon plan) the Columbus Distance Classic in April. I was planning on running the race, but I told her if she commits to the training I’ll walk it with her. She’s one of those people that get overly excited about something, jump in head first and then get bored, tired, sick of it shortly after. So, she’ll let me know in January if she plans on committing to it. The agreement is that I’ll plan on running it until we both know for sure that she’s doing the 1/2.

Last night I told the hubby that I want to run the NY marathon in ’09. He was very excited about that, which was a great surprise. He said “I’ve never been to NY.” So I said we should take a week vacation out there, either the week before or the week after the marathon. Cranky suggested that I sign up for ’08 and if my name gets drawn in the lottery then I should defer my race to ’09. (Thanks!) When the time gets closer I’ll be sure to pump you for more info Cranky! 😉 Now cross your fingers that I’ll get in. 🙂

My game plan for today is to go to the gym, walk for about 10 minutes at a very slow pace and then do some stretching.

Future game plan:

Flying Feather Four Miler – November 22nd, 2007

Jingle Bell Run (5k) – December 1st, 2007

Pump and Run (5k) – March 2nd, 2008

Columbus Distance Classic (HM) – April 12th, 2008

Indianapolis 500 (HM) – May 3rd, 2008

Columbus Marathon 2008 – October, 2008

I didn’t just get bit by the marathon bug, I got gobbled up!


Edit: Stopped and got my sticker last night…hopefully I’ll be able to put it on the car tonight…woot!


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