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1/2 Marathon # 18 + Marathon # 3 = Goofy Penny

On Sunday, January 13th I completed the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge. For those that are not familiar with this challenge, it has been held for 20 years in Disney World (Orlando, FL). It consists of running a half marathon on Saturday and then a full marathon on Sunday. You can of course choose to just run one or the other, but if you are really Goofy, you sign up for both and receive a third medal.

Two friends (Brenda and Teri) and I trained for this challenge for 32 weeks together. We trained when it was warm enough to wear shorts and cold enough that two layers of pants almost weren’t enough. Our longest weekend run consisted of a 9 miler on Saturday and a 22 miler on Sunday.

Race weekend took forever to get here, but finally it did and off to sunny Florida we went. We met up with two runner friends (Aimee and Debbie) at the airport and another one (Lauren) in Florida.

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I won’t bore you with all the details. but overall it was a lot of fun. Here is my review in bullet points:

  • I haven’t flown in 26 years and all the security measures were quite intimidating. I still don’t like to fly, but I am no longer afraid to.
  • The resort we stayed in was nice; we enjoyed the time at the pool after both races.
  • The long-sleeve technical shirts we received are unisex and not very flattering for women.
  • The Expo was disappointing.  We might have gotten there a bit late, but there was hardly any Goofy memorabilia left, not even 39.3 car magnets. You’d think they have done this a time or two (or 20) and should not run out. Nothing available online either.
  • The half hour wait to get into the building to get our shirts was ridiculous. This is after we received our race bibs in another building.
  • Getting up at 3am two days in a row is hard. (The races start at 5:30)
  • Plenty of free transportation!
  • The 1.31 mile walk to the starting line each day after a 30 minute bus ride was a bit much.
  • The water stations were one of the best I have ever seen.
  • Running a half marathon with friends and not for time was a lot of fun.
  • The volunteers aka “Cheer Squad” were awesome!
  • Coming down Main Street and seeing the Castle was a breath-taking experience.
  • The courses were good. I didn’t care for the freeway part the last few miles in the half marathon, or the freeway parts on the full marathon.
  • The half marathon took us through the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. The full took us through those two, including a trip around Richard Petty’s Speedway track, plus the Animal Kingdom and Hollywood. That was a lot of fun.
  • Seeing the Disney characters along the way, and having the opportunity to take pictures of them was neat.
  • My stomach started getting upset again at mile 18, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as Columbus ’11.
  • Training in cold weather doesn’t help you when it is 80 degrees out.
  • At mile 21 I had to walk.
  • At mile 22 I was able to run again.
  • I always knew I would finish.
  • Setting a long-term goal and seeing it through is an incredible feeling!
  • Would I do it again? No, it beats you up pretty bad, BUT I would recommend it to a seasoned runner.
  • Am I glad I did it? Yes, it was a great experience, the training and the races.

Thank yous: Thank you Teri and Brenda for training with me. Even though sometimes I didn’t sound like it, I really enjoyed spending time with you two! Aimee, Debbie, and Lauren…can’t wait to go to another event with you ladies. You gals make it fun! Last but not least, thank you to my hubby who let me train for hours on end and then let me go to Disney World without him. You are the best!


2011 Columbus Marathon

So many memories of the race flood to my fingertips, but the one I want to put down is the feeling of not wanting to give up at mile 25 when I felt like crap. The contents of my stomach wanted to exit, but not in the usual way. The nausea I felt was unreal. Many bends at the waist, sitting down twice, and the encouragement of friends and my husband got me to the finish line.

All my friends that I had asked to support me during the race, had shown up. Kathy & Jess and mile 9 & 12, Annaliesa and her two off springs at mile 14 and 25, Ericka and the hubby at mile 16, the hubby again at mile 18, 20, 22.5, 24 and the rest of the way (he was traveling on bike), the in-laws and Brandon at mile 20, Tom and Melissa at mile 22.5, Laurel and her oh so awesome sign at mile 24. I could not have asked for better support from all of them. They all helped me get from one to the next.

My legs were good and the training throughout the last 18 weeks had been solid (except for the one week I had to take off to let a shin splint make an exit). I did have some issues with my stomach throughout the two months of training.

Mile 12...feelin' good!

The first 14 miles went well. I was on a PR pace. Seeing the half marathons head towards the finish line at mile 13 did make me wonder what the heck was wrong with me and why I couldn’t just be happy with running a half. I trucked on though. The crowd support diminished quite a bit after the half marathon took its leave. The haul on High street towards the OSU stadium is a long one. Once passed the stadium, at mile 16 it became really windy. And the wind was not in the back, but rather head on. This continued for 2 miles. Not fun. I tried to make myself as small as possible, which is difficult when you are 5’9″.

I can’t remember for sure, but I think my troubles really started just before mile 20. I had to use the restroom because my stomach was starting to act up. In hopes of this being a one time thing, I used the bathroom and as hoped was good to go after that. This was only to last for a while though and shortly after mile 23, my stomach made itself known again. *sigh*

At mile 24, I had to walk. The hubby pushed his bike next to me and the urge to get on it and be pushed to the finish line was great. But, I wanted to earn my medal the right way. Mile 24 and 25 took approximately 30 minutes each!

As I came closer to the finish line the hubby and Annaliesa urged me to run the last .2 miles, which I did. Maybe the excitement or whatever, made my stomach pains seem less dominant. As I ran towards the finish line, I hollered to my sister-in law and a friend, that this was my last full.

Talking with friends after the race.

Overall the race was a great experience. Of course I could have done without my stomach getting really upset, but I loved the fact that my friends showed up and that the hubby was so supportive. I enjoyed the first 14 miles very much. Within 24 hours after the race I decided to run the Columbus Marathon again next year, to get that PR. My game plan is to figure out why my tummy doesn’t like the long distances and to become an overall stronger runner.

After receiving my medal and blanket.

Only 350some days to go!

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Interview with the Columbus Marathon winner

Robb is a long standing member of MiT training. We were wondering how he would do in the interview (he was very nervous). I  must say he did really well. 🙂


Too bad the local TV station here misspelled his name. It actually is Robb Kestner.

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26.2 Race Report

I did not sleep well two nights before the marathon, tossing and turning, so I was worried that the next night would be a repeat. But, I was too worn out from the night before that I actually slept very well.

I rose at 5am refreshed, got dressed, kissed the hubby goodbye, hopped in the car, and headed to my sister in-law’s house. We were meeting with another friend there, Brenda, who drove us up to Columbus. Brenda (a previous BQ) was running in the ½ and Teri was trying to BQ.

The MiT group (about 200 of us) met at the Renaissance hotel and headed over together to Broad street (the starting line). They had a pick-up truck waiting for us there. We tossed all our stuff in there so we could pick it back up at the finish line.

The day before I made the decision to run with the 5:30 pace group. I didn’t want to kill myself and if I had the strength I wanted to pull away from them around mile 22. The 5:30 pace group was all the way at the end of the runner’s pack. The nice thing about being at the end of the lineup is that the bathroom lines are less busy. 🙂 With the bathroom business out of the way I headed to the pace leader. There were about 10 other runners milling around. The hubby snuck up on me to give me a big hug and kiss before they (he and his brother) headed to their designated spot. Helicopters flew overhead, then the horn went off signaling the start of the race. And we were off…well…sort off…it took us over 8 minutes to actually make it to the starting line! And then we were off.

The pace leader, Maneesha (I think was her name), followed the run walk method. Run 5 minutes, walk 1 minute. The first 6 miles flew by fast, we all chatted like little kids, all excited. We shared stories, dedicated miles to friends and relatives. Each mile marker we would cross we’d holler “1,2,3 5:30 rocks”…at mile 6 I saw my friend Kay and her boyfriend cheering me on…yay!

At mile 10 I saw the hubby, brother in law, his brother and sister in law, their daughter, and two friends. All cheering me on. The hubby had a sign. I asked how Teri was doing and was told it didn’t look good…bummer. 😦


Orange tank top, black shorts, under the left turn arrow in the road. 

Mile 10 to 13 were a blurr, we chatted, shared stories, etc. I saw the hubby and gang again. He gave me a banana and we switched out two bottles. And off we were again. At that time there were only 4 of us left who hung with the pace leader. Everyone else dropped back. I saw my father in-law at mile 16. He was holding up a sign my 7 year old made the night before at their house. I about cried. That pictures is going in my gym once it is done!

I saw my running friend Janice on her bike. She was going to run Teri from mile 10 to mile 18. I asked her how Teri was doing and it did not look good.

Around that time my right foot, pinky toe started to hurt pretty bad. I could tell there was a blister in the works. My left foot was already in pain, under the ball of the foot, but luckily that had not started until mile 8. I was pleasantly surprised however that my right leg was not hurting at all and there was not a peep from my knees.

Mile 18 is where the race actually began. It was just about all uphill for the next 3 miles. The pace group pulled away from me and I had to take more walk breaks. I managed to run walk through the uphill part and passed an MiTer. She then passed me and we played that back and forth game for about a mile. Coming onto OSU campus I started a conversation. Her name was Pru. During the last 5 miles Pru became my hero. She pulled me, but she made sure she didn’t push me. It was her second marathon this year and she was way behind her time. So she decided to make the best of it and help me to the finish line. She didn’t put that into words, but rather her actions made it clear.

My stomach was a mess, all that GU made it very upset. I had only been chugging water the last few miles, but that didn’t help. I was suppose to GU at mile 20, but had put it off. At mile 22 I was only able to take one “drag” of that stuff and tossed it to the ground. I’d rather be “undernourished” then puke up all I had taken in the last few hours. During that time we did a lot of run walking…Pru’d say “to the traffic light” I’d say “Yes” and we’d start running. Then I’d say “to the parked car” and she’d say “Of course!”.

Pru asked me if I was alright and ready to run in the last 4 10th of a mile. I said yes and off we went. Then I saw my husband, Teri, Brenda and all others…it was so good to see them cheer me on, just what I needed and finally we made it to the last turn and down to the finish line.

I was hoping that it would hit me that I finished the race, but I am still waiting for the moment. Maybe it’s coming to me bits and pieces at a time, like today (Monday) as I am sitting in a restaurant having lunch with my husband. I was like “I can finally buy that 26.2 sticker!!!” I got a bit choked up (no, not because of the food), but that moment passed.

After finishing the race I was like “never again, I am never running an other marathon…E V E R”. Now, almost 24 hours later I am ready to tackle the ugly hill at mile 18. This year it might have kicked my butt, but next year I plan on returning the favor!

The next big race is the Indianapolis 500 ½ Marathon in May ’08! I am sooo looking forward to it!


26.2 – Shortstory

I did it in 5 hours and 37 min, not as fast as I had hoped. I have a blister the size of Utah on my right foot, pink toe. BUT, I am no longer a marathon virgin. More tomorrow if I can make it to the PC. 😉

Hope all my BRF did well today!


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