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Jingle Bell Run 5k

Comments: The drive to Columbus and back home was more exhausting then the race itself. I saw, over the course of my travel up and back, one car turn upside down, one in the concrete median and many cars in the ditch or stopped by the highway devider (metal strings) from crossing over to the other lane. At one point I was asking myself why I was even attempting this. Because I had people give me money to run, that’s why. After all this was for a good cause.

I only collected $80, unlike the $400+ last year, but I hate pushing myself on people too much, and with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society fund raising going on I don’t want to wear out my welcome.

The race itself wasn’t nearly as exciting as the car ride, but it was just as slippery in spots. Unlike the Turkey run, I lined up a bit closer to the front. It also helped that they had the runners line up on High Street and the walkers on Nationwide Blvd.

I battled side stiches again, but not nearly as bad as during the Turkey run. My goal was to run under 10 minutes per mile and I did that. I came in at 29:53, a 9:38 min/mile pace. Yesssss!!!

Time: 10 am

Weather: 20’s, little snow

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 180.6 miles)

Distance: 3.1

Run Time: 29:53

Split: 9:38

Course: Jingle Bell Run 5k for the Arthritis Foundation

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Great day for a race!

Comments: We could have not asked for any better weather. Granted it was a bit chilly at the start, but if you are not new to the sport you know what to bring to keep you warm (trash bag or throw away shirt). So all was well.

The first 3 miles were a blur. It took me about 6 minutes to cross the starting line. I tried to run slow and managed an 11 minute mile the first mile. After that I gradually let myself go a bit faster, occasionally pulling on the ranes telling myself you still have the other half to run.

I gued around mile 4.74 at the water stop. And then again at mile 8 something. I realized a bit too late that I didn’t want to GU until mile 9 something, but oh well. At mile 8 I ran into a coworker who had planned to run a 9:40 pace. He had slowed down to use the potty. We chatted for a while and I let him go knowing he was planning on running faster than me. At mile 10 I realed him in, he was slowing down consiterably.

Around mile 8 I started looking for the hubby, but around mile 9 it dawned on me that he was suppose to be at mile 10. Good, because it gave me another mile to look forward to seeing him. And there he was a mile 10, waiting. I rewarded his patience with a kiss and moved on.

My goal was to run up High street, a 2+ mile stretch with 2 inclines, without walking. I did just that. During that stretch I saw the hubby again around mile 12. He asked how it was going and I told him I’d break 2:20!

Going around the corner up Nationwide Blvd was hard, my legs wanted to quit and my body was working overtime. But once I crossed Front street and it was all down hill from there I was running strong passing people left and right.

I had set 3 time goals for myself: 1. Come in under 2:25, 2. under 2:20, and 3. under 2:15. My finish time was 2:17:24. I am very happy about that! I am currently floating on Cloud 9 and I am ready to race my next 1/2. Well, after I stop being sore.

I am happy because:

  • The only time I walked was during water breaks. AND my last mile I ran a 10:14, and part of that was uphill. 🙂
  • I PRed by 10 minutes and 2 seconds! What will the furture hold?
  • I stepped on the scale this morning and I am officially no longer considered overweight. It’s been a long journey and was rewarded with a great race.
  • My sister in-law, who ran the Detroit marathon today, after 3 years of trying, finally qualified for the Boston Marathon.

Time: 7:30 am

Weather: 40’s, nice and chilly

Clothes: New MiT singlet, Izuma Shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide ( 81.43 miles)

Distance: 13.1

Run Time: 2:17:24

Split: 10:30

Course: Columbus Marathon & Half Marathon


Home Stretch 10 Miler Race

Comment: This was my first solo race where I needed to look up directions on how to get there. I found the place without any problems though. 🙂 (Getting lost is one of my biggest fears)

We could have not asked for better running weather. It was a little cool and no sun. The 20 miler race group went out first. I recognized two people from work and wished them both good luck. 3 minutes later the 20k runners (117 of us) were off.

The first 5 miles I ran an average 10:40 min/mile pace. In some ways I tried to slow down on the other hand I wanted to do really well. The next 5 were a little slower. My slowest mile was # 11 with a 11:40 split (that was one tough mile!). The last mile and change I managed a 10:35 split. I ran with my iPod (book on CD) and it really helped me to have something to listen to during the spectator-less race.

For some reason I am disjointed with the time, thinking that I SHOULD be much closer to a 10 min/mile pace. But then I have to remind myself that I ran the fasted long distance race in my life”. My fastest 13.1 pace was 11:16 and here I ran a 10:52. Funny how the mind works. It gives me something to strive towards, that’s for sure!

Whenever I can I register as an “Athena” (race category of females over 150 lbs). With my 173 lbs I do not feel guilty running in that class. Yesterday I finished 2nd in that category and walked away with a plaque. Woot!

My New Bling

My New Bling

The deck at home is done. The hubby and I worked on it whenever we could over the weekend. I was not too much help on Sunday, but I tried!





Time: 8:30am

Weather: 65, overcast…couldn’t have been better

Clothes: Old MiT Shirt, Adidas shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid Guide (30 miles)

Distance: 20k (12.43 miles)

Run Time: 2:14:59

Split: 10:52

Course: Home Stretch 20k

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Columbus 10k

Comments: I don’t want to call it a race, but rather a run. So, the run went good. I intentionally ran slow in the beginning, because of the heat and not wanting to walk a whole bunch at the end.

I did walk more at the end then I would have liked, but mentally I was in control. That is something that is important to me. The last few races I have finished somewhat in a daze and I didn’t want to do that this time. Granted, a 10k is not nearly as long as a 1/2 or full marathon, but it’s a start.

The run was hot, with water station located at mile 2 and 4.25. Some good soul gave away water bottles at mile 3. Heaven sent! The water was ice cold and just what I needed. At mile 4.25 I traded the empty bottle in for some tap water (I am not a fan of tap water, but not too picky at that point).

Like I said I walked a bit more than I had hoped at the end, but felt strong and actually picked my pace up the last .2 miles (9:42 pace).

I am looking forward to doing it again next year.

Time: 9:00 am

Weather:  80’s

Clothes: New MiT Shirt and NB shorts

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid (98.3 miles)

Distance: 6.2

Time: 1:12:12

Split: 11:39

Course: Columbus 10k.

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10k @ home (10:53) + 1.8 miles (13:13)

Comments: I was looking forward to the 10 on the 10th all week…today was the day! I made sure I went to bed early and got some good rest the night before. I really didn’t have a game plan, other than that I wanted to do well and run a total of 8 miles.

Those that follow my blog know that I usually run 5 minute walk 1 minute. It has worked well for me in the past, but if I want to run a 5 hour marathon I really need to start running more/faster….so I decided to run 2 miles and walk a little.

That’s just what I did. The only time I really struggled was at mile 4 and I walked more than I really should have. I had head wind just about the whole time and the last .3 of mile 3 where uphill (excuses, excuses, I know 😉 ) so I walked about two minutes to catch my breath.

The last two miles were hard, but I pictured my blogging friends behind me, pushing me, and also in front of me, pulling me. And I finished the 10k in 1 hour, 07 minutes and 23 seconds. (notice the the watch reading 6.21, I missed the stop button on my Garmin the first time around lol) I am VERY HAPPY with my running time!

I noticed a blister forming on my right food in the arch around mile 5, so I decided to take it really easy after the 6.2 and finished the last 1.8 at a 13.13 minute pace. I am pretty sure now that the blister is caused by my socks. I wore different socks (Brooks) during the 1/2 marathon, today I wore my Wright socks. I’ll have to go out and buy more of the Brooks.

Thanks Nancy for making me go out there and doing this! I am looking forward to the next one.

Time: 9:15 am

Weather: Not sure…cool, with a light breeze

Clothes: MiT Shirt, NewBalance shorts, and BB Hat, Belt

Shoes: Saucony ProGrid (49.3)

Distance: 6.2/1.8

Time: 1:07:23/23:46

Split: 10:53/13:13

Course: To Catail and back


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Running Weekend: Part 1 “The Race – Indianapolis 500 1/2 Marathon”

We (A., B., K., T., and I) met Friday after work at K’s house and headed to Indianapolis. It took a lot longer to get out of Columbus than anticipated, but we managed to get to the Expo by 8:30pm and got our packages without a hitch. After a yummy dinner and getting things ready for the next day we headed to bed.


At 6am we could hear the music playing outside and a peek out the windows revealed that the starting corrals were already set up. (Thank you all you wonderful volunteers for getting up so early and setting it all up). We chowed down our breakfast and headed downstairs.


A and K were cheering; B, T and I were running. B & T are much faster than I am and headed to their corral. I headed towards mine. At 7:04 I figured I had plenty of time to stand in line for the bathrooms, but at 7:20ish we heard over the loudspeakers that they are closing the corrals in 2 min!!! I was 4th in my bathroom line, but decided not to take the change and headed with the rest of the stampede to our respective corrals.


The runners were informed via loudspeakers that we weren’t allowed to GU while running on the Indianapolis 500 speedway because of the metal in the packets (which can cause a tire blow out during the race). I GU every 4 miles and mile 8 was inside the speedway, so I decided to GU shortly after mile 5 (instead of mile 4) and then as soon as I got out of the speedway. To my disappointment I saw quite a few empty GU packets on the ground inside the speedway. 😦 


The gun went off at 7:30am. 26 minutes later our group crossed the starting line! I don’t remember much of the first hour, only that I forgot to take at least 4 walk breaks because I was so busy watching people, listening to music, and maneuvering around walkers (that seriously should have started behind us).


I do remember (around mile 6) people cheering saying “The Speedway is just around the corner!”. And they were right…there is was! I got a bit chocked up thinking “I have been waiting a year to do this and now it’s here!”…In we went. The experience is one of a lifetime, that’s for sure, but after about a mile or so I was like “I wonder where the exit is, I am ready to leave now” lol. That particular speedway was not as steep as I thought it would be, but then they had us run in the warm-up lane, which weaved in and out of the actual race course. After about 2.5 miles going in a circle (1 lap) we headed back out. (can’t wait to see the professional pictures they took. Hopefully one will turn out nice)


Around mile 10 I started to “die” and my neglect earlier to walk caught up with me big time! I used a lot of “ok, run to the next light (or whatever)” to make it through the next 3 miles. Sometime during that time I had a very serious conversation with myself in regards to wanting to train for a full marathon, but there I was not even fully prepared for a half! I finished in 2: 42:15, which is slower than my Columbus 1/2 from 3 weeks ago and the Indy course could not have been any flatter!


As previously agreed upon I met up with A., B., K., and T. at the family meeting area under letter C. (C for Crazy!) We walked back to our rooms chatting away like little chickens, checked out, and headed to Cincinnati to cheer on our friends that were running in the Flying Pig 1/2 and full marathon.


I enjoyed:


·         The organized way they had the corrals set up

·         All the bands along the course

·         People cheering us on

·         All the water stops

·         The by the 1/4 mile countdown 1 mile from the finish

·         The easiness to getting to the corral (of course we just had to fall out of the hotel room & we were there)

·         Running the Speedway race track

·         The medal: (the wheels spin)


I did not enjoy


·         Slower runners/walkers lining ahead of where they really should be

·         Only giving us a 2 minutes corral closing warning


I have more to share about the trip to Cinci, but that will come in a later post…


Me, B, and T


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Jingle Bell Run 5k

Thanks to some very generous people I was able to raise $410 for the Arthritis Foundation! I was thrilled about that; it was twice as much as I had hoped to raise.

My intentions for this race were to run hard, but not to the point of total exhaustion (I was going quadding in the afternoon). I like running for 5 minutes and then getting a 1 minute walk break, that seems to be working very well for me right now, so that’s what I did.

I ran my first mile in 10:15 (1 walk break), the second mile in 10:54 (2 walk breaks) and the last mile in 10:25 (2 walk breaks), and I hauled ass the last 0.1 mile (my Garmin shows it at 6 something per minute! lol)

The whole run came to 32: 18, a 10:26 min/mile pace. Not a PR, but a step in the right direction.

It was a very good run overall, I enjoyed it, it was actually more fun then when I ran it 3 years ago. For some reason I enjoy running in the streets of Columbus, and 3 miles seems like such a short distance now!

I am looking forward to next weeks “8 on the 8th”; it’s been a while since I have run that far.


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Flying Feather 4 Miler

FF4MWhen I first stepped outside the house it was a nice 50 degrees, that was at 6am. By the time I picked up my friends the temperature started to dip.

When we got to the high school where we left my car it was in the low 40’s, windy and cold.  We waited in line to be shuttled to the starting area. Once there we hovered with other friends from MiT behind “The Columbus Running Company’s” big truck to stay out of the wind and drizzle.

My pre-race food intake only consited of a bowl of oatmeal and while we were waiting I noticed a gnawing feeling in my stomach; I needed food! But with no nourishment in sight I decided to tough it out.

Finally, a minute or so after 9 am we were on our way. My goal for the race was to beat my last years finishing time, and with no food in my stomach I ran 5 min and then walked 1 minute.

Just shortly after mile two I saw the waterstop! I was soo happy to see that, I needed to fill my tummy with something before my restless stomach acid would eat me alive!

About a 1/2 mile before the finish I saw my friend Brenda, she was waiting for me so she could run me in! (She is one fast 55 year old and had already finished) It was so nice to see her. 🙂

My finish time (according to my Garmin) was 45:57, which gave me a pace of 11:16. (All our Garmins read 4.08 miles). I beat my previous years time by over 5.5 minutes and I ran the second half over a minute faster than my first one (that water must have helped)!!

I am very satisfied with this race even though I feel like I could have run faster. But then I feel like that EVERY TIME! 😉


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“Beat Michigan 5K” (10:58)

Comments: I have been fighting some sort of chest cold thing, so I really haven’t worked out much last week. But, I had signed up for the Beat Michigan 5K” (Ohio State U v. Michigan U football game) earlier in the month. So of course I had to run that! 😉 Overall the run wasn’t bad, but I felt winded. (The website has me running it at 33:13 (10:42), but my Garmin read 34:06, so I am going with that)

Time: 12 pm

Weather: 40’s Raining

Clothes: Long sleeve shirt, Nike Pants, Jacket, Gloves

Shoes: Saucony

Distance: 3

Time: 34:06

Split: 10:58

Course: Around OSU campus.

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5k Race with the kids

The ‘race’ yesterday was fun. Micha (10) and I finished in 37 minutes. We did a lot of run/walking. She would tell me when she needed to walk and I’d pick out an object further down the road asking her if we could start running again once we got to that. So we did that the whole race.

Along the way one of the volunteers yelled at Micha “Oh how great it is to run with your mom!” I thought “Oh how great it is to run with your daughter!”

Just before turning the corner that would bring us down to the home stretch I told her “Once we see the finish line I want you to give it all you got.” So we turned the corner and the finish line was visible about 300 yards away. I said “Micha, kick it in” and she did. I ran hard next to her. Coming closer to the finish line I could hear my sister in law (who is a much faster runner than I am) with other running buddies cheering Micha on to run harder. It was great! Micha had a great time!

Once we got our water bottle we headed back out to bring Brandon (15) in. As I mentioned he is not a runner or a sports person at all, so having him out there doing this with us was great. We met up with him about 1/2 mile from the finish line, so we all walked in together. He finished just under 50 minutes. It was so nice to have them out there. 🙂

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