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Let the taper begin…slow 3

Comments: Tapering…Oy!…Who would have thought that running slow was so painful? Well, I’d rather do that than not run at all, but…it will be all better in less than two weeks.

I did not work out at all yesterday. Instead we took our youngest to the County Fair. Yes *sigh* I had bad not so healthy food, but we walked ALOT. 😉

To see the smile on her face as we are both stuffing cotton candy in our mouths and comparing who has stickier hands, is worth the extra 1/2 pound of fat I might have gained!

Time: 10am

Weather: 55, sunny

Clothes: Marathon Shirt, NB Shorts

Shoes:Saucone ProGrid Guide ( 53.43 miles)

Distance: 3

Run Time: 30:48

Split: 10:16

Course:To Goodale Park and back.

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