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PR! – Athens Half Marathon April 1, 2012

I entered the race just for fun, to be with friends who love to run like I do (most of them a bit faster than I am). Turns out the stars were alligned just right and a PR was bound to happen.

The hubby drove to Athens (Ohio) with me to cheer me on. That doesn’ t happen to often and I was glad to have him a long. Race packet pick up was prior to the race about a 1/2 mile from the starting line. The place where we picked up the packet was also the finish line. With the packet picked up and bib attached we were off to the starting line, walking through the beautiful Ohio University campus.

Starting Line

Starting Line

The course, which is overall very flat, starts with a very steep downhill part. I was a bit worried about my knee and calf/achilles, after the experience in Mississippi and the following injuries I had. But my body held up! I ran into an old running buddy, Kelly, shortly after the start. She is much faster than I am, but just getting back into running after spitting out her second child. We ran together for a while. She was a tad bit too fast for me, and I dropped back…eventually I got into my stride and I caught back up to her. We, including a runner from West Virginia that Kelly had befriended, ran most of the second half of the race together.

Mile 5 - Kelly is a little behind me (in pink)

At the turn-around point it occurred to me that I could PR if I kept that pace up the second half. However, the first half of the race was on a slight decline, meaning the returning part would be at an incline. But with Kelly at my side, happily cheering me on and keeping my mind occupied with life stories, we were still going strong at mile 10.

The miles just went by so fast, but I did notice that we had slowed down just a little bit. Mile 13 however, made up for it, running my second fastest mile in that race.  We entered the stadium with about 600 yards to go. After the first 200 were behind us, we could see the clock, and Kelly said “You got this!”. She then shouted to our friends, who were waiting for us, “She is going to PR!” and they started cheering like crazy. So loud as a matter of fact that I could hear them all the way on the other side of the track!

Kelly: "Where did she go?"

Kelly high 5-ing while I am dying! 🙂

Kicking it in!

With about 100 yards to go, I kicked it in some more…don’t know where that came from, and I PRed by 32 seconds! What a great feeling!

Running Friends

Running Friends!

This was my easiest PR ever and so unexpected, it makes it twice as nice. Am I glad that I had signed up to spend the day with friends.

Me, Kelly, and the lady from West Virginia


Flying Feather 4 Miler

Comments: Let me start off with the lessons I learned:

  • Do not expect to run a fast race when you have walkers walking up three to four people wide everywhere.
  • Do not expect to have the endurance to run a fast race when you get there 1.5 hours early and freeze, because it is only 20 degrees outside (we got shuttled to the starting area, so going back to the car just didn’t seem like the thing to do.) I must have run at least 2 miles just to keep warm! lol

So, with that said, I did not run as fast as I had hoped and I am not sure if I’ll be running it again next year. It takes me over an hour to get there. I did PR by over 5 and a half minutes, but my goal to run a sub 40 race just didn’t happen. I knew that the first mile in, but was still very dissapointed when I crossed that finish line.

I don’t remember having that many problems with the crowd last year, but then I ran more than a minute per mile slower.

I am glad I went, and proud of the fact that I went there by myself. The bottle of wine I received after finishing went down really smooth with my Thanksgiving dinner that evening. 🙂

Time: 9:00 am

Weather: 20

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 160.6 miles)

Distance: 4

Run Time: 40:17

Split: 10:05

Course: Flying Feather 4 Miler race.

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Great day for a race!

Comments: We could have not asked for any better weather. Granted it was a bit chilly at the start, but if you are not new to the sport you know what to bring to keep you warm (trash bag or throw away shirt). So all was well.

The first 3 miles were a blur. It took me about 6 minutes to cross the starting line. I tried to run slow and managed an 11 minute mile the first mile. After that I gradually let myself go a bit faster, occasionally pulling on the ranes telling myself you still have the other half to run.

I gued around mile 4.74 at the water stop. And then again at mile 8 something. I realized a bit too late that I didn’t want to GU until mile 9 something, but oh well. At mile 8 I ran into a coworker who had planned to run a 9:40 pace. He had slowed down to use the potty. We chatted for a while and I let him go knowing he was planning on running faster than me. At mile 10 I realed him in, he was slowing down consiterably.

Around mile 8 I started looking for the hubby, but around mile 9 it dawned on me that he was suppose to be at mile 10. Good, because it gave me another mile to look forward to seeing him. And there he was a mile 10, waiting. I rewarded his patience with a kiss and moved on.

My goal was to run up High street, a 2+ mile stretch with 2 inclines, without walking. I did just that. During that stretch I saw the hubby again around mile 12. He asked how it was going and I told him I’d break 2:20!

Going around the corner up Nationwide Blvd was hard, my legs wanted to quit and my body was working overtime. But once I crossed Front street and it was all down hill from there I was running strong passing people left and right.

I had set 3 time goals for myself: 1. Come in under 2:25, 2. under 2:20, and 3. under 2:15. My finish time was 2:17:24. I am very happy about that! I am currently floating on Cloud 9 and I am ready to race my next 1/2. Well, after I stop being sore.

I am happy because:

  • The only time I walked was during water breaks. AND my last mile I ran a 10:14, and part of that was uphill. 🙂
  • I PRed by 10 minutes and 2 seconds! What will the furture hold?
  • I stepped on the scale this morning and I am officially no longer considered overweight. It’s been a long journey and was rewarded with a great race.
  • My sister in-law, who ran the Detroit marathon today, after 3 years of trying, finally qualified for the Boston Marathon.

Time: 7:30 am

Weather: 40’s, nice and chilly

Clothes: New MiT singlet, Izuma Shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 81.43 miles)

Distance: 13.1

Run Time: 2:17:24

Split: 10:30

Course: Columbus Marathon & Half Marathon


Home Stretch 10 Miler Race

Comment: This was my first solo race where I needed to look up directions on how to get there. I found the place without any problems though. 🙂 (Getting lost is one of my biggest fears)

We could have not asked for better running weather. It was a little cool and no sun. The 20 miler race group went out first. I recognized two people from work and wished them both good luck. 3 minutes later the 20k runners (117 of us) were off.

The first 5 miles I ran an average 10:40 min/mile pace. In some ways I tried to slow down on the other hand I wanted to do really well. The next 5 were a little slower. My slowest mile was # 11 with a 11:40 split (that was one tough mile!). The last mile and change I managed a 10:35 split. I ran with my iPod (book on CD) and it really helped me to have something to listen to during the spectator-less race.

For some reason I am disjointed with the time, thinking that I SHOULD be much closer to a 10 min/mile pace. But then I have to remind myself that I ran the fasted long distance race in my life”. My fastest 13.1 pace was 11:16 and here I ran a 10:52. Funny how the mind works. It gives me something to strive towards, that’s for sure!

Whenever I can I register as an “Athena” (race category of females over 150 lbs). With my 173 lbs I do not feel guilty running in that class. Yesterday I finished 2nd in that category and walked away with a plaque. Woot!

My New Bling

My New Bling

The deck at home is done. The hubby and I worked on it whenever we could over the weekend. I was not too much help on Sunday, but I tried!





Time: 8:30am

Weather: 65, overcast…couldn’t have been better

Clothes: Old MiT Shirt, Adidas shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide (30 miles)

Distance: 20k (12.43 miles)

Run Time: 2:14:59

Split: 10:52

Course: Home Stretch 20k

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Flying Feather 4 Miler

FF4MWhen I first stepped outside the house it was a nice 50 degrees, that was at 6am. By the time I picked up my friends the temperature started to dip.

When we got to the high school where we left my car it was in the low 40’s, windy and cold.  We waited in line to be shuttled to the starting area. Once there we hovered with other friends from MiT behind “The Columbus Running Company’s” big truck to stay out of the wind and drizzle.

My pre-race food intake only consited of a bowl of oatmeal and while we were waiting I noticed a gnawing feeling in my stomach; I needed food! But with no nourishment in sight I decided to tough it out.

Finally, a minute or so after 9 am we were on our way. My goal for the race was to beat my last years finishing time, and with no food in my stomach I ran 5 min and then walked 1 minute.

Just shortly after mile two I saw the waterstop! I was soo happy to see that, I needed to fill my tummy with something before my restless stomach acid would eat me alive!

About a 1/2 mile before the finish I saw my friend Brenda, she was waiting for me so she could run me in! (She is one fast 55 year old and had already finished) It was so nice to see her. 🙂

My finish time (according to my Garmin) was 45:57, which gave me a pace of 11:16. (All our Garmins read 4.08 miles). I beat my previous years time by over 5.5 minutes and I ran the second half over a minute faster than my first one (that water must have helped)!!

I am very satisfied with this race even though I feel like I could have run faster. But then I feel like that EVERY TIME! 😉


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26.2 Race Report

I did not sleep well two nights before the marathon, tossing and turning, so I was worried that the next night would be a repeat. But, I was too worn out from the night before that I actually slept very well.

I rose at 5am refreshed, got dressed, kissed the hubby goodbye, hopped in the car, and headed to my sister in-law’s house. We were meeting with another friend there, Brenda, who drove us up to Columbus. Brenda (a previous BQ) was running in the ½ and Teri was trying to BQ.

The MiT group (about 200 of us) met at the Renaissance hotel and headed over together to Broad street (the starting line). They had a pick-up truck waiting for us there. We tossed all our stuff in there so we could pick it back up at the finish line.

The day before I made the decision to run with the 5:30 pace group. I didn’t want to kill myself and if I had the strength I wanted to pull away from them around mile 22. The 5:30 pace group was all the way at the end of the runner’s pack. The nice thing about being at the end of the lineup is that the bathroom lines are less busy. 🙂 With the bathroom business out of the way I headed to the pace leader. There were about 10 other runners milling around. The hubby snuck up on me to give me a big hug and kiss before they (he and his brother) headed to their designated spot. Helicopters flew overhead, then the horn went off signaling the start of the race. And we were off…well…sort off…it took us over 8 minutes to actually make it to the starting line! And then we were off.

The pace leader, Maneesha (I think was her name), followed the run walk method. Run 5 minutes, walk 1 minute. The first 6 miles flew by fast, we all chatted like little kids, all excited. We shared stories, dedicated miles to friends and relatives. Each mile marker we would cross we’d holler “1,2,3 5:30 rocks”…at mile 6 I saw my friend Kay and her boyfriend cheering me on…yay!

At mile 10 I saw the hubby, brother in law, his brother and sister in law, their daughter, and two friends. All cheering me on. The hubby had a sign. I asked how Teri was doing and was told it didn’t look good…bummer. 😦


Orange tank top, black shorts, under the left turn arrow in the road. 

Mile 10 to 13 were a blurr, we chatted, shared stories, etc. I saw the hubby and gang again. He gave me a banana and we switched out two bottles. And off we were again. At that time there were only 4 of us left who hung with the pace leader. Everyone else dropped back. I saw my father in-law at mile 16. He was holding up a sign my 7 year old made the night before at their house. I about cried. That pictures is going in my gym once it is done!

I saw my running friend Janice on her bike. She was going to run Teri from mile 10 to mile 18. I asked her how Teri was doing and it did not look good.

Around that time my right foot, pinky toe started to hurt pretty bad. I could tell there was a blister in the works. My left foot was already in pain, under the ball of the foot, but luckily that had not started until mile 8. I was pleasantly surprised however that my right leg was not hurting at all and there was not a peep from my knees.

Mile 18 is where the race actually began. It was just about all uphill for the next 3 miles. The pace group pulled away from me and I had to take more walk breaks. I managed to run walk through the uphill part and passed an MiTer. She then passed me and we played that back and forth game for about a mile. Coming onto OSU campus I started a conversation. Her name was Pru. During the last 5 miles Pru became my hero. She pulled me, but she made sure she didn’t push me. It was her second marathon this year and she was way behind her time. So she decided to make the best of it and help me to the finish line. She didn’t put that into words, but rather her actions made it clear.

My stomach was a mess, all that GU made it very upset. I had only been chugging water the last few miles, but that didn’t help. I was suppose to GU at mile 20, but had put it off. At mile 22 I was only able to take one “drag” of that stuff and tossed it to the ground. I’d rather be “undernourished” then puke up all I had taken in the last few hours. During that time we did a lot of run walking…Pru’d say “to the traffic light” I’d say “Yes” and we’d start running. Then I’d say “to the parked car” and she’d say “Of course!”.

Pru asked me if I was alright and ready to run in the last 4 10th of a mile. I said yes and off we went. Then I saw my husband, Teri, Brenda and all others…it was so good to see them cheer me on, just what I needed and finally we made it to the last turn and down to the finish line.

I was hoping that it would hit me that I finished the race, but I am still waiting for the moment. Maybe it’s coming to me bits and pieces at a time, like today (Monday) as I am sitting in a restaurant having lunch with my husband. I was like “I can finally buy that 26.2 sticker!!!” I got a bit choked up (no, not because of the food), but that moment passed.

After finishing the race I was like “never again, I am never running an other marathon…E V E R”. Now, almost 24 hours later I am ready to tackle the ugly hill at mile 18. This year it might have kicked my butt, but next year I plan on returning the favor!

The next big race is the Indianapolis 500 ½ Marathon in May ’08! I am sooo looking forward to it!


26.2 – Shortstory

I did it in 5 hours and 37 min, not as fast as I had hoped. I have a blister the size of Utah on my right foot, pink toe. BUT, I am no longer a marathon virgin. More tomorrow if I can make it to the PC. 😉

Hope all my BRF did well today!


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4 miles @ work (10:28)

Comments: Went out at 9am to beat the heat, but it still went up to 82 by the time I got done. The whole time I was thinking about the poor Chicago marathon runners that had to endure terrible temperatures yesterday. My hat goes off to you!

Watching the Towpath 1/2 and full marathon yesterday was very inspiring and I am mentally ready to run. Now I just hope I can keep my stomach in check (nerves!) 😉

>>>12 days to go to the Columbus Marathon<<<

Time: 9:15 am

Weather: 76 to 82, Humid

Clothes: MiT Technical Shirt, Adidas Shorts

Shoes: Saucony

Distance: 4

Time: 41:51 (PR)

Split: 10:28

Course: Cosi loop 4 times


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5 miles @ home (10:47)

Comments: I had so much crap to do today, but I HAD to get my 5 miler in there. After all it was ONLY 5 miles. So with frustrations build up during the day I tried to run it all off and I sure did. I pushed myself the whole way. This has to be a PR for 5 miles at home! (Edit: I checked and it is a PR – woot!)

My right leg was tight in the beginning, my calve muscle hurt for a while and then it moved to the front of the leg, but it didn’t turn into any antagonizing pain, so I pushed through it. I am happy about this run because my 22 miler was so incredible slow.

>>>18 days to go to the Columbus Marathon<<<

Time: 6:00 pm

Weather: Not sure, but nice, low 70’s maybe

Clothes: MiT Technical Shirt, Adidas Shorts

Shoes: Saucony

Distance: 5

Time: 53:53 PR (@ home where it is a lot more hilly than work)

Split: 10:47

Course: To Elder Rd and back.


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17.1 miles incl. 13.1 race (PR)

Comments: What a long day! The race went well. I wish I would have been stronger at the end. I was in good shape until mile 9/10, after that everything started aching. The last mile was not pretty (12:15 min/mile), it didn’t help that it got hot. But I got my PR!!! My previous 1/2 marathon time was 2:28:40 back in April of ’05.

I got home, cleaned up, took an hour nap, and then helped the husband move wood for our addition (adding a workout room and a safe place in case of tornatoes.)

Went out for the 4 miles around 6. It was still hot, I was able to run the first 1.5 miles and then had to incorporate walk breaks. After I got home, cleaned up, I sat down and did not want to get up again…ever! lol

Edit: Monday 8-27-07, the only thing that does not hurt today is my head lol I’ll go to the gym at lunch time to just stretch…other than that it’s a REST day w00t!

Time: 8:00 am & 6:00 pm

Weather: Not sure, got hotter during the race. 80’s in the PM

Clothes: AM: Adidas shorts, MiT Technical shirt, Fuel Belt – PM: Brooks running shirt and shorts

Shoes: AM: Pearl Izumi – PM: Ascis Gel-1120

Distance: AM: 13.1 miles – PM: 4 miles

Time: AM: 2:27:28 (PR)- PM: 47:47

Split: AM: 11:15 – PM: 11:57

Course: AM: Columbus 1/2 marathon – PM: To 256 and back

Here is a picture of me and my boss after the race. It was his first half. He finished in 2 hours and 50 minutes! Not bad for an old guy! lol