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Can you feel it?

So, I have been resting my ankle for the last few, what feels like 10,000, days and I THINK it’s better. I am able to go up and down the stairs without pain. I have been on the stationary bike and elliptical rider more than I care for over the last week. I did pull out the sport doctor’s number this morning, Just.In.Case! It’s like I feel something is there, but then I don’t (phantom pains?). I don’t plan on running until tomorrow and then will decide what to do…gosh I miss running!

We (the hubmeister and I) are currently signed up for the Arnold’s Classic Pump and Run. It will be held in about 5 weeks. Over the course of the last 3 months, we have steadily -with some ups and downs- worked towards our goals. The hubmeister, who over the last 2 years has suffered from adult onset asthma, is working on being able to run 3 miles again without keeling over; he’s got the pump (bench press) part down. I on the other hand need to work on it. If I am able to maintain my current weight, I will have to bench press 100 lbs. As of today I can do 4 reps but would like to get to 15 (30 is the max allowed).

Today we spoke with someone who has been lifting weights for years and he gave us some tips, form wise and what to lift to get to where we want to go. I am looking forward to our weight lifting workout Thursday to incorporate his suggestions.

Signed up for the RunCbus 10 miler, April 15th.

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