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It could have been worse!

Diagnosis: Yep, I think I got off fairly light. The MRI revealed that I do not have a stress fracture (modified happy dance), but instead a grade II strain (partial tear) in the flexor hallucis longus tendon. It is the tendon that moves the big toe. As previously mentioned, I also have achilles tendonitis. The MRI also showed a small cyst (5mm), which could have formed at the time of the injury.

Game plan: No running for the next two weeks, but cross training is allowed. Physical therapy for the next two weeks, twice a week. Then back to the doctor and continued physical therapy for another three weeks, once a week. She hopes to have me start easing back into running in about two to three weeks.

I have already received some stretching exercises from the physical therapist…how convenient they are right next to the sports doctor…and started working on getting better. I am glad that besides the treadmill we also own a stationary bike. Over the last week I have increased my seat time quite a bit, managing about one hour (approx 18 miles) per day, and two hours on Sunday. It helps. I’d prefer an elliptical rider over the bike and have placed that on my wish list. lol

The good news is that I have been diligently tracking my food intake since not running and actually have lost some weight (not muscle though; I track that info as well). I have five more pounds to go to get to my desired weight.

On another matter, I am getting ready to sign myself and my sister up for the Cleveland Marathon (half), which is being held May 20th. My sister, who resides in Germany is coming for a visit to watch her daughter (who lives in the US with her dad) graduate from high school. My sister is staying at our house for a little bit during her trip to the US, and being that we both enjoy running and track each other’s progress from afar, it will be great to actually run a race with her. I am super excited about this and I am sure will blabber more as the time draws closer! Sisters by chance, friends by choice.


Mississippi Blues Marathon (Half)

A friend of mine lives near Jackson Mississippi and after plans fell through to run the 1/2 marathon out there 2 years ago, this year we finally managed the trip. Driving just under 800 miles one way was actually a lot of fun. It helped that my husband and I get a long and we listened to the book “The Hunger Games”.

I did not know what to expect course wise, and was a little taken aback when a coworker said, “You know, it’s pretty hilly out there!” two days before we were leaving. With that said, I mentally prepped for a pretty slow race. I should mention that I have been doing heart rate training and intended to run the 1/2 at 75% of my heart rate, which would put me at or around a 2:30 finish. Eventually the goal with the training is to be able to run a half marathon at 85% of my heart rate. Now knowing that is was a hilly course, I resigned myself to coming in around 2:45. I was fine with that.

The weather on race day was almost perfect. 53 degrees at 7am was almost a little too warm, but a nice breeze was flowing, cooling the air a bit more. The field was only 2500 people strong (with about 800 of them running the full), letting me cross the starting line only about a minute and a half after the gun went off.

The first hill was not far off, and it seemed that the course either went up or down, even though I think there were occasional straight stretches. It took us past businesses, through residental neighborhoods, and along the freeway. I believe we also passed at least 2 schools along the way. Around mile 7 the pavement got really bad with pot holes and bad patch jobs, but a sign prior to that warned us of the upcoming trouble.

My heart rate after the first few hills stayed pretty steady at 80%. I tried to slow it down the first three miles but then decided because of the hills that I would go by feeling and keep it under 80%, but not fret it if I went over 75%.

I was looking for my husband and my two friends at mile 8, but didn’t see them until about 8.5. That was nice and broke up the run. Usually the monotony of it all hits me between mile 7 and 9, so it was great to look forward to them.

I think around mile 9, we joined back up with the marathon course. At mile 11 the first two marathoners passed me; they were at mile 24 on their journey. Must be a lot of work to be able to run that fast!

The finish line was uphill! But I managed to kick it into gear the last hill and finished in 2:31:08! Not bad for such an up and down course and feeling as strong as I did. Not one time during the race did I feel like walking or even quitting. In all my previous races I seemed to have struggled at one point or another; this 1/2 marathon just seemed to have flown by.

I am still training for the Cap City Half marathon in May, which is held in Columbus, Ohio. That one I plan to race and not just run. My half marathon PR currently is 2:17, I am hoping to break that…fingers crossed!

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1,000 + miles & looking back at 2011

As of today I have managed to run over 1,000 miles this year! That is about 300 miles more than I have ever run before (2009). I am very happy with that accomplishment. It rounds out a very great year for me:

* Bachelors degree * New job * Ran/finished a marathon * Lost 40 lbs * Ran over 1k miles *

Not bad for a year’s worth of work. But, there is no rest for the wicket, is there? I have set my sights on a few goals, including running a marathon PR in the fall. Hopefully the heart rate training will help with that. It is going well, and I see some improvements in my speed and endurance.

Next week the hubby and I will travel to Jackson, Mississippi, so I can run in the Mississippi Blues Marathon, but I will only run the 1/2. We are going to visit with friends and I want to have enough energy to celebrate my husband’s birthday with them (same day as race day).

Should be a lot of fun. Until then!

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2011 Columbus Marathon

So many memories of the race flood to my fingertips, but the one I want to put down is the feeling of not wanting to give up at mile 25 when I felt like crap. The contents of my stomach wanted to exit, but not in the usual way. The nausea I felt was unreal. Many bends at the waist, sitting down twice, and the encouragement of friends and my husband got me to the finish line.

All my friends that I had asked to support me during the race, had shown up. Kathy & Jess and mile 9 & 12, Annaliesa and her two off springs at mile 14 and 25, Ericka and the hubby at mile 16, the hubby again at mile 18, 20, 22.5, 24 and the rest of the way (he was traveling on bike), the in-laws and Brandon at mile 20, Tom and Melissa at mile 22.5, Laurel and her oh so awesome sign at mile 24. I could not have asked for better support from all of them. They all helped me get from one to the next.

My legs were good and the training throughout the last 18 weeks had been solid (except for the one week I had to take off to let a shin splint make an exit). I did have some issues with my stomach throughout the two months of training.

Mile 12...feelin' good!

The first 14 miles went well. I was on a PR pace. Seeing the half marathons head towards the finish line at mile 13 did make me wonder what the heck was wrong with me and why I couldn’t just be happy with running a half. I trucked on though. The crowd support diminished quite a bit after the half marathon took its leave. The haul on High street towards the OSU stadium is a long one. Once passed the stadium, at mile 16 it became really windy. And the wind was not in the back, but rather head on. This continued for 2 miles. Not fun. I tried to make myself as small as possible, which is difficult when you are 5’9″.

I can’t remember for sure, but I think my troubles really started just before mile 20. I had to use the restroom because my stomach was starting to act up. In hopes of this being a one time thing, I used the bathroom and as hoped was good to go after that. This was only to last for a while though and shortly after mile 23, my stomach made itself known again. *sigh*

At mile 24, I had to walk. The hubby pushed his bike next to me and the urge to get on it and be pushed to the finish line was great. But, I wanted to earn my medal the right way. Mile 24 and 25 took approximately 30 minutes each!

As I came closer to the finish line the hubby and Annaliesa urged me to run the last .2 miles, which I did. Maybe the excitement or whatever, made my stomach pains seem less dominant. As I ran towards the finish line, I hollered to my sister-in law and a friend, that this was my last full.

Talking with friends after the race.

Overall the race was a great experience. Of course I could have done without my stomach getting really upset, but I loved the fact that my friends showed up and that the hubby was so supportive. I enjoyed the first 14 miles very much. Within 24 hours after the race I decided to run the Columbus Marathon again next year, to get that PR. My game plan is to figure out why my tummy doesn’t like the long distances and to become an overall stronger runner.

After receiving my medal and blanket.

Only 350some days to go!

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Catching up & 30-day Project

Tomorrow starts the 30 day countdown to the Columbus Marathon. I am excited, a bit sore but otherwise ready to go. I have two 20 and 18 milers behind me and only one 18 and 22 miler to go before the taper.

30-day Project:

I have heard about the 30-day projects from my son, who heard about it from Matt Cutts from Google. You create 30-day projects; do or stop doing something for 30 days (changing habits). In my case, I am not gonna do chocolate starting tomorrow until the Columbus Marathon on October 16. Rest assured, I’ll be filling my face tonight…haha, not! I think this will help me become a better runner…I eat a lot of chocolate!

Catching up:

I have had some good solid running months (of course, September is not done yet):

2011 Run
June 102.5
July 105
August 158.13
September 88.14

Here is what I have been up to the last few months:

Date Mileage
8/1/2011 7
8/4/2011 3
8/5/2011 7
8/6/2011 3.03
8/7/2011 16
8/10/2011 4
8/11/2011 4
8/12/2011 7
8/14/2011 13.1
8/16/2011 4
8/17/2011 7
8/18/2011 8
8/20/2011 18
8/22/2011 8
8/23/2011 4
8/24/2011 4
8/25/2011 8
8/28/2011 20
8/30/2011 8
8/31/2011 5
9/3/2011 16.14
9/5/2011 8
9/6/2011 4
9/7/2011 8
9/8/2011 5
9/10/2011 20
9/12/2011 8
9/13/2011 4
9/14/2011 10
9/15/2011 5

I am excited about the upcoming race…

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18 miles

The training for the Columbus Marathon is continuing to go well. I ran my 18 mile run today and it went surprisingly well. The 16 miler I had done 2 weeks before was a terrible one. I blame that on not hydrating enough the days before, not eating right the night before, and not having enough sleep.

This week’s run was planned much better and my time per mile was faster than that of the 16 mile run. 🙂

Brian, my husband, rode his bike while I was running and provided me with water the second half of the run. It is as always great to have him with me. He rode his bike for 33 miles, which is a first (distance wise) for him. I am very proud of him.

I ran a half marathon last week and finished it in my 3rd fastest time. I was thrilled and happy to have had such a great run.

With today’s run, it looks like I am ready to tackle the full marathon. I just hope that the rest of the runs continue to be this successful.

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Usually I am very apprehensive about registering early for any type of race, but the fee is going up by $10 next week, and I am cheaper than I am apprehensive… And now I AM registered for the Columbus Marathon in October. The other good news is that for a small fee of $10 I can switch to the half marathon, if need be. 🙂

I am SUPER excited. I feel that with my previous experience and wisdom I have gained, it will be a much better marathon for me. My overall game plan is to run it slower than last year, but actually end up running it faster.  If that makes any sense.

Last week was a crappy running week. I had an ocular migraine (migraine in the eyes), which then turned into a regular migraine. Even though I was not out for the count, I was not able to run for 3 days. Overall, I only logged 14 miles last week. But, I had a pretty good 10 mile run on Saturday.

Running since last post:

June 13th: 4 miles at work

June 15th: 10 in Bexley

Overall mileage last week (June 20th – June 26th): 14 (not including elliptical and walking)

June’s Mileage: 85.5 miles

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Solid running week

I had a great running week!

Monday was tempo day. I was able to run the loop in the fastest time. On Wednesday my goal was to run the whole way without stopping. I did that! Woot! My goal was to run at marathon pace, but was a little faster than that. The weather was nice, that helped. On Thursday, I ran at lunch time. The game plan was to have a group workout in the evening, so I ran at lunch. The evening training fell through because of strong storms.



On Saturday I ran with CERC (Columbus Eastside Running Club). The long run didn’t feel that long and I learned some things on how to straighten out my running posture. I had such a great run on Saturday, that on Sunday I felt the need to go out again and put three miles under my belt.

For some reason, sweating feels so good. When the body moves like it is suppose to and the thoughts are running free, that’s what I love about running.

I run….therefore I am!

Running since last post:

June 13th: 5.5 miles at home

June 15th: 5.5 miles at home

June 16th: 4 miles at work

June 18th: 9 miles in Bexley

June 19th: 3 miles at home

Overall mileage last week (June 13th – June 19th): 27 (not including elliptical and walking)

June’s Mileage: 71.5 miles

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Hot, hot, hot

Had a great week mileage wise…covered 7 on Sunday, 16.5 during the week and then 10 on Sunday. It was really hot during the week, in the high 80’s and low 90’s….ick!

I was a bit worried about the 10 miler. I was going to run a new route, but then decided to do an ‘out and back’ instead. Thunderstorms rolled through as I was ready to head out the door; I then decided to run the 10 miler on the treadmill. But as I started to run on it, I got off it, disgusted because that’s not how I enjoy to run. I wanted to run outside, even contemplated running on Sunday; however, I really didn’t want to get up early again. So I waited another 45 min and the storm passed, even though it was still slightly raining. You can only get so wet, and in turn I headed outside.

Running since last post:

June 6th: 5.5 miles at home

June 8th: 5.5 miles at home

June 9th: 5.5 miles at home

June 11th: 10 miles

Overall mileage last week (June 5th – June 11th): 33 (not including elliptical and walking)

June’s Mileage: 44.5 miles

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Tired body, but a good long run

Last week had its ups and downs. My treadmill mileage wasn’t what I hoped it would be. On the 19th my body told me it didn’t want to run on the treadmill further than 2 miles. The 8 miler on Saturday went really well though, perhaps because I took Friday off, so to speak. My sister ran with me and it was great having her there.

I need to increase my speed and will have to designate one day a week to do speed work. The way I have written my schedule, it will be Thursdays (now I just need to make sure my mind agrees with doing speed work! :))

Running since last post:

May 16th: 3 miles on the elliptical rider & weight lifting

May 17th: 4 miles – treadmill

May 18th: 2.05 on the elliptical rider & weight lifting

May 19th: 2 miles running, then 1 mile walking – treadmill

May 21st: 8 miles outside

Overall mileage last week (May 16th – May 22nd): 14 (not including elliptical and walking)

May running mileage: 44 miles