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It hits home!

When I first signed up to run for Team in Training I did it because I thought it would give me a sense of accomplishment when crossing the finish line, knowing that I just tackled 13.1 miles and help raise money for a very worthy cause. I never really thought that it would become very personal for me.

Today, this morning, my father in-law, whom I adore, respect, and admire (I am unable to convey to you with words how much I really like that guy!), was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Here is a man, who has always been on the go, be it hiking the Appalachian trails, going quadding with us, working on things around the house, or horsing around on the floor with his grandkids, now always tired and just not able to do the things he once enjoyed, and not because of age.

The result of the biopsy was just a preliminary one. We do not know what kind of Lymphoma he is tackling, but we are all glad that we now know what is wrong and that a battle plan is in the works to get rid of his cancer. We do know that Lymphoma has a high “cure” rate and we keep that in mind when our thoughts drift.

It is a strange coincidence that I am training with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training this season, but now I am fully able to appreciate them.

I posted this not to solicit money, but rather to use it a bit as an outlet, because I do worry about him very much. Thank you.

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Posted by on December 19, 2008 in Lymphoma, Team in Training