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TIaRT: Running and Weight

Today’s theme at Runners’ Lounge Take It and Run Thursday is “Running and Weight“.

From 2004 to 2006 I managed to put on 30 lbs, because I had stopped watching what I was eating and working out only half heartily. On January 23rd, 2007 I stepped on the scale weighing a whopping 199 lbs! The last time I went over 200 was when I was pregnant with my 2nd son, back in ’92! Something had to be done. I am 5’9” and should weight 169 lbs or less.

I manged to get my weight down to 174 by November of ’07 by just watching what I was eating and with the help of the Runners’ Lounge Holiday challenge. But, I fell off the wagon *sigh* andcome May ’08 was back up to 188. When the training for my second marathon started I was determined to run it without being considered overweight, meaning I had 6 months to loose 19 lbs. Eventually my goal to run the marathon changed to running the half, but my determination in regards to my weight loss did not waver.

This is what I planned to do for the next 6 months:

  • Don’t buy the junk food in the first place. If it’s not in the house it won’t go in your mouth.
  • Ask your spouse/better half and co-workers for help. I would incorporate “no junk food days” and the hubby and co-workers would check up on me. Accountability is the key.
  • Buy a food log or use an on-line journal. I use AND an Excel spreadsheet to track my food intake, etc.
  • Try one new healthy recipe a week.
  • Be consistent with getting my runs in. It has come to the point where my daily runs have priority over almost anything.
  • Lift weights twice a week. It is amazing how much faster you loose weight if you strength train twice a week for 20 to 30 minutes. Light weight, lots of reps.
  • If at a restaurant go for the healthier meals and ask for lunch portions at dinner time.
  • Don’t beat myself up if I had a bad eating day.

Over the next few months I noticed with the weight loss came faster running times. That really helped me stay focused on my goal and the fun part was that I was adjusting my estimated finish time…in the right direction!

It paid off! Come race day I was down to my goal of 169 and ran the half marathon 45 seconds faster per minute than my previous one!

Now my goal is to reach a healthy, consistent weight of 160 to 165 by May 2nd, my next 1/2 marathon and I believe that if I stick to my guns I will be able to do it.


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TIaRT: Running Quotes and Sayings

This weeks theme at The Runners’ Lounge is “Running Quotes and Sayings“.

I only have a few that come to mind:

  • “Nothing is impossible!” – it helps me get up the hills and on the home stretches.

  • “Don’t put an age limit on your dreams!”– I still have so much to achieve, but sometimes feel like I am too old to go for it. When I heard Dara Torres say that on TV I thought “She’s talking to me!” and it’s been my mantra ever since.

  • “You can do it!!!!!”– I can hear Rob Schneider say that in “Mr. Deeds” or “The Waterboy” (Adam Sandler movies). He is cheering me on…

  • “Tell me again, why am I doing this?”– That’s the thought that ALWAYS comes to mind in the middle of the race…The answer usually is “Because you can, dumb-ass!”
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TIaRT: Signs you would love to see while running your race

Today’s theme at the Runner’s Lounge’s Take It and Run Thursday is “Signs you would love to see while running your race.”

My favorite sign is right here:

My, then just tuned 7 year old, daughter Tori made it for me and had her Grandpa hold it up around mile 19 in my first marathon last year. It made me grin from ear to ear and I almost choked up. That was the best sign EVER and it now proudly hangs in the workout room/basement. (If you look closely I finish first and the runners behind me are sad…she truely put some thought into the sign.)

I love seeing signs that are inspirational, even though conventional, such as

          You rock my world!

          You are my hero!

          You are doing it!

          You are running it!

          Run like a Kenyan

I also enjoy reading signs that are funny. I don’t have much of an imagination so I’ll leave that to others. But anything with a little humor is great, it breaks up the run and makes you forget how sore you are at that instance.

Flickr picture by Thomas Hawk.


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TIART: Life Lessons Learned From Running

Runner’s Lounge’s Take It And Run Thursday this week is: Life Lessons

Back in ’04 I thought my sister in-law was nuts when I watched her run the Columbus marathon. But…I had run a few 5Ks before so I decided to try training for a 1/2 marathon, never thinking that I would want to train for a full. Like I said I thought she was nuts. BUT life taught me different. In ’07 I finished my first marathon (ever so slowly) after running my first 1/2 marathon in ’05 and then taking a year off.

I would like to share with you a few of the life lessons running has taught me so far and I am looking forward to learning many more in the future!

  • If you put your mind to it, you can really do it.
  • Pain can be ignored (I am talking about sore feet, or tired muscles while running)
  • Overcoming obstacles, such as your first 20 mile run, will make you walk taller (a couple days later, after everything stops hurting)
  • Your body will adapt to just about anything if you train right
  • Friends (even though they think you are nuts) admire you for your dedication
  • Life goes on, even when the planned 15 miler doesn’t go the way you want
  • The feeling of finishing a good run is irreplaceable
  • “I don’t have time for…” or “My life is just too busy” is a lame excuse. You can always make time for something that is good for you, be it running or spending that extra 30 minutes with your kids.

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TIART: Conquering the Marathon in 26 words or less

Today’s theme at “Take it and Run Thursday” at Runner’s Lounge is “Conquering the Marathon in 26 words or less”.

My goodness, so many things went through my head, almost felt like rush hour up there!

This is my advice for people running their first marathon, take it for what it is worth. 🙂

This is your day, this is your run, enjoy it…no matter what.

Just remember:

The first 20 miles are a warm up for the last 6.2!

Good luck!


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TIART: Bring Your Own Blog

I am going with the Take It And Run Thursday “Bring Your Own Blog” from the Runners Lounge today and post my favorite blogs in this post. (Disclaimer: These are no particular order:)

Learning to Run – Joe is an inspiration to make running part of your weight loss (he hasn’t posted in a while, but I have to assume he’s just really busy right now)

Marathon Dude Bill – I don’t think there is a person who doesn’t like Bill. What a great, humble runner he is.

SC Loves to Run – Speed demon Sandy. Her posts are usually thought provoking. If I was only half as fast as she is *sigh*

See Nat Run – I love her posts. They they are very witty and make me laugh.

Trials and Trails – Even though I have never met Drew, we have run some of the same races (live in the same area) and I like to keep up with what he’s doing.

Non-Runner Nancy and Marcy – Two ladies that make reading blogs a down right joy!

It’s my blog – A marathoner just like me. 🙂

Runner’s Lounge Blog – Tom and Amy bringing running friends together. What else can you ask for?

Those are most of the running blogs I read on a regular basis. (Gosh I love Goodle Reader!)


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