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Flying Feather 4 Miler

FF4MWhen I first stepped outside the house it was a nice 50 degrees, that was at 6am. By the time I picked up my friends the temperature started to dip.

When we got to the high school where we left my car it was in the low 40’s, windy and cold.  We waited in line to be shuttled to the starting area. Once there we hovered with other friends from MiT behind “The Columbus Running Company’s” big truck to stay out of the wind and drizzle.

My pre-race food intake only consited of a bowl of oatmeal and while we were waiting I noticed a gnawing feeling in my stomach; I needed food! But with no nourishment in sight I decided to tough it out.

Finally, a minute or so after 9 am we were on our way. My goal for the race was to beat my last years finishing time, and with no food in my stomach I ran 5 min and then walked 1 minute.

Just shortly after mile two I saw the waterstop! I was soo happy to see that, I needed to fill my tummy with something before my restless stomach acid would eat me alive!

About a 1/2 mile before the finish I saw my friend Brenda, she was waiting for me so she could run me in! (She is one fast 55 year old and had already finished) It was so nice to see her. 🙂

My finish time (according to my Garmin) was 45:57, which gave me a pace of 11:16. (All our Garmins read 4.08 miles). I beat my previous years time by over 5.5 minutes and I ran the second half over a minute faster than my first one (that water must have helped)!!

I am very satisfied with this race even though I feel like I could have run faster. But then I feel like that EVERY TIME! 😉


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“Beat Michigan 5K” (10:58)

Comments: I have been fighting some sort of chest cold thing, so I really haven’t worked out much last week. But, I had signed up for the Beat Michigan 5K” (Ohio State U v. Michigan U football game) earlier in the month. So of course I had to run that! 😉 Overall the run wasn’t bad, but I felt winded. (The website has me running it at 33:13 (10:42), but my Garmin read 34:06, so I am going with that)

Time: 12 pm

Weather: 40’s Raining

Clothes: Long sleeve shirt, Nike Pants, Jacket, Gloves

Shoes: Saucony

Distance: 3

Time: 34:06

Split: 10:58

Course: Around OSU campus.

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5k Race with the kids

The ‘race’ yesterday was fun. Micha (10) and I finished in 37 minutes. We did a lot of run/walking. She would tell me when she needed to walk and I’d pick out an object further down the road asking her if we could start running again once we got to that. So we did that the whole race.

Along the way one of the volunteers yelled at Micha “Oh how great it is to run with your mom!” I thought “Oh how great it is to run with your daughter!”

Just before turning the corner that would bring us down to the home stretch I told her “Once we see the finish line I want you to give it all you got.” So we turned the corner and the finish line was visible about 300 yards away. I said “Micha, kick it in” and she did. I ran hard next to her. Coming closer to the finish line I could hear my sister in law (who is a much faster runner than I am) with other running buddies cheering Micha on to run harder. It was great! Micha had a great time!

Once we got our water bottle we headed back out to bring Brandon (15) in. As I mentioned he is not a runner or a sports person at all, so having him out there doing this with us was great. We met up with him about 1/2 mile from the finish line, so we all walked in together. He finished just under 50 minutes. It was so nice to have them out there. 🙂

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4 miles @ home (12:16)

Time: 8:00 pm

Weather: 70’s, hot

Clothes: Knee tights, t-shirt

Shoes: Izumi Pearl

Distance: 4 miles

Time: 48:59

Split: 12:16

Course: over 256 and back

Comments: Same side pains as in yesterday’s run (between mile 1 and 2). Tried to run through them, but it is nearly impossible. Walking does help. Trying to change my breathing a bit to see if that helps, but couldn’t tell. I brought some (1) vanilla GU to start getting used to it. Wasn’t bad, tasted almost like butterscotch and it didn’t seem to upset my stomach. 🙂 I also brought my ‘fuel belt’ on the run.

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13.1 Woot!

The biggest question of the day was “What should I wear?”. It was about 40 degrees, overcast with just a slight wind. I decided on long pants, short sleeve shirt and my wind breaker jacket. I pinned my race number to my leg just in case I needed to take my jacket off.

Teri (sister in law) picked me up and we headed to the meeting place. Around 8:10am the group (of about 50+ runners – I only knew a handful of them) made their way to the starting line. Once there I went to the bathroom twice (and still felt like I needed to go) and at 9am the starting siren sounded.

I placed myself in the back of the pack. The timer didn’t not start for me until I actually crossed the starting line, so when I crossed didn’t matter too much. At about 9:05am I crossed and was on my way. The first 6 miles where easy. At the OSU (Ohio State University) Horseshoe (Football Stadium) the OSU pep band was playing. That was inspirational. At mile 7 I saw Brian and Duane (Brian’s brother, Teri’s hubby). Oh, how nice it was to see them cheer me on! (Well, they didn’t really cheered, but having him/them there was nice).

Mile 8 and 9 where a blur. I remember thinking only 3 miles to go, but then realized it was still 4 miles. My feet where starting to hurt really bad and my left leg (quad) started to cramp up. Mile 10 through 12 was miserable. I walked more than I ran, but walking hurt my feet just as bad as the running did, so I tried to keep moving fast. I saw my boss and his wife at shortly after the 12 mile mark. All I could do was yell “I am sore all over, I’ll be taking Monday off…oh, and thanks for coming!” He told me today that they got a kick out of that. I saw a coworker at mile 12.5…she ran with me for a bit, just to keep my spirits up. At the time it was frustrating, because she was running faster than me, but thinking about it now, it was great having her there, because it took my mind of my pain. About 300 feet before the finish line I kicked it into gear passing one more competitor. I finished in 2 hours and 45 minutes and 5 seconds.

After finishing I was done. I was nauseous and hurting all over…I grabbed two bagels and a banana, wanted to get my picture taking with my medal, but the line was too long. Instead I stumbled over to Brian, Teri (who finished in 1:48) and Duane. We decided to get some pizza, even though I said I’d just watch, I felt very sick to my stomach. The walk back to the car was horrible. I did not realize I was dehydrated until I got to the car and drank some water. A bottle of water later I was starting to feel much better. By the time we got to the pizza place I was able to eat.

After we got home I hopped into the tub, fell asleep, peeled myself out of the tub and crawled into bed. I didn’t get much rest there, but it did help.

Memorable moments:

Seeing a bunch of young military personnel running/walking the marathon in full gear (45 to 50 lbs backpack).

Hearing the OSU Pep Band playing the Ohio State University fight song.

Seeing two women stop over and over to peel of layer after layer of clothes and still beat me to the finish line.

Having a hard time passing walkers!

Seeing Brian around mile 7.

Passing the point where the full marathon would be half done (about mile 11) and thinking “if I was running the full I’d only be half there” and then wondering what the heck is wrong with me!

I am already looking at the schedule for the Columbus Marathon in October…someone shoot me!

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5 mile race

Ran it in 57:34 (11:31 min/mile). Overall a good run…weather was warm, but drizzling at times…no water stops, was a bit put off by that. AND we ran the majority of the race on busy roads. Other than that is was good.

Brenda ‘reeled’ me in the last mile…that helped my time a lot.

I was not as sore as I thought I would be. I ran in my Gray Asics and my feet got sore. 😦

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