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Group Run 8 miles (11:51)

Comments: Started off with the slower group, but pulled away from them at mile 3. My fastes mile was mile 8!!! I ran around Antrim Park thinking about running the 10 miler race there next weekend. I am still on the fence about that being that it doesn’t start until 9am. I’ll make that decision later on in the week, depending on the weather forecast.

Went quadding on Sunday. My legs were not sore at all from the 8 miler and the pushups I have been doing really helped with the handling of the quad. Hence I had a blast in the mud.

Got Mud?

Got Mud?

Time: 7:30am

Weather: 75, sunny

Clothes: MiT Shirt, NB shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid (180.1 miles)

Distance: 8

Time: 1:34:41

Split: 11:51


Push up Challange:

Week 2 – Day 2: 11 x 10 x 7 x 7 x 14 (48 total!)

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8 miles @ home (11:24)

Comments: I did not feel like running on Saturday, so I didn’t. Instead I went out Sunday morning. It was a good run. Tried running a bit slower than last Tuesday, I succeeded. I felt strong and was even able to do some pickups the last two miles.

After I got back the hubby (’06 Yamaha YFZ 450) and I (’06 Suzuki Quadsport) went quadding for a few hours at Wayne National Forest. It is funny that I can run for two hours and not be really sore the next day, but the quad riding has my muscles aching. It was fun, but I felt like I had to concentrate really hard to make sure I would not end up getting hurt. 

That day I enjoyed running more, because you can let your mind go and really don’t need to pay attention to anything (other than cars and road kill), but when you go quadding (we ride fairly fast) you constantly have to be thinking about how to hit the next rut, turn, etc. Exhausting!

I am taking Monday off to give my body time to recover and to do some school work.

This morning the hubby said “This IS the week…” and started to make some goofy running guestures. lol

>>>6 days to go to the Columbus Marathon<<<

Time: 7:30 am

Weather: 50, overcast

ClothesMiT Technical Shirt, Adidas Shorts, Gloves, Fuel Belt

Shoes: Saucony

Distance: 8

Time: 1:31:12

Split: 11:24

Course: To Cattail and back.


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