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1 mile & lifting and my friend Jim

Running: Walked a mile on the treadmill. Felt very good, but I am keeping to no running until at least Monday.

Weightlifting: Just to get back into the swing of things I did the bench press, no weight other then the bar (45 lbs) 20 times, 2 sets.

I missed my friend Jim in the fitness center today at lunch (no he did not pass away, but rather retired on me while back! lol) With training for the Pump and Run (PnR) old memories are coming back. It felt like he was spotting me (watching me lift & make sure I don’t drop the bar) today, talking smack to our friend Don and my hubby.

Hopefully Don will go back at it next year when he turns 60…Jimmy, you better start using that treadmill that you have in the basement, can’t have Don show you off!! 😉


Co-workers, including the hubby (on my right), and I (red jacket) after a successful PnR in 2005.

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