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Have you seen my walker?

Let me tell you straight out: I am very annoyed with my body and there is not much I can do, because it’s self inflicted. *sigh*

Went to the doctor this morning and she diagnosed me with Runner’s AND Jumper’s knee (right one). I knew I have achilles tendonitis in my left foot, but the doctor is not sure if I have posterior tibial tendonitis or a stress fracture in my left foot as well; the X-rays didn’t show anything…I’ll be going for my MRI tomorrow and a follow up visit on Monday. (Insert here that I am VERY grateful to have good insurance!)

The doctor did mention that she has no problem with me running as long as my gait doesn’t change. I am sure that the knee pain will influence how my feet strike, so I’ll wait until I go back on Monday.

She said the bum knee is more than likely due to the hilly half marathon that I ran 3 weeks ago in Mississippi. Honestly I thought it had gone away until I ran 3 miles on the treadmill yesterday. Yep…got on the treadmill and ran *rolls eyes* I am glutting for punishment, but the run really wasn’t bad and the pain in my foot didn’t cause me to change my gait (or so I think). And the occasional sharp pains under my kneecap didn’t make me stop either. But they were evident enough to mention to the doctor this morning.

I tell you what though, hearing my body breathe in rhythm with the pounding of my feet is such a great thing and it brings me much joy. I can’t wait to get back out there! In the mean time, I’ll be walking like someone who is not sure if her legs or knees will give out. lol

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No running

Yep, you read that right….no running…until next at least Wednesday. *sigh*

Let me explain: After finishing last Monday’s speed work, a tendon in my left ankle became really sore. I have had soreness in my achilles over the last few months, but this was not the same. I took Tuesday off, thinking that it would go away and it did. During Wednesday’s five miler it became evident that it hadn’t.

Reluctantly I took Thursday and Friday off from running, hoping that it would get better. Nope, come Friday evening, the pain had become less frequent, but my ankle was still tight every time I rested it for a while. Urgh!

Now it’s Saturday evening and it’s gotten better, but I can still feel it and occasionally it still gets tight and there is pain. So…with that said, I will restrict my training to the stationary bike and elliptical rider until Wednesday. I REALLY want to this to go away!,…but *sigh* I have gotten wiser over the years and hopefully this short term restriction means I won’t be out for the long term.


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School is in session

With your help I have raised $2800 so far. THANK YOU EVERYONE! I am hoping that I can hit $3000 by the time I am running the 1/2. Wouldn’t that be awesome? That would be twice the amount of money I thought I couldn’t raise! 😉


This quarter (school) is going to be a tough one; 3 classes *sigh*. But this is my running blog, not my “here I go again, complaining” blog ! 😉

My stomach has been giving me trouble, so I (finally) had a CT scan on Tuesday. But it doesn’t show anything *sigh*. I guess that’s a good thing, however I would like to know why I have pains on my left side. Perhaps my gastroenterologist will be able to answer that for me on the 23rd, when I have my next medical procedure.

I ran 10 miles on Saturday. It went well. Again slower than I have been in the past, but, like always, I got it done. I was very sore afterwards though, specially my left leg. (All my on and off pains are on the left side in my stomach as well), so I didn’t run on Monday. I did jump on the stationary bike at home and peddled 13 miles.

On Tuesday I had the CT scan. The stuff they made me drink messed my stomach up really bad (or perhaps it was the IV, I don’t know). I was in no shape to run, other than to the bathroom. *sigh*

I planned on running three at lunch on Tuesday, but my leg hurt, so I jumped on the elliptical rider for 30 minutes (3.14 miles) and stretched some afterwards. This sounds like a week of excuses. lol

Tonight my goal is to run 6 miles on the treadmill. We’ll have to see how that goes. As of right now I don’t have any leg pain.

My father in-law had his sixth chemo on Monday. He is now officially halfway through his treatment! They still hit him pretty hard, but I think it helps to know there is a routine to it.


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6 @ home (10:57)

Comments: Ran the first 4 miles without stopping. 41:57 (10:30 min/mile). I felt a little tired, but still pretty good.

At about mile 3.25 I cross a road and have to slow down to check for traffic. After crossing I started back into my trott and noticed a little tightening in my left calve. I have had that before so I thought nothing of it.

At mile 4.6 I was reminded of the pain, but in a sharp way! It hurt! I could only walk. So I did that for a while and tried running. The calve was tight, but once I got going it didn’t hurt too bad. I could however, feel in my legs that I was running differently and parts further up got tight.

I managed to get home in a decent time. Next time I’ll make sure I have my cell phone with me so I can just call home to be picked up. Sitting here now, after icing the calve it is pretty darn tight and hurts. I hope that I’ll be able to do the Baltimore (Ohio) 5k on Saturday.

Time: 6:45pm

Weather: low 70’s, raining, then dry

Clothes: Brooks Shirt, NB shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid (260.2 miles)

Distance: 6

Time: 1:05:37

Split: 10:56

Course: Past New Salem and back

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10 @ home (11:50)

Comments:This was not a good run. I guess you have to have those to appreciate the good ones. I felt like I was running fast (effort wise) the first 3 miles. But the Garmin informed me that even though I felt like a Cheetah, I was only moving at a snails pace. Mile 4 is downhill and in turn I picked up the pace. GUed at mile 4 (being that I was only running 10 I wanted to make sure I GUed twice; mile 4 and 8)

At mile 3 though 6 my feel hurt. Both of them! It felt like I was running without shoes. Usually it’s just the left one, but not this time. Around mile 6 the pain started to go away (strange), and mile 7 and 8 were really good ones. I felt strong, no pain. I GUed at mile 8.

Shortly after GUing I got terrible side pains. I had some earlier in the run, but these caused me to walk. Very dissapointing. Around mile 9.5 they went away and I was able to run the last 1/2 mile without problems.

During my run I learned, from a nice orange road sign, that a 1 mile stretch (mile 6) of my loop is being closed for 7 weeks! Yikes. I’ll have to figure out where to run while they are working on it. I should use this as an incentive to run with the group on Saturdays.

Well, I am hoping that I have more luck with this Saturday’s 15 miler. I remember from last year, that that one kicked my butt!

Time: 6:00am

Weather: 70’s, overcast then sunny

Clothes: MiT Shirt, NB shorts, fuel belt

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid (242.2 miles)

Distance: 10

Time: 1:58:23

Split: 11:50

Course: Loop at home

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My legs and me

The swelling in my legs is cause by my legs insufficient capability of moving the blood back to where it is suppose to go…up. This is called Peripheral Ed3ma. The doctor offered water pills which I ever so kindly refused and he suggested moving my legs more during the day. I do sit a good deal without getting up for hours. 😦

I also asked him for a name of a gastrologist, being that mine could not see me until July 31st. He examined my stomach a little and said that is it a good idea to set up an appointment, but he thinks I might have an Irritable B0wel and gave me a prescription to try. Now that one I gladly took! 🙂

I read this article about race day expectations written by John Bingham in the latest Runn3r’s World magazine and really liked it.


Many of us put so much significance on one day in our running lives that we’re almost guaranteed to be disappointed. We set goals, have expectations, make plans based on our egos. We convince ourselves that who we are will be based on what we accomplish that day.

That is so true, at least in my case.

I have worked my legs 3 days in a row so I need to make today a rest day, but how come I feel so terribly guilty?

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3 @ work (11:06)

Comments: There are days when you have every intention to do well, but your body has other plans. Today was one of those those days. Mile 1 went fine 10:02, but then about the 1.5 mile mark I got some really nice side stiches and ran mile 2 in 11:23. I tried to concentrate on my breathing, but that didn’t help at all, so mile 3 was 11:53. So sad.

I noticed that depending on the time of the month my body performs differently. Just after having my period my runs are strong and I have lots of engery, but the week before my period starts it’s like trying to pull an old mare off the pastures and entering her into the K3ntucky Derby. It’s not a pretty sight.

So, I am content with my run today and I am looking forward to tomorrows group run.

Time: 10 am

Weather: 70, sunny

Clothes: Cotton shirt and NB shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid (78.3 miles)

Distance: 3

Time: 33:18

Split: 11:06

Course: Under 33 and back.

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2 miles @ work (11:24)

Comments: My family doctor thinks I pulled a muscle (rectus abdominis) and that’s why I hurt (I do not agree), and I was too flustered to say anything. He suggested physical therapy. My Gyno doesn’t know why the left pelvis/ovary area is still sore, so he’s referring me to a specialist. I asked him if it is ok for me to run and he said yes unless the pain gets worse.

I was in moderate pain on Saturday and Sunday, it eased up Sunday afternoon. So today I went for a run; I needed to get out and didn’t let cold weather stop me. I enjoyed the run and hope to do it again soon. We are suppose to get 3 to 7 inches of snow tonight through tomorrow so I don’t think I’ll be running then (no, I don’t have skies).

Nancy, thank you for your comment on pain leading to depression, I didn’t even think of that. Make so much sense though. So now when I get down I try to tell myself that there are people out there who are in worse shape then me and that I should stop feeling sorry for myself! 🙂 And it helps that I have a very supportive husband! All the support I have received, be in via blog on irl is appreciated.

Weather: 10

Clothes: Long sleeve shirt, Pants, Gloves, Hat

Shoes: Saucony

Distance: 2

Time: 22:48

Split: 11:24

Course: Under 33 and back

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They are back

The pains are back. I have an appointment with my family doctor tomorrow and I requested my OBGYN appointment to be moved up, so that’s on Friday.

I am so tired of this. I think I have aged 5 years in the last 5 weeks. lol “Calgon…take me away!


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Hurry up and wait

Went to the doctor: after the examination (diagnosis: cyst) he scheduled me for an ultra-sound to be done Thursday because it’s all too tender on the left side for him to do his ‘touchy feely thing’ and he can’t tell exactly what’s going on. So, if I am still with cyst and in pain on Thursday, he’ll schedule me for a laparoscopy on Friday; out patient surgery.

However, after going through all the scheduling and such, he got the results of the CAT scan (which I had done elsewhere last week), which read that I had a fluid like, 3 mm big buildup on my RIGHT side. Hmmm, it’s my LEFT side that is in pain. Apparently it made perfect sense to him and in turn seemed less concerned. He is under the impression that my pains will go away in the next two days. Gosh I hope he’s right!

That’s it…end of report! To be continued Thursday afternoon. I am relieved that it is nothing urgent, but on the other hand I wish it was so I can do something about it, because I am in pain. Once again I have to sit and wait!

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