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On Vacation

Leaving for a 5 day trip to Michigan to go quadding with the hubby at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. It’ll be interesting trying to find a good route to do my training runs. 🙂 But then I am thinking that quadding for 4 hours + each day should be a good substitute for running!

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Baby-ing my shoulder/neck

Still not 100% (I’d say about 70%), so I am going on the eliptical rider this evening before heading to school. 40 mins worth of cardio should be good and if the shoulder gives me too much trouble, then I’ll just dangle the arms useless by my side and give my legs an extra hard workout. Problem solved! 😉

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No-go today?

I woke up this morning (which in itself is a very good thing!) with a very sore right shoulder/neck. I have pains shooting from my shoulder to my shoulder blade up my neck. Not all the time, but I can feel the knot in the muscle that travels from my shoulder to the neck, putting a kink into everything. I am thinking I must have slept wrong and agitated something. I am going to stop tonight and get some heating pads and try a hot/cold treatment at home. (Hard to do that at work lol)

I am suppose to run 3 miles today, but I’ll switch it with tomorrorw’s rest day.

Edit: Did not run in the evening. Did not get home until ~ 8pm and my shoulder is still sore.

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Marathon here I come!

I signed up today at Premierraces for the MiT (Marathoners in Training) full marathon program!


I am so pumped!

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Cincinnati Flying Pig

We had a blast. Everyone finshed the race. Some came in faster than they thought and others a little slower. But overall everyone was happy with their result.

Part of the Flying Pig Running group

I am looking forward to the next one!

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Still around

Taking a break. I am using the stationary bike at home for some exercise. But starting May 12th I’ll go back at it.

Going to Cincinnati this weekend to cheer people on at the Flying Pig Marathon. That should be great inspiration to get me going again! 🙂

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1/2 Marathon Pics

The pictures are finally in at

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New shoes…

I went to Front Runner in Columbus to get a new pair of shoes. My old ones are very worn and way past the ‘throw away date’. I knew they would be examining my feet, well the way I walk and stand, etc., so I put my running socks on and sandals. I also brought my old pair with me, so he could look at the wear pattern on the bottom to make sure I am getting the right shoe (stability vs motion control or cushioning). I have a normal ‘pronation’ (meaning my foot strikes and leaves the ground the way it is suppose to), which means I am looking for a stability shoe. My previous pair was an Asics Gel-1100 and it has worked well for me, so he brought out the Asics Gel-1120. Different color, but fit like a glove. He also brought out the Pearl Izumi synchoSPACE, now there is a fancy looking shoe. All I saw was purple when looking down at it,  but the sides are silver, and it fit really well and felt sooo light. So, I decided, being that I like the way the Asics look/feel and the Pearl Izumi feel I bought both.

Oh, it’s the little things in life, I know *chuckle*

Pearl Izumi—>5130_7761.jpg b000klfap401-a1hhnk9o9khpaw_sclzzzzzzz_v45337796_ss400_.jpg<—Asics

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Full Marathon

I have decided to start training for the Columbus Marathon, which is October 21st.  The training program starts May 12th.

The hubby is showing interest in running himself. He will see if his shin splints would still act up like they did back then. He asked me about how many miles the runner start off with in their training. That would be so cool if he did a run like that with me! <—Did you read that Jim? Maybe it will be the 3 of us going at it next year!

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It’s day 4 after the 1/2. I did the eliptical rider 20 min (174 cal) and stationary bike 15 min (2 miles) and some streching on Monday. But, after reading that I should give my body ample rest I have not worked out since then.

My game plan tomorrow is to get new running shoes and in the evening before class get an eliptical workout in.

My body was pretty stiff the few days after the run. I would say today I am 98% back, but my quads are still bothering me a little.

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