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Spirit of Columbus 1/2 marathon


The night before the race was a restless one. You know, where you toss and turn and look at the clock to see how many more hours you get to sleep. The night didn’t start with many hours to go to begin with. I believe when I headed to bed I had 5 hours and 44 minutes before getting up at 4:15 a.m. At some point in the night I turned the clock away from me!

At 4:15, when the alarm went off, I was in a dead sleep, of course! lol So, I just rolled out of bed. Got dressed, ate, and headed to a A’s house to head up together with her and T.

We got to Cbus in plenty of time and cought an early bus to the starting line. (Straight course, so you had the option to bus to the starting line before or after the race, depending on where parked your car). On the way up we saw the course being set up for the race.

Once we got to the starting area the waiting began. We met up with other MiTers and hung out, after the tratitional potty stop, until the race started. We watched the elite runners ditch the line and just take a potty where the door just opened up, leaving the poor person that was waiting in line to have to take the next one. Not very sportsman like I must say!

It’s a go: A and I headed towards the starting line and I was still on the fence on how to run this race. I decided to hang with A for a while. She was running a relay and her partner (another) T was jumping in at mile 3.We chatted and had fun and T jumped in just before mile 3. After mile 4 I left them. I felt good and their pace was a bit to slow for me. Their race wasn’t until next weekend, so they were running comfortably.

Waterstops: The course layout showed water stops at every mile between mile 2 and 12. The first water stop, after mile three was poorly set up, it was almost like a “serve yourself station”. At mile four they had run out of water completely and the same held true for mile 5. I was bumming. I didn’t get much water at the first stop.

I didn’t plan on GU-ing at all, planned to rely on Gatorade instead, but did GU at mile 5 for fear of bonking further down the line. Went through the relay exchange area and thought too myself “hopefully they will have water on the second part of the course”. I managed to get a drink out of a water fountain and then saw an impromptu water stop shortly thereafter. “Two cups please!”

To the rescue: The other T’s husband cought me (via car) around mile 7 or 8 and gave me a bottle of gatorade. Yes! I didn’t have to rely on waterstops and their HEED (there wasn’t any Gatorade along the course), but the bottle was a bit heavy in the beginning.

In the past during mile 9 through 13.1 I end up walking more and more, but this time around I talked myself into running a mile at a time and just taking a short walk break when getting to the mile marker. What really helped was that the course is slightly down hill after mile 9 and we had a slight tailwind.

The Finish: The last half mile I ‘clamped’ myself behind a MiT runner (she didn’t know I was there) that had helped me in my 2007 marathon race and I let her pull me down the road (so to speak).

I finished increasing my pace the last 100 yards and not feeling completely dead. My run time was 2 hours 19 minutes and 36 seconds. My second fastest half marathon. 🙂

After: I had to stand in line to get my medal, hat, and towel. That is not fun after you have run for 2 plus hours. Everything hurts and you don’t just want to be standing in line. But, about 10 minutes I got my stuff and headed back to the MiT tent. Then we headed to lunch….yummy.

The next day: I am sore today (Monday), but I am also feeling good about my accomplishment. I am looking forward to running the Columbus Marathon (half) in October to see if I can get a PR.

Overall: The weather was great. One could not ask for a better day to run. The course was great, mostly down hill. The water stops need to be changed, but at least all the kids where cheering the runners on. I am sure that next year the race will be handled better, after all this is just their second year doing this.

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Cap City 1/2

Ok, so it seems (at least to me) that writing a race report about your 9th ½ marathon is like taking pictures of your 4th child. It is something that’s just not high on the priority list. 😉 But here it is:

The alarm didn’t go off. The husband told me that he set it the night before to go off at a certain time, but we forgot that it only goes off during the week. Luckily my internal alarm clock works just fine and we got out of the house with plenty of time to spare.

We picked up my parents-n-law on the way to Columbus. Roger was in a good mood and feeling well. They dropped me off at work and I walked to the Hyatt Regency where the Team was meeting up. The hubby and Co. went to Tim Hortons to get something to eat before standing outside for several hours.

We all (the Team) met up before the race in a conference room, had some refreshments, a team picture, and then walked together to the starting area. I stood in line for the port-a potty and then worked my way towards the starting corral part that matched my projected finish time. The weather was great! After about ten minutes of people watching the gun went off and the ‘race’ was on.

The first 2 miles flew by. I ‘ran into’ a co-worker and we silently ran next to each other for half a mile or so until we got to the first water stop. He was on a mission so away he went. He ended up finishing 9 minutes ahead of me, which was a great accomplishment on his part.

Around mile 3 my left food started to hurt; on the bottom, right below the toes. Damn shoes, I knew they wouldn’t hold up! That’s why I switched away from Asics in the first place; they don’t have the front cushion support that I need. I should have known better than to switch back to them. Around mile 5 the other foot started to hurt too. *sigh*

But, I kept on trekking. The race actually didn’t become hard until about mile 9. I saw the father-in-law just shortly before that. He had made a sign for me. (I was running in his honor). At mile 10 I saw some friends from MiT that cheered me on and then a co-worker and his wife at mile 11. That was such a nice surprise and really lifted my spirits.

Shortly after that one of the TNT coaches ran with me for about a ½ mile. While we were running a couple came up behind us and the guy said, “Give my best to Roger.” He had read the sign on the back of my shirt “Running 4 Roger”. I told him that I would do that for sure and thanked him. The coach knew I would have no problems finishing the race so he turned back to help some other TNT members.

The last mile was tough, but it helped that I saw the family again about a ½ mile before the finish. I was not able to kick it in, but I knew that I would not be completely dead afterwards.

I finished in 2:29:05 (my goal was 2:30) and received my medal. I walked to the TNT tent and received my 13.1 TNT pin from a Leukemia survivor, which was really touching. I then went to find my family and gave my father-in-law my medal for him to keep. I had been debating on giving it to him then or to wait until his chemo therapy was done. But, I thought that it would mean more to him getting it now. He was very touched and I was glad he was able to watch me run.

Overall it was an emotional experience, from raising the money to running the race. I ended up raising over $3100 and received a plaque from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society honoring my efforts. I am glad it is over, even though my worrying about Roger will continue for months. However, just like in the race, you charge forward one step at a time.

I have already decided which race is next on my agenda; the Spirit of Columbus ½ marathon August 30th. This will be my 10th ½ marathon!!! The schedule is written and training will officially start after we come back from vacation. I am looking forward to our yearly trip of a week of quadding at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes.

There will be no running for me this week. I did get on the bike today and everything felt fine. My left foot is still sore underneath and I will get me a new pair of Saucony’s before I go back out again on Saturday. My legs just have a trace of soreness, but that should be gone by the time I go out and run.


Jingle Bell Run 5k

Comments: The drive to Columbus and back home was more exhausting then the race itself. I saw, over the course of my travel up and back, one car turn upside down, one in the concrete median and many cars in the ditch or stopped by the highway devider (metal strings) from crossing over to the other lane. At one point I was asking myself why I was even attempting this. Because I had people give me money to run, that’s why. After all this was for a good cause.

I only collected $80, unlike the $400+ last year, but I hate pushing myself on people too much, and with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society fund raising going on I don’t want to wear out my welcome.

The race itself wasn’t nearly as exciting as the car ride, but it was just as slippery in spots. Unlike the Turkey run, I lined up a bit closer to the front. It also helped that they had the runners line up on High Street and the walkers on Nationwide Blvd.

I battled side stiches again, but not nearly as bad as during the Turkey run. My goal was to run under 10 minutes per mile and I did that. I came in at 29:53, a 9:38 min/mile pace. Yesssss!!!

Time: 10 am

Weather: 20’s, little snow

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 180.6 miles)

Distance: 3.1

Run Time: 29:53

Split: 9:38

Course: Jingle Bell Run 5k for the Arthritis Foundation

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Flying Feather 4 Miler

Comments: Let me start off with the lessons I learned:

  • Do not expect to run a fast race when you have walkers walking up three to four people wide everywhere.
  • Do not expect to have the endurance to run a fast race when you get there 1.5 hours early and freeze, because it is only 20 degrees outside (we got shuttled to the starting area, so going back to the car just didn’t seem like the thing to do.) I must have run at least 2 miles just to keep warm! lol

So, with that said, I did not run as fast as I had hoped and I am not sure if I’ll be running it again next year. It takes me over an hour to get there. I did PR by over 5 and a half minutes, but my goal to run a sub 40 race just didn’t happen. I knew that the first mile in, but was still very dissapointed when I crossed that finish line.

I don’t remember having that many problems with the crowd last year, but then I ran more than a minute per mile slower.

I am glad I went, and proud of the fact that I went there by myself. The bottle of wine I received after finishing went down really smooth with my Thanksgiving dinner that evening. 🙂

Time: 9:00 am

Weather: 20

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 160.6 miles)

Distance: 4

Run Time: 40:17

Split: 10:05

Course: Flying Feather 4 Miler race.

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Great day for a race!

Comments: We could have not asked for any better weather. Granted it was a bit chilly at the start, but if you are not new to the sport you know what to bring to keep you warm (trash bag or throw away shirt). So all was well.

The first 3 miles were a blur. It took me about 6 minutes to cross the starting line. I tried to run slow and managed an 11 minute mile the first mile. After that I gradually let myself go a bit faster, occasionally pulling on the ranes telling myself you still have the other half to run.

I gued around mile 4.74 at the water stop. And then again at mile 8 something. I realized a bit too late that I didn’t want to GU until mile 9 something, but oh well. At mile 8 I ran into a coworker who had planned to run a 9:40 pace. He had slowed down to use the potty. We chatted for a while and I let him go knowing he was planning on running faster than me. At mile 10 I realed him in, he was slowing down consiterably.

Around mile 8 I started looking for the hubby, but around mile 9 it dawned on me that he was suppose to be at mile 10. Good, because it gave me another mile to look forward to seeing him. And there he was a mile 10, waiting. I rewarded his patience with a kiss and moved on.

My goal was to run up High street, a 2+ mile stretch with 2 inclines, without walking. I did just that. During that stretch I saw the hubby again around mile 12. He asked how it was going and I told him I’d break 2:20!

Going around the corner up Nationwide Blvd was hard, my legs wanted to quit and my body was working overtime. But once I crossed Front street and it was all down hill from there I was running strong passing people left and right.

I had set 3 time goals for myself: 1. Come in under 2:25, 2. under 2:20, and 3. under 2:15. My finish time was 2:17:24. I am very happy about that! I am currently floating on Cloud 9 and I am ready to race my next 1/2. Well, after I stop being sore.

I am happy because:

  • The only time I walked was during water breaks. AND my last mile I ran a 10:14, and part of that was uphill. 🙂
  • I PRed by 10 minutes and 2 seconds! What will the furture hold?
  • I stepped on the scale this morning and I am officially no longer considered overweight. It’s been a long journey and was rewarded with a great race.
  • My sister in-law, who ran the Detroit marathon today, after 3 years of trying, finally qualified for the Boston Marathon.

Time: 7:30 am

Weather: 40’s, nice and chilly

Clothes: New MiT singlet, Izuma Shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 81.43 miles)

Distance: 13.1

Run Time: 2:17:24

Split: 10:30

Course: Columbus Marathon & Half Marathon


Home Stretch 10 Miler Race

Comment: This was my first solo race where I needed to look up directions on how to get there. I found the place without any problems though. 🙂 (Getting lost is one of my biggest fears)

We could have not asked for better running weather. It was a little cool and no sun. The 20 miler race group went out first. I recognized two people from work and wished them both good luck. 3 minutes later the 20k runners (117 of us) were off.

The first 5 miles I ran an average 10:40 min/mile pace. In some ways I tried to slow down on the other hand I wanted to do really well. The next 5 were a little slower. My slowest mile was # 11 with a 11:40 split (that was one tough mile!). The last mile and change I managed a 10:35 split. I ran with my iPod (book on CD) and it really helped me to have something to listen to during the spectator-less race.

For some reason I am disjointed with the time, thinking that I SHOULD be much closer to a 10 min/mile pace. But then I have to remind myself that I ran the fasted long distance race in my life”. My fastest 13.1 pace was 11:16 and here I ran a 10:52. Funny how the mind works. It gives me something to strive towards, that’s for sure!

Whenever I can I register as an “Athena” (race category of females over 150 lbs). With my 173 lbs I do not feel guilty running in that class. Yesterday I finished 2nd in that category and walked away with a plaque. Woot!

My New Bling

My New Bling

The deck at home is done. The hubby and I worked on it whenever we could over the weekend. I was not too much help on Sunday, but I tried!





Time: 8:30am

Weather: 65, overcast…couldn’t have been better

Clothes: Old MiT Shirt, Adidas shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide (30 miles)

Distance: 20k (12.43 miles)

Run Time: 2:14:59

Split: 10:52

Course: Home Stretch 20k

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1 Mile Virtual Race


This morning, just after I thought how my stomach hasn’t hurt much lately I started cramping (irritable bowl syndrome). It’s ached all morning on and off. Over the last few months I have really watched what I am eating (lost 10 lbs), cut out all carbonated drinks and only have chocolate as a treat after my Saturday long runs. I have an idea what food brought it on and could kick myself for eating it, but *sigh* you live and learn.

So with my stomach being on the not so happy side and my knee on the mend I set out to run my 1 Mile Virtual Race as set up by Life Strides (Reid). He is on a, for him very do-able, quest to break the 5 minute mile barrier. Knowing that we are all busy people he set the race date from 9/1 to 9/7. I have a long run to do on Saturday, my 1 mile virtual race was today.

I warmed up for .25 mile and then set the lap on my Garmin. My goal: To come in under 9:38, which was my previous fast mile (last mile in a 3 mile run) this year. Of course I was hoping for an under 9 minutes mile run, but knew that that would be pushing it.

Part of my race course.

Part of my "race course"; North Bank Park.

My fasted mile this year so far is, drum roll please… 9.09! I am happy about it, but also disappointed. Strange how that works. I ran a total of 2.62 miles with a 10:14 min/mile average.

During the run I learned (again) what the effects on your body are when you run too fast too early. Of course this time it was planned, but none the less it was a valuable lesson to (re) learn. My body was tired after that fast mile!


Good luck, Life Strides, with your goal and thank you for setting up this race. I’ll be sending you positives vibes on Saturday!

Time: 9:45am

Weather: 77, sunny, humid hot!

Clothes: Brooks sleeveless shirt, NB Shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid ( 318.2 miles)

Distance: 1 mile Total: 2.62

Time: 9.09 Total: 26:44

Split: 9.09, overall: 10:12

Course: Through North Banks Park, under I-670 and back (1.31 out and back).

North Bank Park picture courtesy of karen08 at Columbus on Camera.


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