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The knee is a bit better, or so I tell myself.

I tried taking it easy the last 2 days, but <insert tons of reasons why a person can’t just sit on their tuff all day>. I was pretty successful with doing nothing on Saturday, but our internet went out on Sunday 😦 and I am not much of a TV watcher, so I schlepped around with the hubby to various (construction oriented) stores.

The knee hurt last night and is still a little sore today. It is getting better, the pain is less frequent and just a dull ache, but the stairs are still my enemy. I went to the gym today and did some knee strengthening exercises (they did not hurt, hurray) and also worked on the upper body muscles a bit.

The game plan is to do the same thing again tomorrow. If all is well I plan on getting back out there on Wednesday to test the water. I figure a mile to two mile run should show me where I stand.

Thanks everyone for your support…it helps to know I am not alone out there and I wish everyone who can’t run right now or is running with pain a speedy recovery!


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Signed up for the 1/2

I signed up for the Columbus 1/2 Marathon & 5k (August 26th). But the plan it to get up there early and run 4 miles before the race. So I actually won’t be running the race, but rather using the course to get my 17 miles in. If I can’t get the run in before hand then the plan is to do that after I get back home.

I am glad today is a rest day. My legs are pretty sore. I brought my gym bag with me, just in case, but my body needs to rest.

One of my fellow runners suggested Epsom salt in hot tub of water (for an hour!), so I’ll buy some tonight and try it. It can’t hurt! 🙂

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Rest Day

I did not run nor lifted weights. I simply took it easy (my legs are thanking me for it)

I ran accross this today inside a Organic Spearmint box and felt the need to share it:

“Do not wait, the time will never be just right.  Start where you stand and work with whatever tools you may have at your command. Better tools will be found as you go along.”

– Napoleon Hill

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I currently have a terrible hick-up, coming every 10 seconds or so, which is very loud if I have my mouth open when it hits me. My youngest son (15) made the smart a$$ comment: “If you get lost we should be able to find you!” lol

No running or lifting weights today. My leg and hip hurt pretty bad last night so I am not running until Monday. I did put some easy laps in at the pool, more working on my tan than trying to loosen my muscles. The leg is so much better this evening, I am not in pain anymore.

I shall go now and try rid myself of this terrible hick-up…someone come and scare me!

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Rest Day

I announce today a rest day! This body has been going at it for 6 days straight (if you include the 10 mile bike ride) and is complaining.

The schedule shows 7 miles for tomorrow. I am going to try to raise these bones early enough to make it to the 7am group run. That means I have to get up at 5:30am, but I won’t tell my body that. 😉

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