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Hills x 3 (2.71 miles)

Comments: I was still sore (upper body) from riding the quad for 3 hours after running the 5k on Saturday, so I made today hill day. People, it is cold outside!

Weather:  32

Clothes: Long sleeve shirt, Pants, Gloves, Hat, Jacket

Shoes: Saucony

Distance: 2.71

Time: 30:54

Split: 11:25

Course: To W. Fulton, up it three times to S. Front, and back to work.


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Hills x 2 (2.41 miles)

Comments: Ran to a short hill that’s about .15 of a mile long, but very steep. Ran it up 2 times (as fast as my lunges would let me), partially walking then running back down; then back to work. I am tired now. Next time I am bringing water and trying it 3 times.

Weather:  32 Sunny

Clothes: Long sleeve shirt, Nike Pants, Gloves, Hat, Jacket

Shoes: Saucony

Distance: 2.41

Time: 26:42

Split: 11:03

Course: To W. Fulton, up it twice to S. Front, and back to work.


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15 miles (PR) @ home (12:24)

Comments: I made the run! I ran a 9.5 mile circle and stopped back at the house. The first 9.5 miles went OK. I got a serious side stitch at mile 8.5 and other than a run in with my ‘favorite’ dog the run went well. My split time for that circle was 11:47.

My brain could not understand that I wasn’t done with the running and still had to go another 5.5 miles. So I turned it off, which wasn’t a good thing to do: I decided to run a different route, just 2.75 miles out and back. I did not refill all my water bottles, just the two in the front.

I had never run the way I was going to run, I can’t even remember the last time I drove it. Oh boy, it was nothing but hills, up and down, up and down. My split time for the 5.5 was 13:28! I stopped twice to take pictures. Next time I want to run Hills I sure know where to go! 😉 I ran out of water 2 miles before I got home…oy!

This is where I came from…


This is where I had to go…


Another hill….


I have never in my life craved a cold bath before, but the last two miles of the run I was looking forward to hopping in the tub. That’s just what I did when I got home! Popped two Motrin and then took a two hour nap. Now my legs are a bit stiff, but not bad.

Time: 6:24 am

Weather: 60’ish

Clothes: Adidas shorts, MiT technical shirt, Fuel belt

Shoes: Pearl Izumi

Distance: 15 miles

Time: 3:05:59

Split: 12:24

Course: Around the neighborhood.


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5 @ home (12:09) Hills

Time: 7:00 am

Weather: 70 degrees, very humid

Clothes: Adidas shorts, MiT technical shirt

Shoes: Izumi Pearl

Distance: 5 miles

Time: 1:00:37

Split: 12:09

Course: To Pleasantville Road and back. Hilly

Comments: Mental Health Day ftw! Decided to stay home today with the kids and run very early. Today’s high was suppose to be 90 degrees with very high humidity. YUCK! So, being that I forgot about the hills yesterday I ran the hilly way this morning…There are some nice short, steep ones and then one really long gradual incline…my legs are loving me now!

Running at home has it’s benefits though, I get to smell the swine manure, and see deer, rabbits, and ground hogs! I wish I could leap like the deer that I saw, but I am sure I’d be hauled away if people saw me making a sad attempt at leaping over ditches!

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Hills x 2

Distance: 2 miles

 Time: 27:07 – Split: 13:33 

Weather: 50 degrees, sunny, windy

Did the hills two times.

Not bad. Right shin hurts a bit.

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