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Have you seen my walker?

Let me tell you straight out: I am very annoyed with my body and there is not much I can do, because it’s self inflicted. *sigh*

Went to the doctor this morning and she diagnosed me with Runner’s AND Jumper’s knee (right one). I knew I have achilles tendonitis in my left foot, but the doctor is not sure if I have posterior tibial tendonitis or a stress fracture in my left foot as well; the X-rays didn’t show anything…I’ll be going for my MRI tomorrow and a follow up visit on Monday. (Insert here that I am VERY grateful to have good insurance!)

The doctor did mention that she has no problem with me running as long as my gait doesn’t change. I am sure that the knee pain will influence how my feet strike, so I’ll wait until I go back on Monday.

She said the bum knee is more than likely due to the hilly half marathon that I ran 3 weeks ago in Mississippi. Honestly I thought it had gone away until I ran 3 miles on the treadmill yesterday. Yep…got on the treadmill and ran *rolls eyes* I am glutting for punishment, but the run really wasn’t bad and the pain in my foot didn’t cause me to change my gait (or so I think). And the occasional sharp pains under my kneecap didn’t make me stop either. But they were evident enough to mention to the doctor this morning.

I tell you what though, hearing my body breathe in rhythm with the pounding of my feet is such a great thing and it brings me much joy. I can’t wait to get back out there! In the mean time, I’ll be walking like someone who is not sure if her legs or knees will give out. lol

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Comments: The house addition got to my knee once again! This time I was priming the walls in the basement and I guess my knee did not like me doing that (crawling on the floor to paint the bottom of the walls, and the ups and downs). My right one hurts. But, it only hurts when I put weight on it though and it is not bad today. The decision had to be made as to whether I should run or not. Reluctantly I am gave my knee another day to re-cooperate and hope I will be able to participate in the 1 mile virtual race tomorrow or Thursday. So, I got on the stationary bike instead.

Distance: 16.2 miles

Time: 45:00

Course: Stationary bike @ work


2 x 20 Bench Tricep Dips

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Biking & Strength Training

Comments: I’d rather be running. 🙂 Knee hurts.

Distance: 6.2 miles

Time: 30:00

Course: Stationary bike @ home


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Set Rep Description Weight Comments
2 20 Hanging Stomach Crunches At Home
2 20 Chest Press 1 block After 30 min bike
2 20 Military Press 1 block  
2 20 Bicep Curl   Stretch Rope
2 20 Stomach Crunches   Yoga Mat
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5 miles @ home (12:15)


Comments: My body is tired, the run was not just slow because of the heat, but because my body needs some recuperation time. Some knee pain, but not bad. I am making tomorrow a rest day. I might go to Front Runner and get me a new pair of shoes. 🙂

Time: 4:30 pm

Weather: 80, hot

Clothes: Adidas Technical Shirt, Adidas Shorts

Shoes: Pearl Izumi

Distance: 5

Time: 1:01:13

Split: 12:15

Course: To the stop sign and back.


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4 miles @ work (11:42)

Comments: A nice, uneventful run. I could feel yesterday’s trek still in my legs and just took it easy. My right knee ached a bit. Now sitting here it lets me know once in a while that it is still attached to my leg. 😉

Time: 10:00 am

Weather: 58, Sunny, NICE

Clothes: MiT Technical Shirt, Adidas Shorts

Shoes: Pearl Izumi

Distance: 4

Time: 46:49

Split: 11:42

Course: Up and down Scioto River

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10 miles @ home (11:57)

Comments: I planned on running Saturday morning, but somehow I got ‘stuck’ on the PC and did not go to bed until 3 am! :O Of course my weary bones did not get up until 10 am. So I decided to wait until Sunday to run with strict order to the husband to send me to bed no later than 11pm on Saturday evening!

I decided on wearing my gloves and a baseball cap; it was a good decision because it was pretty chilly outside. After my lungs got used to the cold air (I prefer the cold air of humid any day, so no complaints here) I was getting into a rhythm. The run overall was uneventful, the knees ached a little bit, but nothing like last Saturday. At about mile 7.5 my IT band said hello, but it didn’t stay around. 😉

After the 10 mile loop I was thinking about going out again, but I want to be able to start back into my training tomorrow and not be sore. Now my right knee is aching a little, but that’s nothing some Motrin and ice can’t take care of.

It felt good to be back out there and I am looking forward to running in the colder weather. 🙂

Time: 7:00 AM

Weather: Not sure

Clothes: MiT Technical Shirt, Adidas Shorts, Fuel Belt, Gloves, BB cap

Shoes: Pearl Izumi

Distance: 10

Time: 1:59:26

Split: 11:57

Course: 10 mile loop around the house.


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Eliptical Rider ~ 4.33 miles

Comments: The knees were aching at times. It amazed me how mentally I was ok with it, because I knew exactly what was causing it and how to treat it. I just kept going and before I knew it my workout was over.

Of course I forgot my knee exercise instructions at my desk and did the exercises from memory. Note to self: my memory ain’t what it used to be! lol I am sure tonight’s exercise will be much more benficial! 😉

smiley_010.gif I am just so happy to be back at it!

Time: 10 am

Workout: Elliptical Rider

Duration: 40 min

Miles: 4.33

Calories: 501

Shoes: Pearl Izumi


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I must be runner…

…because the Doc said I have “Runner’s Knee” lol What a relief, because the hypochondriac in me anticipated a much worse diagnosis! 😉

The doctor gave me some specific strengthening exercises to do to offset the muscle imbalance, told me to continue icing it, and take painkillers for the pain if necessary. He also said that this knee problem should not stop me from running  the marathon. Woot! 😀

He gave me the OK to cross train and also try to run, being that the pain is starting to subside. He said I might feel some slight pain, but as long as it doesn’t change my gait it’s ok. He also suggested buying a new pair of shoes being that mine have 300 miles on them.

So, my game plan is to just forget about the 20 miler this weekend. Instead I am going to do cross training/strengthen today and tomorrow, and then see how far my legs will take me on Saturday. Starting next week I’ll ease back into the mileage.

I am sooo ready to go out and run!!! My co-workers noticed that I am more crabby than usual! Of course they are all know I have been “cooped up”. 😉

I am looking forward to running in cooler weather…finally!


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No go…

Well, I woke up this morning, took two (maybe three) steps and my right knee was in pain; worse then yesterday! 😦 I can’t think of what I did that might have agitated it to that point, but apparently I did something!

I did not want to wait another day to see if it gets better, so I called. My appointment with the sports doctor is Thursday in the early AM. He worked wonders on my leg muscle in the past; hopefully he can do the same for my knees (my left one hurts as well, not quite as bad though).

On a good note I got an A on my final exam for my Family Law class and an A as an overall grade. Woot!

If I have time I’ll hit the weightlifting apparatuses at home tonight, but it’s ‘play’ night, meaning our daughter is going to demand all of my attention to play games with her. 🙂



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