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Signed up for the 1/2

I signed up for the Columbus 1/2 Marathon & 5k (August 26th). But the plan it to get up there early and run 4 miles before the race. So I actually won’t be running the race, but rather using the course to get my 17 miles in. If I can’t get the run in before hand then the plan is to do that after I get back home.

I am glad today is a rest day. My legs are pretty sore. I brought my gym bag with me, just in case, but my body needs to rest.

One of my fellow runners suggested Epsom salt in hot tub of water (for an hour!), so I’ll buy some tonight and try it. It can’t hurt! 🙂

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The Stick


I stopped at the Columbus Running Co. store this evening and picked me up “The Stick”. My sister in-law has one and has been raving about it for months. After going to the massage therapist yesterday I thought that I should get one to continue massaging my muscles.

The sales guy asked me if I have ever used one. When I told him no, he said “Just wait, you’ll get addicted. I usually have one behind the counter.”

So I tried it. It didn’t hurt, so that’s good. It did feel good going over the quads and hamstrings. I did notice that I have to watch how I use it otherwise the rollers end up pinching my skin. I’ll have to see how it goes over the next few weeks with it.

Do you have one? If so, how often do you use it and when do you find it most beneficial to use it?

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Another, another 1/2 marathon?

I asked my boss  yesterday, who’s 58, if he was going to run the 1/2 marathon part in the Columbus Marathon in October. And finally, after months of asking him he said yes. I think that’s so cool! He’s been running for years, but has always said that he just doesn’t have the time to train for it. So over the last few month I have been giving him little presents, such as books on training, etc. lol I doubt that I’ll see him during the race (he’s even slower than I am), but we’ll have memories to share the following Monday. 🙂

After he said yes he mentioned that he saw that there is a half marathon in the end of August in Columbus, so I went out and “googled” it. He said he might be running that one with his daughter. So I think I am going to run it as well. It’s a 17 mile day that day, so after I get home I’ll just head out and do a 2 mile out and 2 mile back (gosh, that at one point was a long run for me lol).

So, the end of August (26th) it looks like I’ll be running the Columbus 1/2 Marathon if I make it past the 15 miler this weekend. None the less I am very excited! 🙂

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I currently have a terrible hick-up, coming every 10 seconds or so, which is very loud if I have my mouth open when it hits me. My youngest son (15) made the smart a$$ comment: “If you get lost we should be able to find you!” lol

No running or lifting weights today. My leg and hip hurt pretty bad last night so I am not running until Monday. I did put some easy laps in at the pool, more working on my tan than trying to loosen my muscles. The leg is so much better this evening, I am not in pain anymore.

I shall go now and try rid myself of this terrible hick-up…someone come and scare me!

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The knot in the back of my leg is gone, but it has been replaced with a nagging pain on the side of the right leg where the leg bone goes into the hip. This makes me wonder if it is my IT band.

The game plan is to see what I can do today in the gym without pushing it past my limits.

Stay tuned…

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Road ID

If you are a runner, cycler, sports fanatic, or just think that you might get hit by a bus and no one will know who you are, you should get one:

A Road ID!

I have been sporting the wrist band for a good few years now, but finally got the one for the shoe. This way I can attach it and never have to worry about forgetting it or getting a tan line!

Attach and go! You don’t even know it’s there!

I ordered a shoe ID for myself after I found out that my boss didn’t have any kind of identification on him when he runs. When I ordered his (his b-day is coming up) I ordered one for myself *snicker*. The wrist ID is going on the “Wall of Fame”.

The boss had a friend who was running, had a heart attack, and passed on. According to him it took the police 2 days to locate his family, who had been looking for him. The road ID would have sped up the process.

(I have my blood type and alergies listed on the band.) I know thought that having the RoadID might not save my life, but it won’t leave my loved ones in the dark should something happen.

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Workout Plan

I have come up with a workout plan that should fit my needs:

Monday: Hills Run

Tuesday: Eliptical

Wednesday: Regular Run

Thursday: Weight lifting

Friday: Eliptical

Saturday: Long Run

Sunday: Rest!

If I run every day I will get burned out, but throwing the eliptical rider in there like that and the weight lifting on Thursdays it should balance it out.

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