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Mississippi Blues Marathon (Half)

A friend of mine lives near Jackson Mississippi and after plans fell through to run the 1/2 marathon out there 2 years ago, this year we finally managed the trip. Driving just under 800 miles one way was actually a lot of fun. It helped that my husband and I get a long and we listened to the book “The Hunger Games”.

I did not know what to expect course wise, and was a little taken aback when a coworker said, “You know, it’s pretty hilly out there!” two days before we were leaving. With that said, I mentally prepped for a pretty slow race. I should mention that I have been doing heart rate training and intended to run the 1/2 at 75% of my heart rate, which would put me at or around a 2:30 finish. Eventually the goal with the training is to be able to run a half marathon at 85% of my heart rate. Now knowing that is was a hilly course, I resigned myself to coming in around 2:45. I was fine with that.

The weather on race day was almost perfect. 53 degrees at 7am was almost a little too warm, but a nice breeze was flowing, cooling the air a bit more. The field was only 2500 people strong (with about 800 of them running the full), letting me cross the starting line only about a minute and a half after the gun went off.

The first hill was not far off, and it seemed that the course either went up or down, even though I think there were occasional straight stretches. It took us past businesses, through residental neighborhoods, and along the freeway. I believe we also passed at least 2 schools along the way. Around mile 7 the pavement got really bad with pot holes and bad patch jobs, but a sign prior to that warned us of the upcoming trouble.

My heart rate after the first few hills stayed pretty steady at 80%. I tried to slow it down the first three miles but then decided because of the hills that I would go by feeling and keep it under 80%, but not fret it if I went over 75%.

I was looking for my husband and my two friends at mile 8, but didn’t see them until about 8.5. That was nice and broke up the run. Usually the monotony of it all hits me between mile 7 and 9, so it was great to look forward to them.

I think around mile 9, we joined back up with the marathon course. At mile 11 the first two marathoners passed me; they were at mile 24 on their journey. Must be a lot of work to be able to run that fast!

The finish line was uphill! But I managed to kick it into gear the last hill and finished in 2:31:08! Not bad for such an up and down course and feeling as strong as I did. Not one time during the race did I feel like walking or even quitting. In all my previous races I seemed to have struggled at one point or another; this 1/2 marathon just seemed to have flown by.

I am still training for the Cap City Half marathon in May, which is held in Columbus, Ohio. That one I plan to race and not just run. My half marathon PR currently is 2:17, I am hoping to break that…fingers crossed!

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Hills x 4 (4 miles), Push Ups

Comments: Today I did not want to go out and run. Was tired and didn’t feel like climbing hills. So I made it a coworker’s job of the morning to convince me that I should go. She wasn’t very good, but to her credit I trotted out the door.

I added an additional mile to my hill workout. Instead of running one mile then doing hills for a mile and then running for another mile, I ran 1.5 before and after. My legs are tired and aching, but my soul feels good. 🙂

The goal is to have those hill workouts make me a stronger runner. Time will tell.

I did not do push ups last night. My chest was pretty sore from Tuesday’s weight lifting. I am hoping to get them in tonight.

Date  Event Course Type Distance Time Pace
7/10/2008 Run Hills x 4 + 1 mile Hill 4 Mi 44:23 11:06
6/19/2008 Run Hills x 4 Hill 3 Mi 31:56 10:39
6/12/2008 Run Hills x 4 Hill 3 Mi 33:12 11:04
6/5/2008 Run Hills x 4 Hill 3 Mi 33:55 11:19
5/8/2008 Run Hills x 4 Hill 3 Mi 33:30 11:10


Time: 10:00 am


Weather: 75, sunny

Clothes: MiT Shirt, NB shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid (176.1 miles)

Distance: 4

Time: 44:23

Split: 11:06


Push up Challange:

Week 2 – Day 1: 9 x 8 x 6 x 4 x 16 (I am getting stronger, I can feel it!)

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Hills x 4 (3 miles) & Push Ups

Comments: It is amazing what difference the temperature makes! I had a very strong run.

Time: 10:00 am

Weather: 65, sunny

Clothes: Sleeveless MiT Shirt, NB shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid (118.2 miles)

Distance: 3

Time: 31:56

Split: 10:38

Course: To W. Fulton, up it four times to S. Front, and back to work.



Week 1 – Day 2: 4 x 3 x 2 x 2 x 4 (I could done at least one more, but for some reason thought 4 was all I needed to do!) 

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Hills x 4 (3 miles)

Comments: Good run, my fastest hill time yet. I might have to add another hill to it next week. The medication for the IBS is making me a little skittish, and I feel like my blood pressure is up, but I took it this morning after I got to work and it was 105/61 and my heart rate was 49!!!

I took it again after I got done running (we have a bp machine at work) and it was 96/52 with a heart rate of 91. So all is well there.

I won’t be able to run tomrrow, but I am looking forward to the group run on Saturday, even though I’ll be running my own pace and not in a pack. 🙂

Time: 10:00 am

Weather: 75, sunny

Clothes: Sleeveless MiT Shirt, NB shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid (107.2 miles)

Distance: 3

Time: 33:12

Split: 11:04

Course: To W. Fulton, up it four times to S. Front, and back to work.


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Hills x 4 (3 miles)

Comments: I have decided I am moving to Alaska, it is getting to hot here! 😉

The run went ok other than it was darn hot at 10am. I did the hills 4 times, but I felt like I didn’t give it all I had. That’s a bit dissapointing. I am not looking forward to the 10k on Sunday right now.

Time: 10:00 am

Weather: 75, sunny & humid

Clothes: NB no sleeve Shirt, NB shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid (91.3 miles)

Distance: 3

Time: 33:55

Split: 11:19

Course: To W. Fulton, up it three times to S. Front, and back to work.

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Hills x 4 (3 miles)

Comments: Once again my body amazes me. I was certain that I’d die doing hills, but nope, I am still going. Granted, my legs are a bit tired, none the less I am still upright! I wanted to get 3 miles in, but that meant 4 repeats on the hill, which is only .15 miles long, but steep.

I am very happy with my time and how I am feeling afterwards. Tomorrow is rest day! I have worked my body hard over the last week and it deserves some rest. Now I just need someone to tell my brain that!

Time: 10:00 am

Weather: 61, drizzle

Clothes: MiT Shirt, NewBalance shorts, and BB Hat

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid (46.3)

Distance: 3

Time: 33:10

Split: 11:10

Course: Under 33 and back

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Hills x 3 (2.71 miles)

Comments: Rinse and repeat last week’s hill training. Next week I’ll try 4 times.

Weather:  42

Clothes: Long sleeve shirt, Pants, Gloves

Shoes: Saucony

Distance: 2.71

Time: 30:47

Split: 11:22

Course: To W. Fulton, up it three times to S. Front, and back to work.

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Hills x 3 (2.71 miles)

Comments: I was still sore (upper body) from riding the quad for 3 hours after running the 5k on Saturday, so I made today hill day. People, it is cold outside!

Weather:  32

Clothes: Long sleeve shirt, Pants, Gloves, Hat, Jacket

Shoes: Saucony

Distance: 2.71

Time: 30:54

Split: 11:25

Course: To W. Fulton, up it three times to S. Front, and back to work.


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Hills x 2 (2.41 miles)

Comments: Ran to a short hill that’s about .15 of a mile long, but very steep. Ran it up 2 times (as fast as my lunges would let me), partially walking then running back down; then back to work. I am tired now. Next time I am bringing water and trying it 3 times.

Weather:  32 Sunny

Clothes: Long sleeve shirt, Nike Pants, Gloves, Hat, Jacket

Shoes: Saucony

Distance: 2.41

Time: 26:42

Split: 11:03

Course: To W. Fulton, up it twice to S. Front, and back to work.


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15 miles (PR) @ home (12:24)

Comments: I made the run! I ran a 9.5 mile circle and stopped back at the house. The first 9.5 miles went OK. I got a serious side stitch at mile 8.5 and other than a run in with my ‘favorite’ dog the run went well. My split time for that circle was 11:47.

My brain could not understand that I wasn’t done with the running and still had to go another 5.5 miles. So I turned it off, which wasn’t a good thing to do: I decided to run a different route, just 2.75 miles out and back. I did not refill all my water bottles, just the two in the front.

I had never run the way I was going to run, I can’t even remember the last time I drove it. Oh boy, it was nothing but hills, up and down, up and down. My split time for the 5.5 was 13:28! I stopped twice to take pictures. Next time I want to run Hills I sure know where to go! 😉 I ran out of water 2 miles before I got home…oy!

This is where I came from…


This is where I had to go…


Another hill….


I have never in my life craved a cold bath before, but the last two miles of the run I was looking forward to hopping in the tub. That’s just what I did when I got home! Popped two Motrin and then took a two hour nap. Now my legs are a bit stiff, but not bad.

Time: 6:24 am

Weather: 60’ish

Clothes: Adidas shorts, MiT technical shirt, Fuel belt

Shoes: Pearl Izumi

Distance: 15 miles

Time: 3:05:59

Split: 12:24

Course: Around the neighborhood.


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